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Properties of high thickness Al coatings obtained by cold gas spray to repair magnesium light alloy components

Sergi Dosta / Thermal Spray Centre (CPT) - Universitat de Barcelona, SPAIN
Juliana Bedoya* / Thermal Spray Centre (CPT) - Universitat de Barcelona, Spain
Josep Maria Guilemany/ Thermal Spray Centre (CPT) - Universitat de Barcelona, Spain

Researchers have been trying for decades to find repair solutions for corroded and defective parts. Replacemnet parts are expensive and many traditional repair processes such as welding, may induce undesirable thermal stresses and microstructural changes as consequences of high temperature.
Cold Gas Spray is a relatively economic process that can simplify the maintenance and repair tasks and to extend the shelf life of high added-value components. It presents outstanding characteristics such as high density coatings and absence of thermal degradation (no oxidation or phase transformation).
In this work, dense and well bonded Al coatings of up to 8 mm thickness on AZ91D magnesium alloy substrates have been obtained. Microstructural, mechanical properties and corrosiĆ³n resistance have been studied in order to value the viability of using these coatings to restore dimensionally discrepant parts, or parts requiring protection from corrosiĆ³n and wear.

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