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DVS Congress 2015 Invitation

For the second time after 2011, the German Welding Society (DVS) will, with the DVS CONGRESS 2015 and DVS EXPO 2015 events, stage a large-scale event which will encompass different subjects and will offer not only the imparting of information, theory and practice but also entertainment in an interdisciplinary environment against the backdrop of Nürnberg.

With the Annual Welding Conference and other subject-related conferences, the DVS CONGRESS forms the annual event highlight for joining, cutting and coating technology.

The conference entitled "Virtual Welding Trainer 2015 - The Future of Education" will be one highlight of the DVS CONGRESS. Topical information and wideranging findings from the field of training in welding technology with the application of these new, modern systems will await you at the international conference. You will be cordially invited to exchange your subject-related experience with experts and to obtain information about the latest status in matters relating to virtual welding trainer systems (VWTS) and their utilisation fields.

The conference will be intended for: people who develop and manufacture welding trainers and welding simulators, everybody who works with welding simulation systems and carries out training in welding technology, welding engineers, welding technologists, specialised welding personnel as well as all the interested specialists from industry, skilled trades and educational establishments.

All the relevant systems in the world will be presented in an accompanying exhibition within the framework of the DVS EXPO.

Bundled specialist know-how, renowned subject-related conferences and research colloquia and a comprehensive range of products and services on offer - the DVS CONGRESS 2015 and the DVS EXPO 2015 in Nürnberg will stand for that.

The DVS CONGRESS 2015 and the DVS EXPO 2015 will unite the following events under one roof:

  • Annual Welding Conference
  • DVS Student Congress
  • ROBOTS 2015
  • Robot Welding Competition 2015
  • Joining of Fibre-Reinforced Plastics
  • Colloquium on Near-Application Welding Simulation
  • Adhesive Bonding Technology Theme Park
  • International Conference WELDING TRAINER 2015  THE FUTURE OF EDUCATION
  • Virtual Welding Training Systems Show and much more!