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Tuesday, September 17, 2019, Saal 6 10:00 AM
Virtual Welding Training Systems

Bildung und Lernen im digitalen Zeitalter der SchweiƟtechnik

Nikolaus Zauner* / Fronius International GmbH, Austria
Josef Kreindl / Fronius International GmbH, Austria

The demand for well-trained welding technicians is still very high. Therefor we need to break new ground to win young people for this sector.

The provision and imparting of expertise happened 20 years ago in comparison with today on a completely new base. Not the grip to the reference book or to the data sheet is the way, today social media like Google or YouTube can solve every problem.

The welding technology and their education concept have to use the new digital media like other professional groups for themselves.

What can a power source manufacturer like Fronius contribute?

The Interaction between humans and welding machines is already reality. That is how proven welding parameters can be stored as a job and the machine gives feedback if set limits are exceeded. The machines also show when unfavorable arc areas have been chosen and supports to set the perfect welding parameter.

Mobile phones can support the welders with free apps (Weldconnect or Welducation Basic) to find guide values for a particular task. The phones can also be used to enrich knowledge about welding technology playfully and it can be compared internationally.

In the future instructors or rather welding teachers in the training facilities are able to use the latest training documents on the base of IIW guide lines on homepages. Thats how the latest trends and technologies are digitally mediated to the trainees.

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