Abstract No.:

Analysis of parameter effects on plasma and microstructure characteristics of YSZ coatings deposited by very low pressure plasma spray

Lin Zhu* / China First Heavy Industries, Tianjin Heavy Equipment Engineering Co., Ltd., P.R. China
Nannan Zhang / Shenyang University of Technology, China
Rodolphe Bolot/ LERMPS-UTBM, France
Hanlin Liao/ LERMPS-UTBM, France
Qian Zhao/ Tianjin University of Science & Technology, China

Very low pressure plasma spray (VLPPS) technique has been drawn extensive interest in recent decade, because it constructed a bridge between traditional plasma spray and thin film processes. This study aims at indicating spray parameter effects on plasma jet and microstructure characteristics of YSZ coatings. In this study, YSZ coatings have been successfully deposited by very low pressure plasma spray using low energy plasma source. The optical emission spectroscopy (OES) was applied to analyze the plasma jet properties. Microstructure of the coatings was determined by means of scanning electron microscopy (SEM). It was found that the signals of YSZ vapor could be always detected in the spectra under different spray parameters. The obtained coatings presented a composite microstructure, which was built with the fully melted droplets and a little of vapor condensation.

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