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In-situ wear test in a large chamber SEM

Weifeng Luo* / University of Dortmund, Germany
Wolfgang Tillmann / Insitute of Materials Engineering, Germany
Ursula Selvadurai/ Insitute of Materials Engineering, Germany

Currently, the determination of the mass loss is usually used for a quantitative evaluation of a wear test, while the analysis of wear tracks is for a qualitative evaluation of wear. Both evaluation methods can only be used after the wear testing process. Their results only present the final situation of the wear test. However, the changes during the wear test and the time-dependent wear mechanisms are also of high interest. A running wear test in a large chamber SEM offers the first opportunity to observe the wear process in-situ. Different wear mechanisms, such as the adhesive, abrasive wear, and tribochemical reaction, can be recorded at a high magnification. Concurrently, the EDX analysis can provide information about the material and visible wear phenomena, such as the material transfer from the wear counterpart to the specimen surface by adhesive wear.
In this research, a special pin-on-disc testing device is designed for a vacuum environment. Using this device, two coating systems were tested in a large chamber SEM with 100Cr6 steel and Al2O3-ceramic as wear counterparts. During the wear testing, different wear mechanisms were determined and the processes were recorded as short videos.

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