Abstract No.:

Effect of substrate hardness and gas temperature on deposition behavior of nanostructured WC-23Co particle in cold spraying process

Xiao Chen / School of Mechanical & Materials Engineering, China
Gangchang Ji*/ Jiujiang University, China
Hongtao Wang/ Jiujiang University, China
Xiaobo Bai/ Jiujiang University, China

The deposition behavior of nanostructured WC-23Co splats with the change of substrate hardness and process gas temperature was investigated in cold spraying process, the top morphology of nanostructured WC-23Co splats attached on the surface of Q235, stainless steel and WC-12Co substrate was examined by scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The results showed that the splats on polished surface of Q235 and stainless steel exhibit mostly in ellipsoid shape with a comparative integrated contour similar to original powder. Splats can partially embed in substrate with revers around splats and corrugations or ripples on the Q235 and stainless steel substrate surface. In contrast, splats on smooth surface of WC-12Co present a more flat shape with ringy band and viscous-like ejectas composing of Co and nano WC particles on its periphery. By comparison of morphology of splats deposited on three substrates on 850±30oC and 750±30oC, it can be found that nanostructured WC-23Co particles on 750±30oC with the lower particle velocity have lower ductility deformation than those obtained under higher process gas temperature (850±30oC).

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