Abstract No.:

Consolidation of reactive materials via cold gas dynamic spray process

Antoine Bacciochini* / University of Ottawa, Ontario
Matei Radulescu/ University of Ottawa, Ontario
Bertrand Jodoin/ University of Ottawa, Ontario
Geoffrey Maines/ University of Ottawa, Ontario

The present study focused on the cold gas dynamic spray process for manufacturing nano-scale energetic materials with high reactivity, low porosity, structural integrity and arbitrary shape. The experiments have focused on gasless intermetallic system, Ni-Al, as well as thermite reaction with Al-CuO, Al-MoO3 system. To increase the reactivity, an initial mechanical activation was achieved through interrupted ball milling. The consolidation of the materials used the kinetic spray technique, where the particles are accelerated to high speeds and consolidated via plastic deformation upon impact, forming
activated nano-composites in arbitrary shapes with close to zero porosity. This technique permits to retain the feedstock powder micro-structure and prevents any reactions during the consolidation phase. Reactivity of mixtures has been investigated through flame
propagation analysis on cold sprayed samples and compacted powder mixture. Deflagration tests showed the influence of porosity on the reactivity, which increases or decreases the deflagration rate by up to two orders of magnitude, depending of the reaction type.

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