Wednesday, June 10, 2020

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09:00 AM
Session Chair:
R. Boecking, DVS – German Welding Society, Germany

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    R. Boecking
    DVS – German Welding Society, Germany

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10:30 AM Coffee Break, ACV, Hall X2
10:50 AM
Aviation Industry I
Session Chairs:
R. Vaßen, Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH, Germany
A. McDonald, University of Alberta, Canada
Abstract-No.:   6511
Influence of spray process parameters on columnar microstructure in suspension plasma sprayed YSZ coatings
K. Takagi*
TOCALO Co., Ltd., Japan, Y. Habu

New Processes
Session Chairs:
P. Vuoristo, Tampere University, Finland
Abstract-No.:   6279
Hybrid additive manufacturing technology: Induction sintering cold spray
R. Ortiz-Fernandez*
University of Ottawa, Canada, B. Jodoin

Power Generation - Hydro
Session Chairs:
C. Li, Xi'an Jiaotong University, P.R. China
Abstract-No.:   6379
The use of low-pressure cold spray-formed CuAl2O3 MMC coatings to improve the surface properties of the electrical connectors
V. Leshchynsky*
University of Windsor, Canada, E. Strumban

Modeling & Simulation I
Session Chairs:
A. Dolatabadi, University of Alberta, Canada
A. Wank, GTV Verschleiss-Schutz GmbH, Germany
Abstract-No.:   6266
Utilizing big data in alloy development: Designing next generation bond coats
N. Zhou*
Oerlikon Metco, USA, J. Cheney, W. Chen

Suspension Spraying I
Session Chairs:
L. Pouliot, POLYCONTROLS, Canada
A. Ang, Swinburne University of Technology, Australia
Abstract-No.:   6312
Suspension sprayed thin metallic coatings for electric panel heaters
F. Trenkle, H. Kummer*
obz innovation gmbh, Germany, M. Winkelmann, F. Wuest, P. Krieg, A. Killinger, S. Hartmann

Application Forum I
Session Chairs:
C. Rupprecht, Technische Universität Berlin, Germany
Abstract-No.:   6837
Thermal spraying - technologies, certification and education in Germany
R. Huber*
tbd, Germany

11:10 AM
Abstract-No.:   6533
Optimization of Ti-6Al-4V alloy build-up properties for cold spray additive manufacturing (CSAM)
J. Kondas*
Impact Innovations GmbH, Germany, R. Singh, M. Guagliano, S. Bagherifard, P. Konopik, R. Prochazka, L. Rehorek, M.  Kachlík

Abstract-No.:   6369
Aerosol deposition of Ti3SiC2-MAX-Phase coatings
A. Elsenberg*
Helmut Schmidt University of the Federal Armed Forces, Germany, F. Gärtner, T. Klassen

Abstract-No.:   6480
Influence of powder size, grain size, and spray condition on cavitation erosion resistance of high-velocity oxygen fuel thermal-sprayed WC cermet coatings
A. Kanno*
TOCALO Co., Ltd., Japan

Abstract-No.:   6454
Numerical study of a cascaded single-cathode-single-anode plasma generator
H. Heinemann*
RWTH Aachen University, Germany, K. Bobzin, W. Wietheger, J. Schein, S. Zimmermann

Abstract-No.:   6367
Development of ceramic coatings by using suspension plasma spraying (SPS) process with a cascaded torch
G. Darut*
UTBM, France, E. Labreuche , C. Adam, M. Planche, H. Liao, A. Salito, M. Rösli

Abstract-No.:   6838
Thermal spraying technology I: Flame spraying and HVOF technology
W. Wietheger*
RWTH Aachen University, Germany, K. Bobzin

11:30 AM
Abstract-No.:   6540
Suspension plasma spray of high solids suspension for thermal barrier coatings
N. Curry*
Treibacher Industrie AG, Austria, R. Trache, N. Abraham-Garabne, J. Susnjar, K. Körner

Abstract-No.:   6380
Vacuum cold spray of ceramic coatings at the temperatures of 300-500°C
V. Leshchynsky, P. Maev*
University of Windsor, Canada, A. Garbiec, E. Strumban, A. Elseddawy

Abstract-No.:   6498
Cold gas spraying of nickel-titanium coatings for protection against cavitation
G. Mauer*
Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH, Germany, K. Rauwald, Y. Sohn

Abstract-No.:   6314
Numerical reconstruction of porous architecture for suspension plasma sprayed coatings
Y. Zhao*
University Bourgogne Franche-Comté, France, M. Planche, Z. Yu, X. Fan, F. Peyraut, H. Liao, G. Montavon, J. Ilavsky

Abstract-No.:   6370
Suspension feed thermal spray technology for advanced coating structures
C. Bauer*
Oerlikon Metco, USA, J. Tewes, D. Chen, B. Distler

Abstract-No.:   6839
Thermal spraying technology II: Plasma spraying (APS, VPS/LPPS)
S. Zimmermann*
University of the Federal Armed Forces Munich, Germany

11:50 AM
Abstract-No.:   6557
Influence of surface preparation on the adhesion of Ti-6Al-4V repair coatings produced by cold gas spray
J. Fiebig*
Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH, Germany, K. Rauwald, J. Gibmeier, R. Vaßen

Abstract-No.:   6578
Laser assisted cold spray deposition of high strength steels
L. Brewer*
The University of Alabama, USA, D. Barton, V. Bhattiprolu, C. Batali, G. Thompson

Abstract-No.:   6530
Influence of fuel/oxygen ratio on coating properties and cavitation resistance of WC and Cr3C2 cermet coatings deposited by HVOF
A. Pukasiewicz*
Universidade Tecnológica Federal do Paraná, Brazil, A. Becker, I. Siqueira, R. Vaz, F. Caliari, A. Chicoski, M. de Sousa

Abstract-No.:   6315
Strengthening mechanism of additively manufactured cold spray Al deposits under low deposition efficiency
R. Lupoi*
Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, S. Yin, J. Cizek

Abstract-No.:   6478
Laser interference patterning and functionalization of suspension sprayed TiO2 coatings
F. Toma*
Fraunhofer IWS, Germany, S. Alamri, T. Kunze, M. Barbosa

Abstract-No.:   6840
Thermal spraying technology III: Twin wire arc spraying
C. Rupprecht*
Technische Universität Berlin, Germany

12:10 PM
Abstract-No.:   6559
Evaluation of next generation rare earth silicate EBC coatings
A. Allimant*
Saint-Gobain C.R.E.E., France, T. Vitorino

Abstract-No.:   6600
Sealing of porous structure by hybrid aerosol deposition
K. Shinoda*
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Japan, J. Akedo

Abstract-No.:   6424
Corrosion of thermally sprayed NiCr-coatings in artificial seawater
T. Varis*
Tampere University, Finland, M. Oksa, M. Somervuori, T. Suhonen, P. Vuoristo

Abstract-No.:   6337
Data constrained modeling of plasma sprayed coatings using dual energy X-Ray computed topography
B. Kahl, S. Yang, A. Ang*
Swinburne University of Technology, Australia, C. Berndt

Abstract-No.:   6490
Development of a novel quais-solution precursor plasma spray (QSPPS) process for ternary metal oxides films with well-shaped nanostructures
Z. Yu*
University Bourgogne Franche-Comté, France, Y. Zexin, M. Liu, M. Moliere, H. Liao

Abstract-No.:   6841
Thermal spraying technology IV: Cold spraying / kinetic spraying
F. Gärtner*
Helmut Schmidt University of the Federal Armed Forces, Germany, T. Klassen

12:30 PM Lunch Break, ACV, HALL X2
Kick-off ITSC2020 Exposition, ACV, Hall X2
Poster Session, ACV, Foyer Hall D, Hall X2
02:00 PM
Aviation Industry II
Session Chairs:
B. Wielage, Chemnitz University of Technology, Germany
Abstract-No.:   6293
Effect of scandia-doped content on the phase stability and heat insulating property of scandia-yttria-zirconia thermal barrier coatings
Q. Li*
Avic Aeronautical Manufacturing Technology Institute, P.R. China, S. Li

General Plant Engineering & Paper Industry
Session Chairs:
H. Jungklaus, Voith Paper Rolls GmbH & Co. KG, Austria
Abstract-No.:   6541
High-solids chromia suspensions optimized for wear resistant coatings
R. Trache, J. Susnjar*
Treibacher Industrie AG, Austria, N. Curry

Coatings on Polymers
Session Chairs:
L. Lusvarghi, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy
R. Huber, GSI - Gesellschaft für Schweißtechnik International mbH, NL SLV München, Germany
Abstract-No.:   6460
Development of thermal spray processes for depositing coatings on thermoplastics
M. Knoch*
RWTH Aachen University, Germany, K. Bobzin, W. Wietheger

High Entropy Alloys & Amorphous Coatings
Session Chairs:
S. Zimmermann, Höganäs Germany GmbH, Germany
Abstract-No.:   6495
Effect of microstructural evolution on thermal conductivity of FeCrNbBSi amorphous coating
Y. Li, Z. Zheng , L. Yan-Ze*
Beijing University of Technology, P.R. China, Y. Hai-Hua, W. Guo-Hong, H. Ding-Yong, X. Yun-Fei, W. Lu

Precision Melt Engineering
Session Chairs:
K. Möhwald, Leibnitz University Hannover, Germany
S. Matthews, The University of Auckland, New Zealand
Abstract-No.:   6419
Multi material wire and arc additive manufacturing using in-situ alloying for the production of highly functional components
L. Oster*
RWTH Aachen University, Germany, U. Reisgen, R. Sharma

Application Forum II
Session Chairs:
C. Rupprecht, Technische Universität Berlin, Germany
Abstract-No.:   6842
Recent technologies I: Hybrid coating processes (laser and plasma technologies)
G. Paczkowski*
Technische Universität Berlin, Germany

02:20 PM
Abstract-No.:   6409
Improving interface bonding and fatigue strength of cold spray repaired aircraft structural materials
A. Urban*
CSIRO, Australia, S. Gulizia, P. King, E. Regos, W. Zhuang

Abstract-No.:   6615
Practical experiences using HVOF sprayed tungsten carbide coatings in the plastic foil industry
O. Brandt*
Becon Technologies GmbH, Switzerland, M. Nicolaus, K. Möhwald, D. Zaremba

Abstract-No.:   6422
Enhancing the functionality of 3D printed nylon by introducing thermal spray
P. Nielsen*
FORCE Technology, Denmark, T. Ruby, J. Abildstrøm Bøg, F. Gravesen, F. Gravesen

Abstract-No.:   6450
High performance, low friction amorphous thermal sprayed coatings
E. Vogli*
Liquid Metal Group Holdings Inc., USA, R. Salas

Abstract-No.:   6280
Thermally sprayed sensor coatings for spatially resolved temperature detection
A. Schacht*
RWTH Aachen University, Germany, K. Bobzin, W. Wietheger, H. Heinemann, M. Knoch, A. Gillner, M. Hummel

Abstract-No.:   6845
Post treatment I: Technologies for surface treatment and sealing of spray coatings
R. Winkler*
IDH Anlagenbau- und Montage GmbH, Germany

02:40 PM
Abstract-No.:   6430
Processes and properties of environmental barrier coatings
D. Chen*
Oerlikon Metco, USA, A.  Barth, A. Pegler, J. Colmenares-Angulo, M. Dorfman

Abstract-No.:   6447
Cavitation erosion and sliding wear resistance of Ni-Co based HVOF coatings
M. Szala*
Lublin University of Technology, Poland, M. Walczak

Abstract-No.:   6507
Influence of secondary component hardness when cold spraying mixed metal powders on carbon fibre reinforced polymers
A. Liberati*
McGill University, Canada, H. Che, P. Vo, S. Yue

Abstract-No.:   6255
Understanding mechanical and electrochemical performance of AlCoCrFeNi based high entropy alloy plasma spray coatings
A. Meghwal*
Swinburne University of Technology, Australia, C. Schultz, C. Hall, A. Anupam, C. Berndt, A. Ang, B. Murty, R. Kottadar

Abstract-No.:   6288
Evaluating the application of heating conductor surfaces inside plasma sprayed coatings in permanent mold metal casting processes for local, near-surface heat release
T. Vossel*
RWTH Aachen University, Germany, A. Schacht, I. Alkhasli, N. Wolff, B. Pustal, A. Bührig-Polaczek, K. Bobzin

Abstract-No.:   6844
Handling systems I: Kinematic systems, robots, influencing factors and challenges in industry
W. Tillmann*
University of Dortmund, Germany

03:00 PM
Abstract-No.:   6433
The influence of plasma composition in the deposition efficiency, thermal conductivity, bond strength and thermal cyclic performance of yttria stabilized zirconia (8YSZ) thermal barrier coatings (TBCs)
B. Guerreiro, R. Lima*
National Research Council Canada, Canada, N. Curry, M. Leitner, K.  Körner

Abstract-No.:   6290
Microstructural evolution in a CuZnAl shape memory alloy produced by cold spraying
X. Xie*
University Bourgogne Franche-Comté, France, X. Xinliang, C. Chaoyue, S. Bo, G. Frank, W. Hongjian, L. Wenya, J. Gang, L. Hanlin

Abstract-No.:   6305
Hybrid metallic coatings on polymer-based composites
P. Fallah*
McGill University, Canada, A. McDonald, S. Yue, P. Vo

Abstract-No.:   6387
Selective laser melted equiatomic CoCrFeMnNi high-entropy alloy: Microstructure, room- and high-temperature mechanical properties and creep properties
Y. Kim*
Inha University, Republic of Korea, S. Yang, J. Choe, K. Lee

Abstract-No.:   6431
Particle tailored effective particle-gas interaction coefficients in plasma spraying
I. Alkhasli*
RWTH Aachen University, Germany, K. Bobzin, W. Wietheger, H. Heinemann

Abstract-No.:   6843
Diagnostic I: Diagnostic tools for thermal spray processes
J. Zierhut*
Zierhut Messtechnik GmbH, Germany

03:25 PM Coffee Break, ACV, Hall X2
03:45 PM
Session Young Professionals
Session Chairs:
K. Bobzin, RWTH Aachen University, Germany
A. McDonald, University of Alberta, Canada
Abstract-No.:   6568
Determination of macroscopic mechanical properties of plasma sprayed W/Steel composites using image based FE simulation
V. Ganesh*
Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany, J. Coenen, S. Heuer, D. Dorow-Gerspach, J. Matjíek, M. Vilémová, M. Janata, M. Wirtz

03:50 PM
Abstract-No.:   6364
Aluminium oxide dispersion strengthened CoNiCrAlY coatings for high-temperature sliding wear applications
G. Bolelli*
Department of Engineering "Enzo Ferrari", University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy, R. Vaßen, C. Vorkötter, L. Lusvarghi, S. Morelli, V. Testa

03:55 PM
Abstract-No.:   6834
Plasma sprayed smart coatings for dynamic temperature monitoring
A. Schacht*
RWTH Aachen University, Germany, K. Bobzin, W. Wietheger, H. Heinemann, A. Gillner, M. Hummel, M. Knoch

04:00 PM
Abstract-No.:   6444
Architectural development of porous ceramic materials by air plasma spraying process for thermal insulating applications
V. Fournier*
CEA Le Ripault, France, A. Quet, E. Meillot, H. Ageorges

04:05 PM
Abstract-No.:   6586
PIV analysis of suspension plasma spray particles in the vicinity of the substrate
S. Mohammadi*
Concordia University, Canada, A. Nozari, F. Ben Ettouil, A. Dolatabadi, C. Moreau

04:10 PM
Abstract-No.:   6577
Thermally sprayed coating-based heating elements for boundary layer transition detection - An experimental approach
M. Machulla*
Fraunhofer Institute for Material and Beam Technology, Germany, S. Taghian Dehaghani, S. Scheitz, C. Leyens, A. McDonald

04:15 PM
Abstract-No.:   6371
A first-order transfer function for temperature control of flame-sprayed coating-based heating systems
J. John*
University of Alberta, Canada, H. Rouhani, A. McDonald

04:20 PM
Abstract-No.:   6358
Influence of the microstructure on the property profile of atmospheric plasma sprayed Al2O3-Cr2O3-TiO2 ternary coatings
M. Grimm*
Chemnitz University of Technology, Germany, S. Conze, L. Berger, G. Paczkowski, T. Lampke

04:25 PM
Abstract-No.:   6835
Investigation of robot path strategies for coating cutting edges using an ID HVOF spraying system
I. Baumann, J. Zajaczkowski*
University of Dortmund, Germany

05:00 PM Awards Presentation
ITSC Best Paper Awards | René Wasserman Prize | Oerlikon Metco Young Professionals Award
  End of ITSC 2020 Conference Program
06:00 PM Exhibitor Networking Reception, ACV, Hall X2
Poster Session, ACV, Foyer Hall D, Hall X2

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