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Surface modification decreases the heat conductivity at higher temperature of aluminum coating by arc spray process

Rohit Upadhyaya* / Metallizing equipment Company Pvt Ltd, Rajasthan
Ankur Modi / Metallizing Equipment Company, Rajasthan
Suresh Chand Modi/ Metallizing Equipment Company, Rajasthan

In many practical problems we require special type of thermal spray coating that can't be oxides, retain at higher temperature and also heat conductive. In this paper we are doing aluminium coating on a cylindrical vessel of mild steel. This vessel is filled with the hot molten salt @ 872K. And its maximum operating temperature range is 312K -923 K. Vessel is heated from outside and which oxidizes into iron oxides .In this coating should be heat conductive and not to hamper heat transfer from outside. And, we also require the good bonding and not to peel off at higher temperature or crack at impact loading. In this we apply aluminium coating by ARCJET 96/400 (Metallizing Equipment Company Pvt. Ltd ) on the mild steel vessel and after modifying the surface we will put the samples in the above condition. In this results indicate that after doing surface modification aluminium melting point and bond strength increases.

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