Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Time Saal Brüssel
09:00 AM
Opening / Plenary Session
Session Chair:
K. Bobzin

K. Bobzin
RWTH Aachen University, Germany,
J. Jerzembeck
DVS – German Welding Society, Germany,
H. Schmoor
Schmoor Brazing, Germany

09:20 AM
Combining atomistics and thermodynamics to control wetting for metal-ceramic joints
W. D. Kaplan
Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Israel

09:50 AM
Nanojoining: where the border between brazing and soldering melts
J. Janczak-Rusch,
EMPA, Switzerland

10:20 AM
High-entropy alloys
Session Chairs:
A.Shapiro, U. Reisgen
Abstract-No.:   6018
Brazing of high temperature materials using melting range optimized filler metals based on the high-entropy alloy CoCrCuFeNi
T. Ulitzka*
Dortmund University of Technology, Germany, W. Tillmann, L. Wojarski, M. Manka

10:40 AM
Abstract-No.:   6015
Development of novel nickel-based brazing alloys, utilising alternative melting point depressants and high entropy alloy concepts
L. Hardwick*
University of Sheffield, Great Britain, E. Pickering, P. Rodgers, R. Goodall

11:00 AM Tabletop Exhibition, Poster Session, Coffee Break

11:40 AM
Brazing for tool applications
Session Chairs:
T. Oyama, H. Schmoor
Abstract-No.:   5992
The effect of nickel-plated surfaces on the microstructure and the strength of vacuum brazed nickel maraging steel
T. Henning*
Dortmund University of Technology, Germany, W. Tillmann, L. Wojarski, M. Möbus

12:00 PM
Abstract-No.:   6017
Brazing of cemented carbide and steel with Cu-Mn-Ni filler metals
I. Pashkov*
PBSU, Russia, T. Bazlova,, V. Bazhenov, V. Misnikov

12:20 PM
Abstract-No.:   5994
Fundamental study on tempered state of steel influenced by the brazing process parameters for joining of hard metal saw teeth to steel saw blades
G. Wiehl*
Saxonia Technical Materials GmbH, Germany, M. Schimpfermann, S. Rassbach, M. Magin, A. Kazuch, M. Marchi, N. Unnasch

12:40 PM
Abstract-No.:   6004
Improved process control during induction brazing
J. Hebing*
RWTH Aachen University, Germany, K. Bobzin, M. Öte, S. Wiesner

01:00 PM
Abstract-No.:   5987
Effect of minimizing the thickness of the copper intermediate layer in carbide tipped tools on the shear strength of the brazed joint
M. Schimpfermann*
SAXONIA Technical Materials GmbH, Germany, M. Magin, S. Rassbach

01:20 PM Tabletop Exhibition, Poster Session, Lunch Break

02:20 PM
Brazing for turbine applications
Session Chairs:
W. Miglietti, M. Boretius
Abstract-No.:   6022
Investigations on vacuum furnace brazed dissimilar material compounds of 16Mo3 and INCONEL 625 using nickel based filler materials
R. Blank*
Siemens AG, Germany, I. Reinkensmeier, T. Uhlig, G. Wagner

02:40 PM
Abstract-No.:   6006
Brazing process, enabler for lifetime extension of gas turbines
K. Weidemann*
General Electric, Switzerland, S. Puidokas, B. Berme

03:00 PM
Abstract-No.:   6031
Brazing of SLM generated nickel base material IN 625 to porous sinter metal structures for stationary gas turbines
I. Reinkensmeier*
Siemens AG, Germany, S. Purschke, T. Nägel, C. Beck, S. Wanjura

03:20 PM
Abstract-No.:   5966
Application of a Ni-based filler metal repair coating by thermal spraying for high pressure turbine blades - A hybrid coating, brazing and aluminising process
M. Nicolaus*
Leibniz University Hannover, Germany, K. Möhwald, H. Maier

03:40 PM
Abstract-No.:   5973
Influence of superalloy additives on the melting behavior of green tapes for gas turbine repair brazing
M. Uddin*
Innobraze GmbH, Germany, H. Krappitz, M. Öte, K. Bobzin, S. Wiesner

04:00 PM Tabletop Exhibition, Poster Session, Coffee Break

04:40 PM
Properties of brazed joints 1
Session Chairs:
P. Webb, G. Wagner
Abstract-No.:   6012
Investigation of interfacial reaction during stainless steel brazing by Ni-base filler with EBSD
Y. Miyazawa*
Tokai University, Japan, K. Kudo, M. Iwata, Y. Bizen

05:00 PM
Abstract-No.:   5974
Investigation on corrosion behaviour of 316L stainless steel brazed joints with a new amorphous nickel-based filler metal
H. Li*
Beijing University of Technology, P.R. China, Y. Li, J. Senkara, Z. Li, H. Zhuang

05:20 PM
Abstract-No.:   5984
Corrosion fatigue performance of brazed 304L stainless steel joints using gold based brazing alloys
A. Schmiedt-Kalenborn*
Dortmund University of Technology, Germany, M. Manka, W. Tillmann, F. Walther

05:40 PM
Abstract-No.:   5962
Improvement of fatigue strength and structural design in heavy steel constructions through arc brazing
A. Gericke*
Fraunhofer IGP, Germany, F. Wegener, K. Drebenstedt, K. Henkel, R. Glienke, U. Kuhlmann

06:00 PM Awards Presentations

06:10 PM Welcome Reception

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