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Evaluation of wear resistance of thermal spray coating by using a grinding/polishing machine

Jianhong He* / Global Tungsten and Powder Corp, USA
Thomas Wolfe / Global Tungsten and Powders Corp, USA

The described test measures the average wear rate of cermet thermal spray coatings sprayed on a steel substrate, the average weight loss of coatings is measured when abraded using SiC grit paper. During the test, applied load, water flow rate, wheel rotating rate, specimen rotating rate and wear period are controllable, and the typical test is conducted by using Leco AP-300 Auto Polisher with three specimens under the following conditions: specimen diameter: 0.75 in, wheel rotation rate: 300 rpm, specimen drive rotation rate: 70 rpm, applied load: 35 psi, abrasive/grit paper: 120 grit SiC paper, test cycle: 1 sheet per minute/ 10 minutes, and lubrication: water flow at 760 ml/min. Hundreds of coating specimens have been tested, and the results are highly repeatable, and are highly correlated to other coating properties, such as coating composition, hardness, porosity rate and carbide size. Comparison of results between the present tests and ASTM G65 will be presented.

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