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Formation of secondary phases in tunnel plasma sprayed metallic glass coatings and their role on properties

Yugeswaran Subramaniam* / Centre for Advanced Coating Technologies Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering University of Toronto , Canada
Prof. Akira Kobayashi / Osaka University, Japan
Prof. Thomas W Coyle/ University of Toronto, Canada
Prof. Javad Mostaghimi/ University of Toronto, Canada

Tunnel plasma spraying is an exceptional approach to produce metallic glass coatings with and without secondary phases such as oxides and intermetallic phases based on its operating parameters. The performance of this tunnel plasma spraying was evaluated based on the formation of Cu36Zr48Al8Ag8 metallic glass coatings over stainless steel substrates at selective operating conditions. The results showed that the cooling gas flow rates play a vital role in oxidation and intermetallic phase formation in the coating microstructures. Phase formation and microstructural features of the coatings were evaluated by XRD and SEM-EDX analysis. Mechanical and tribological properties such as hardness, sliding and electrochemical corrosion resistance of the coatings were examined and the results were correlated with the presence of secondary phases in the coating microstructures. The obtained results showed that the increase of oxides in the metallic glass coatings enhanced the sliding wear resistance and reduced the corrosion resistance.

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