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Call for Papers
The call for papers will be closed on July 31, 2018.

All experts and interested people are invited to hand in their contributions regarding the following subject areas:

Topic 1   Applications –
      Industrial application of brazing and diffusion bonding
      Integration of brazing into the production process
      Functional surfaces (coating by brazing)

Topic 2
Processes –
      Furnace brazing
      Induction and torch brazing
      Arc and beam brazing
      Brazing at reduced temperatures
      Nano effects for brazing
      Diffusion bonding

Topic 3
Materials –
      Joining of additive manufactured components
      Joining of glass, ceramics, metals
      Joining of high performance materials
      Joining of light weight metals
      Joining of cemented carbides, hard metals, cermets

Topic 4
Properties –
      Quality assurance, process quality and product quality
      Corrosion and corrosion protection
      Modelling and Simulation

Call for Papers is closed.

The DVS kindly thanks you for your interest and your cooperation for LÖT 2019. All contributors will be informed by email soon.