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Plasma co-spraying of NiCrAlY powder and alumina suspension for anti-wear coatings

Alice Ravaux* / SPCTS, France
Alain Denoirjean / SPCTS, France
Christophe Chazelas/ SPCTS, France
Stéphane Valette/ SPCTS, France
Hélène Ageorges/ SPCTS, France
Erick Meillot/ CEA, France
Luc Bianchi/ CEA, France

There is an increasing need for coatings with high wear-resistance for long-term and reliable service at high temperatures in various industrial applications: aeronautics, automobile, energy and tooling industry... The tailoring of innovative architectures at the nanoscale is a potential way to improve the wear performance of coatings and meet demanding application requirements.

This study examines how to achieve composite coatings with a metal alloy matrix reinforced with nano- or micro-sized ceramic particles. The latter are used to change the wear resistance of the metal matrix composite coating.

The plasma spray process is based on the simultaneous spraying of a NiCrAlY powder with particle size ranging between 17 and 37 µm and nano-sized alumina particles. The first powder is injected in the plasma jet by using a carrier gas while the later is injected under the form of a suspension consisting of organic solvent containing nanoparticles and dispersing agents. The effect of the process operating parameters on coating microstructure and mechanical properties is investigated and discussed.

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