Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Time Hall 1
09:00 AM
Session Chair:
B. Gruenenwald
Abstract-No.:   6272
Recent developments in additive manufacturing of metallic materials
S. Jahn*, S. Matthes, F. Gemse

09:30 AM
Session Chair:
B. Gruenenwald
Abstract-No.:   6626
In-situ brazing observation of removal behavior of oxide film from Al-Si filler surface by brazing flux
T. Suzuki*, Y. Yanagawa, T. Yamayoshi

10:00 AM
Abstract-No.:   6641
Heat exchanger materials for E-Mobility
N. Eigen, G. Bermig, V. Sass*, M. Lentz, M. Mrotzek, C. Wiens

10:30 AM
Abstract-No.:   7034
AMAG TopClad®PURE for improved brazeability
G. Hanko, A. Trier, P. Morak*, S. Hainthaler, M. Hemetsberger

11:00 AM Coffee Break
11:15 AM
Research and Development
Session Chair:
B. Gruenenwald
Abstract-No.:   6282
Contribution on new results of investigations of aluminium vacuum brazing
M. Türpe*, B. Gruenenwald, A. Sommer

11:45 AM
Abstract-No.:   7020
Flux-free approaches for brazing aluminum alloys
L. Wojarski*, H. Ulitzka, I. Rass, W. Tillmann

12:15 PM
Abstract-No.:   7036
Effect of the flux on the reactivity of cooling systems aluminum alloys with ethylene glycol-based coolants
M. Sababi*, L. Ahl, D. Abrahamsson

12:45 PM Lunch Break

01:30 PM
Testing and Design
Session Chair:
H. Swidersky
Abstract-No.:   6321
Analysis of brazing imperfections by metallographic investigation/ optical microscopy
H. Swidersky, L. Orman*

02:00 PM
Abstract-No.:   6327
A SWAAT procedure based on time to perforation and its use for studying the effect of metallurgical and process parameters on corrosion resistance of automotive brazing sheets
L. Peguet, H. Noui, F. Raffin, D. Koschel*

02:30 PM
Abstract-No.:   6284
Corrosion in brazed heat exchanger materials: Measurement techniques for optimised and application specific material designs
F. Ritz*, B. Jacoby, S. Kirkham, M. Cornejo

03:00 PM Closing Remarks

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