Abstract No.:

The analysis of possible application of different working gases in cold gas spray method: Dynamics and temperatures of particles

Lech Pawlowski* / University of Limoges, SPCTS UMR 6638, France
Aleksandra Malachowska / SPCTS, University of Limoges, France
Bernard Pateyron/ SPCTS, University of Limoges, France
Andrzej Ambroziak/ Faculty of Mechanics, Wroclaw University of Technology, France

The paper analyzes the possible use different gases individual gases such as: (i) H2O vapors; (ii) CO2 ; and (iii) Ar. On the other hand, the analysis included the gas mixtures such as: (i) Ar or vapor H2O mixed with CO2; and (ii) N2 mixed with He or with Ar. The temperature of analyzed gases was supposed to be equal to T=800 K and its pressure p=2 MPa which are the typical values in cold gas spray technique. The calculation of the velocity of in a convergent-divergent nozzle was carried out supposed an isoentropic flow in 1-D with the use of Matlab software. The velocity profiles of all analyzed gases were compared to that of nitrogen at the same temperature and pressure flowing in the same nozzle. Finally, the velocities and temperatures of copper, aluminum, and titanium particles having diameters 5, 20 and 50 ┬Ám in the tested gases flows were calculated and compared to that reached in nitrogen in similar conditions. The difference in temperatures and velocities were explained by sonic velocities, viscosities and thermal conductivities of selected gases.

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