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Wednesday, September 16, 2015, Saal Shanghai 11:45 AM
Technology and Trends 2

Welding simulation to education

Matthew Wallace / VRSim, Inc., USA
Matthew Wallace* / VRSim, Inc., USA

Simulations need to be better teaching tools. While virtual welding simulations continue to improve in accuracy and value, more attention is needed to improve the teaching component of the training experience. This presentation will focus on how simulations and curriculum can be best utilized to improve the level of student engagement and skill retention.
The presentation will provide analysis and review of the research developed regarding the use of welding simulations to educate new trainees, as well as, a screening and analysis tool for welding training. A focus will be on what current simulations do well and how they can be improved.
The central focus of the presentation will be to introduce, explain and demonstrate how the current research in cognitive science regarding attention span, narrative drive and a perception of autonym can be used to create a more effective training simulation. And, how pedagological innovation can improve the certification and training of the workforce.
After a concise review of current efforts to incorporate existing simulators into curriculum. The presentation will analyze the most effective ways to bring simulation and online training methods to a distracted and inattentive audience. This will include an in-depth analysis of the critical role played by the instructor and his role as a facilitator of skill development and torch ready training.
The presentation will conclude with a view of new methods of localization, gamification and pedagological innovation and how they will help define the next generation of simulators.

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