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Mechanical properties of hastelloy C-276 coating sprayed by HVOF technology

Michaela Kasparova* / Vyzkumny a zkusebni ustav Plzen s.r.o., Czech Republic
Sárka Houdková / Výzkumný a zkusební ústav Plzen s.r.o., Czech Republic
Jan Schubert/ Výzkumný a zkusební ústav Plzen s.r.o., Czech Republic
Zdenek Cesánek/ Výzkumný a zkusební ústav Plzen s.r.o., Czech Republic

The work reported the evaluation of base mechanical properties of Hastelloy C-276 coating sprayed under different spraying angle (angle range of 30°-90°). The main aim is to characterize the change of coating properties in dependence on particles impact direction. Spraying under the angle is necessary for some shape machine parts due to inaccessible surface that should be coated, e.g. the radiuses, bad accessible outer and inner surfaces or diameters are. The experiment is directed at evaluation of coating microstructure, hardness, wear resistance, surface quality, residual stresses and tensile bond strength measurement.
Preliminary works dealt with HVOF cermet coatings showed that the angle of spraying influences most of all wear resistance and residual stress, but the hardness, bond strength and microstructure is remained nearly constant. So, could it be say that observed regularities for cermet coating are similar for other HVOF sprayed coatings, for example Ni-alloys? In this article the properties change and mutual comparison between cermet and alloy coatings are discussed.

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