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Cold spray deposition on inner side of pipe with aid of radial supersonic nozzle

Vladimir Kosarev* / ITAM SB RAS, Russia
Sergey Klinkov / ITAM SB RAS, Russia
Victor Zaikovskii/ ITAM SB RAS, Russia

In ITAM SB RAS technique and equipment for applying corrosion-resistant (aluminum, zinc, and mixed) coatings on inner surface of tubes were developed using cold spraying [1]. In this technique rotation of tube along its axis is necessary. In present paper new technique is proposed for the purposes to eliminate tube rotation. It is reached due to cold spraying with aid of radial supersonic nozzle. In this device heated ("0 = 500  900 ) gas (nitrogen, air) under pressure p0 = 1.0  4.0 MPa is used. Exit diameter of radial supersonic nozzle is somewhat less than inner diameter of tube to be coated. The device moves along tube axis, and produces continuous coating. Using this technique samples of aluminum and copper coatings were obtained on inner surface of steel tube of diameter 80  84 mm.

1. A.N. Papyrin, V.F. Kosarev, S.V. Klinkov, A.P. Alkhimov, V.M. Fomin Cold spray technology / Ed. A. Papyrin. Elsevier, 2010. 328 p.

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