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Wednesday, September 16, 2015, Saal Shanghai 5:00 PM
Education and Experiences 2

Development of modern S-K-S system for lifelong education of welders directed towards welding quality assurance

Karina Sydekum* / GSI-Gesellschaft für Schweißtechnik International mbH, Deutschland
Tobias M. Rosado/ ,
Anja König/ Schweizerischer Verein für Schweisstechnik, Switzerland
Robert Vidas/ ,
Joseph Kreindl/ Fronius International GmbH, Austria
Edita Margeta/ Industrial and Trade School, Croatia
Mirta Szügyi/ ,

The S  K  S system for lifelong education of welders is directed towards welders and welding operators as basic holders of quality in welding profession. The execution, and at the same time the quality of a welded joint depends on the welder or the operator, on their knowledge, skill or stability to perform in real conditions.
It is for this reason that the S  K  S system is based on development and maintaining of three fundamental quality pillars in the execution of welded joints: Skills  Knowledge  Stability.
Skills are connected to welding technique and practical ability, Knowledge to welding technology and basic theoretical knowledge in welding, and Stability to the psychophysical state of welders.
The basic guide to the system is the harmonized document IAB-089r4-12 EWF/IIW Guideline European/International Welder: Minimum Requirements for the Education, Examination and Qualification of Welders.
The logistics of the system are we-learning and other modern IT technologies available to everyone.
The system characteristics are: uniformity, quality, continuity, compatibility, flexibility, dynamics, openness and availability.
Development of the system and its testing through research and pilot program have been carried out for the past two years in the scope of a European Leonardo da Vinci Partnership Project named InteractivWeld (2013  2015).
Six partners and five silent partners from Croatia, Portugal, Germany, Switzerland and Austria will present the system in this paper.

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