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Barcelona has always been a crossroads between the land and the sea. Through the centuries, the two have been melted and mixed into some of the most important cultural aspects of the Mediterranean. These ancient civilizations remain prevalent in the area through the artistic and historic displays of architecture, art, and culture.

Today, Barcelona is a modern, cosmopolitan city, with many dynamics. It is a comfortable city made of the people for the people.

The climate, the short walking distances and the great network of public transportation are all luxuries available to all citizens of and visitors to Barcelona.

It is a welcoming city for anyone who wishes to study, research or enjoy life. To live in Barcelona is an unforgettable experience, full of culture, traditional foods, and a wide range of possibilities for your professional and personal life.

ITSC 2014 will take place in the Palau de Congressos de Catalunya, situated in the north-west of Barcelona near the University (Thermal Spray Centre).

DVS – German Welding Society and its partner ASM  Thermal Spray Society together with the local support of Thermal Spray Centre organized one of the best ITSCs ever in a fascinating city.

The Program Committee focused the conference program also on end users in a very application-orientated form. Thermal Spray in Aviation Industry, Power Generation or Novel Industrial Applications for example will offer the latest information for our technology.

With the Session Young Professionals, ITSC will keep treading the successful path, supporting new experts becoming part of the thermal spray family.

With the Industrial Forum, all practically interested experts will be addressed to get the latest information. The Industrial Forum will be free of charge and open to all visitors to the Expo.

The complete technical program of ITSC will be available online at the end of January 2014.

With the Exposition, ITSC 2014 will fulfill its excellent comprehensive information and networking opportunities. Over 60 companies will participate as exhibitors.

Come and enjoy countless fascinating experiences at ITSC 2014 in Barcelona!

Jens Jerzembeck
Head of Research and Technology
DVS – German Welding Society