Abstract No.:

Temperature and velocity mesasurements of hydroxyapatite particles with different plasma power and gas combinations via F4MB plasma gun

Garip Erdogan* / Sakarya √úniversitesi , Turkey
Fatih Ustel / Sakarya University, TURKEY
Ahmet Turk/ Sakarya University, TURKEY

Beside plasma spraying is the most common process, many coating technology has been implemented to produce HA (hydroxyapatite) coating on metallic implant materials to increase the osteoconductivity and healing. When hydroxyapatite mineral exposed to high temperatures, HA decomposes and degrades into different calcium phosphates. If Hydroxyapatite is forced to cool down quickly shows some amorphous phase which solves in body fluid among the other decomposed phases. Since plasma spraying is known with its high temperature and high cooling rate, Particle temperatures and velocities have significant effects on the coating quality.
In this study, the particle temperatures and velocity measurement were carried out by a particle diagnostic system under different plasma current different primer gas flow and different seconder gas flow for Hydrogen. Several measurements has been taken with Helium gas as well.

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