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Properties characterization and heat treatment effects of aluminium 3D parts produced by cold sprayed additive manufacturing (CSAM)

MOHAMED Sokore* / Université de Technologie de Belfort-Montbéliard, CNRS, ICB , France
M. Sokore / UTBM, France
RIJA-NIRINA Raoelison/ UTBM, France
Hanlin Liao/ UTBM, France

Revealed as a process for surface functionalization and repair, and thanks to its ability to form a solid-state deposit without melting at a very high deposition efficiency, Cold Spraying has been also explored as a reliable additive manufacturing process. However, some defects (micro-pores, inter-particle boundaries) can limit the mechanical performance of the cold sprayed parts during deposition at lower impact velocities, and will manifest themselves in reduced mechanical properties. Post-spraying methods such as heat treatment or hot isostatic pressing were suggested to reduce these defects and then to optimize the properties of CS deposits. This paper investigates the properties (mechanical strength, microstructure, porosity, microhardness, and residual stress distributions) of 3D Aluminum parts produced by CS using Al-1050 (+45-15µm) powders. This paper also aims to find out heat treatment cycles that can lead to optimized properties.
Keywords: CSAM, property characterization, heat treatments, aluminum

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