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Study on abrasion wear resistance of arc sprayed iron based composite coatings with oxide ceramic particles

Hanna Pokhmurska* / Institute of Material Science and Engineering, Chemnitz University of Technology , Germany
Ralf Winkelmann / Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus-Senftenberg, Germany
Thomas Lampke/ Institute of Materials Science and Engineering, Chemnitz University of Technology, Germany
Andreas Pelz/ Corodur Verschleiss-Schutz GmbH, Germany
Frank Pfeifer/ Kelterborn & Kelterborn GbR, Germany

TThe relationship between the particle size of an abrasive and the grain size of the hard phases in the metal matrix and their distribution are important factors and define the wear resistance of different coating systems. The size and amount of the hard phases formed during the solidification of the melt are limited. Thus, an increase of abrasion resistance of alloys can be only provided by their reinforcement with hard particles.
An application of oxide ceramic particles as reinforcing component in metal matrix composite coatings is a promising alternative to wide used carbide ceramic particles. Besides of the relatively high costs of many powders (i.e. WC), their thermal stability is not sufficient to withdraw the high temperatures of thermal spray processing. Nevertheless the wetting of the oxide ceramics by the steel melt is very poor because of different bonding types of these materials.
As a solution a method of the deposition of thin metal layers on the surface of the ceramic particles by means of PVD-method was developed. For this purpose, the novel technical solutions for PVD-coating of the loose ceramic particles have been elaborated.
The cored wires in low alloyed steel cower of the diameter 1.6 mm have been fabricated utilizing the coated hard particles as filling powder. Arc spraying was carried out under the optimized spraying parameters. The microstructure and worn surface morphologies of the coatings were observed by means of optical and scanning electron microscopy. The coatings demonstrated the improved abrasive wear resistance.

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