Abstract No.:

Investigation of cold sprayed Cu coatings with electrolytic feedstock

Jun Oh Choi* / Ajou University, Republic of Korea
K. H. Ko / Ajou university, South Korea
H. S. Lee/ Ajou university, South Korea
H. Lee/ Ajou university, South Korea

The powder morphology (shape and size) of feedstock (starting materials) has a very important role in metal coatings when applied using the cold gas dynamic spray process (CGDS, or cold spray). The cold spraying of Cu with dendritic powders was investigated. Unlike spherical Cu powders, which undergo severe plastic deformation, the dendritic Cu powders were merely fragmented and stacked with minimal deformation on the substrates during the spraying. For this reason, it was confirmed that even with different particle-size distributions of feedstock, the deposition efficiencies and morphologies of the Cu coatings were similar to each other, with only slight changes in coating hardness.

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