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Thursday, September 17, 2015, Saal Petersburg 11:45 AM
Anlagen-, Behälter- und Rohrleitungsbau II

Großflächiges Auftragsschweißen mit hohen Auftragsraten mittels Direktdiodenlaser für den Korrosions- und Verschleißschutz

Heiko Riedelsberger* / Coherent(Deutschland)GmbH, Deutschland

High Deposition Rate and Large Area Cladding with Direct Diode Lasers with up to 10kW

Large area heat treating and high deposition rate cladding are two applications particularly suited to direct diode lasers. Both are power intensive applications, where diode lasers excel due to their electro-optical efficiency around 50%, compared to 12-15% for CO2 Lasers. Heat treatment and cladding require rapid heating of large metal surfaces close to their melting points (heat treating), or even beyond (cladding). Processing speed is thus directly related to available laser power.
The availability of high powder and wire depositing rates with such new diode laser system will open new application areas with many advantages where conventional overlay welding processes are still used today.
In the past 1 to 4 kW systems have been used for these applications typically. This presentation will focus on applications and performance achieved with direct diode lasers delivering up to 10 kW of laser power, and using some innovative tools developed for its versatile use with powder and wire.

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