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Possibility recycle of undeposited WC-CoCr powder behind detonation thermal sprayed

Yang Gao* / thermal spray center of Dalian maritime university, China
Kun He / Dalian maritime univerisity, China

HOVF or detonation thermal spray is considered most valuable methods for deposition of the tungsten carbide coatings. In those thermal spray processes not all the powder feedstock can be deposited on the substrate to create the coating. Experiments have shown that the undeposited powders were composed with different small size crashed particles decarburized partially and the amount of element Co in the powder decreased. It is significantly research to find a way to recycle undeposited powders. The change of the chemical components of the undeposited powder and recycle methods has been proposed; the undeposited WC powder was recycled and used again to create coatings by the detonation spray and its property of the coating compared with the coating created by using original powder were investigated.

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