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Digitalisation in Vocational Training and further Education

Will the digitalisation of the working world which has concerned the media for quite some time with the Industry 4.0 term also have effects on training and further education?

Since qualification is seen as a way of gaining central access to the working world, this question must inevitably be answered with "yes". In welding technology, virtual machines are taking over a part of the training contents. At large automobile manufacturers, we are already speaking of digital workshops and virtual learning processes. Precisely in the rather "down-to-earth" working world of the metal workplaces, the question about the "how" is a particular one for qualification. What role is being assigned to in-house and external further education in this situation? A general willingness to acquire digital competence is certainly not sufficient here. It is necessary to develop up-to-date concepts and to describe these in detail with contents for qualification. Only in this way can optimally sector-specific competence be built up.

In our conference on Digitalisation in Vocational Training and Further Education, we want to come close to the answers to these questions. This will also include the discussion about what role progressive technologies are playing in the rigid education systems.

On February 19 and 20, 2019, DVS will offer a setting for such a conference in the Congress Center Essen, CC West, of Messe Essen. Together with the education experts from DVS Media, WeldPlus and GSI, we, with international experts, want to make this topic more transparent for us all.

DVS – German Welding Society
GSI – Gesellschaft für Schweißtechnik International


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