Thursday, September 29, 2011

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09:00 AM
Industrial Gas Turbines 2
Session Chair:
C. Cojocaru / A. Scrivani
Abstract-No.:   2633
Oxidation behavior of bond coats with and without Y addition
T. Izumi*, H. Arikawa, Y. Kojima, M. Okada, T. Hisamatsu

Modeling & Simulation 3
Session Chair:
R. Bolot / M. Fukumoto
Abstract-No.:   2730
Development of analytical model to predict cold spray critical velocity from 3D-FEM simulations
R. Ghelichi*, M. Guagliano, S.  Bagheri, A. Trentin, S. Vezzù, S. Rech

HVOF & Flame Spraying 2
Session Chair:
G. Bolelli / K. Zhou
Abstract-No.:   2654
Deposition of surface-melted YSZ particles by flame spraying
C. Li*, C. Li, G. Yang

Tribological Coatings 2
Session Chair:
L. Lusvarghi / J. Döring
Abstract-No.:   2974
Improved microstructure and properties of HVOF sprayed cermet coatings modified by laser remelting post-treatment
Z. Yin*, X. Tan, Q. Deng, C. Li, W. Fu, S. Wang, S. Tao

Pre- & Post-Treatment 2
Session Chair:
S. Siegmann / R. Eijkenboom
Abstract-No.:   2715
Polymers in thermal spray
L. Grimenstein*

09:25 AM
Abstract-No.:   2604
Improving atmospheric plasma spraying of zirconate thermal barrier coatings based on particle diagnostics
G. Mauer*, V. Kochubey, R. Vaßen, D. Stöver

Abstract-No.:   2756
Influence of computational grid spacing on gas particle flows of cold spray
H. Katanoda*

Abstract-No.:   2972
Influence of HVOF spraying parameters on the wear resistance of Al-SiC composites coatings deposited on ZE41 magnesium alloy
A. López*, B. Torres, P. Rodrigo, M. Campo

Abstract-No.:   2803
WC-Co/metal multi-layer coatings by warm spray deposition
M. Watanabe*, M. Komatsu, S. Kuroda

Abstract-No.:   2988
Influence of sealing treatments of thermally sprayed coatings on their corrosion, wear and high temperature performances
K. Niemi, P. Sorsa*, J. Knuuttila, P. Vuoristo

09:50 AM
Abstract-No.:   3033
Energy yield of thermal barrier coatings in turbine engines
A. Scrivani, U. Bardi, S. Meneghetti, C. Borri*

Abstract-No.:   2530
Application of structure based models of mechanical and thermal properties of plasma sprayed coatings
M. Vilemova*, J. Matejicek, R. Musalek

Abstract-No.:   2932
Influence of the suspension characteristics and spraying parameters on the properties of dense suspension-HVOF sprayed Al2O3 coatings
F. Toma*, L. Berger, S. Langner, C. Rödel, A. Potthoff

Abstract-No.:   2523
Effect of suspension characteristics on microstructure of suspension plasma sprayed SiC submicron coatings
F. Mubarok*, P. Vuoristo, R. Johnsen, N. Espallargas

Abstract-No.:   2548
Densification and purification of cold sprayed deposits
H. Kim*, K. Baik, K. Lee, J. Kim

10:15 AM
Abstract-No.:   2779
Characterization of ceramic coatings made by thin film low pressure plasma spraying (LPPS-TF)
A. Hospach*, G. Mauer, R. Vaßen, D. Stöver

Abstract-No.:   2641
Heat and mass transfer within an evaporating solution droplet in a plasma jet
Y. Shan*, H. Yuan

Abstract-No.:   2990
Effect of substrate temperature on splat formation of thermally spread polymer on rough surface
K. Alamara*

Abstract-No.:   2737
Tribological properties of HVOF sprayed nanostructured composite coatings
W. Zórawski*, S. Skrzypek

Abstract-No.:   2768
Thermal spraying and post-processing of metastable austenitic materials
C. Rupprecht*, M. Kunze

10:40 AM Coffee Break
Expo Hall H
11:00 AM
Young Professionals
Session Chair:
J. Heberlein / R. Schmid
Abstract-No.:   2619
Computational analysis of composite powders impacts to evaluate ceramic coating properties in cold spraying
H. Canales*, A. Dolmatov, S. Markovich

11:05 AM
Abstract-No.:   2477
Thermal spraying of advanced zinc alloys as an addition to hot-dip galvanizing
C. Schulz*, K. Bobzin, T. Schläfer, T. Warda

11:10 AM
Abstract-No.:   2610
Correlation of the particle behavior, microstructure and phase evolution during the optimization of HVOF sprayed WC-12Co coatings by means of statistical design of experiments
I. Baumann, W. Tillmann, L. Hagen*, M. Paulus, F. Wieland

11:15 AM
Abstract-No.:   2634
Optimization of cold sprayed pure titanium coatings
W. Wong*, E. Irissou, J. Legoux, S. Yue

11:20 AM
Abstract-No.:   2607
Failure mechanism of non-stoichiometric abradable Mg-Al-Spinel coatings under thermal cyclic loading
S. Ebert*, T. Steinke, R. Vaßen, D. Stöver, Y. Cadoret, M. Hancock

11:25 AM
Abstract-No.:   2889
Cold spraying of titanium using enhanced conditions and optimized nozzles
K. Binder*, T. Klassen, F. Gärtner

11:30 AM
Abstract-No.:   2819
Development of particle reinforced nanostructured iron based composite alloys for thermal spraying
R. Drehmann*, B. Wielage, H. Pokhmurska, C. Rupprecht

11:35 AM
Abstract-No.:   3005
Natural and synthetic layered structures: Nacre vs plasma sprayed ceramics
G. Dwivedi*, S. Sampath, T. Nakamura

11:40 AM
Abstract-No.:   2757
Synthesis of porous super capacitor electrodes using the SPPS deposition technique
M. Golozar*, K. Chien, K. Lian, T. Coyle

11:45 AM
Abstract-No.:   2776
The effect of fracture induced ceramic free surfaces for vacuum kinetic spray bonding
W. Yong*, G. Bae, K. Kang, C. Lee

11:50 AM
Abstract-No.:   2727
Development and characterization of oxide ceramic APS coatings for microwave absorption
P. Müller*, A. Killinger, R. Gadow, A. Cardella, C. Li

11:55 AM
Abstract-No.:   2759
Deposition of nickel-yttria stabilized zirconia and nickel-samaria doped ceria anodes by solution precursor plasma spraying for solid oxide fuel cells
C. Metcalfe*, E. Lay, O. Kesler

12:00 PM
Abstract-No.:   2933
Development of ceramic heating elements produced by thermal spray technology
F. Toma, S. Scheitz, R. Puschmann*, L. Berger, V. Sauchuk, M. Kusnezoff

12:05 PM
Abstract-No.:   2822
Metallizing of high-performance polymers by thermal spraying
R. Winkler*, B. Wielage, C. Rupprecht, G. Paczkowski

  Sulzer Metco Young Professionals Award
01:05 PM Lunch Break
Expo Hall H
  ITSC Poster Session, Foyer 1st Floor
02:00 PM
Aviation Industry 4
Session Chair:
T. Warda / J. Wilken
Abstract-No.:   2628
Highly durable thermal barrier coatings produced by axial suspension plasma spray
Z. Tang*, D. Ellsworth

Plasma Spraying 2
Session Chair:
L. Pawlowski / T. Coyle
Abstract-No.:   2626
Helium-free parameter development for the TriplexPro-200 plasma gun platform
C. Dambra, D. Chen*, J. Colmenares-Angulo, D. Hawley, R. Molz

Characterization & Testing 4
Session Chair:
K. Möhwald / F. Gärtner
Abstract-No.:   2791
The influence of CMAS attack on the lifetime of thermal barrier coatings
T. Steinke*, M. Jarligo, D. Mack, R. Vaßen, D. Stöver

Corrosion Protection 2
Session Chair:
F. Schreiber / K. Ogawa
Abstract-No.:   2761
Corrosion and wear resistance of molybdenum containing arc spray composite coatings
J. Laurila*, J. Vajala, K. Niemi, P. Vuoristo

Pre- & Post-Treatment 3
Session Chair:
J. Beczkowiak / B. Marple
Abstract-No.:   3022
Surface modification of austenitic thermal spray coatings by low temperature carburization
T. Lindner*, B. Wielage, R. Hunger

02:25 PM
Abstract-No.:   2755
Impact of particle size distribution on the TBC coating deposition and performance
L. Li*, V. Belov

Abstract-No.:   2704
Homogenization of coating properties in atmospheric plasma spraying - results and outlook of a DFG (German Research Foundation)- Funded Research Group
J. Prehm*, F. Bach, J. Schein, K. Bobzin, K. Möhwald, I. Petkovi, N. Bagcivan, K. Hartz-Behrend, K. Landes

Abstract-No.:   2866
Testing and characterization methods to describe the mechanical properties of an HVOF coating sprayed with ultrafine powder materials
R. Kassimi, G. Matthäus*, M. Molnar

Abstract-No.:   2711
Characterization of inconel 625 coatings deposited by cold spray
A. Pontarollo, A. Cafissi, M. Guidolin, S. Vezzù, S. Rech, A. Trentin*, C. Peretti

Abstract-No.:   2835
Effect of laser remelting on the mechanical behavior of inconel 625 cold sprayed coatings
S. Vezzù*, S. Rech, A. Trentin, P. Poza, C. Munes, M. Garrido

02:50 PM
Abstract-No.:   2731
Rare earth silicate coatings by sol precursor plasma spraying for environmental barrier applications
A. Quet, F. Gitzhofer, J. Leluan, F. Rebillat

Abstract-No.:   2611
Deposition of La-Sr-Fe-Co perovskite coatings with different microstructures by low pressure plasma spraying
N. Zotov*, G. Mauer, D. Sebold, R. Vaßen

Abstract-No.:   2934
Evaluation of young's modulus and porosity in thermally sprayed ceramic and hard metal coatings by laser acoustic surface waves (LAWave®) method
M. Barbosa*, D. Schneider, R. Puschmann, F. Toma, L. Berger

Abstract-No.:   2766
Performance of HVOF and cold sprayed Ni-20Cr coatings in aggressive molten salt environment at 900°C under cyclic conditions
N. Bala, H. Singh*, S. Prakash

Abstract-No.:   2632
Mechanical properties of heat treated cold sprayed pure titanium coatings
W. Wong*, E. Irissou, J. Legoux, S. Yue

03:15 PM
Abstract-No.:   2921
Phase stability and thermal conductivity of plasma sprayed scandia, yttria-stabilized zirconia TBCs
Q. Li, S. Gong, H. Liu, W. Yang, S. Li*

Abstract-No.:   2498
The characteristic of plasma torch designed for very low pressure plasma spraying
Y. Gao*, D. Yang

Abstract-No.:   2697
Comparison of isolated indentation and grid indentation methods for HVOF sprayed cermets
J. Nohava*, S. Houdkova, P. Hausild, R. Enzl

Abstract-No.:   2713
Oxidation behavior of CoNiCrAlY bond coats produced by APS, HVOF and CGDS at temperatures of 1000°C and 1100°C
J. Roy*, B. Jodoin

Abstract-No.:   2476
Excimer laser surface treatment of plasma sprayed coatings
A. Ibrahim*, C. Berndt, M. Khonsari, M. Zoghi

03:40 PM Coffee Break
Expo Hall H
04:00 PM
Wear Protection 2
Session Chair:
R. Thorpe / C. Li
Abstract-No.:   2944
Wear behavior of HVOF-sprayed nanostructured WC-CoCr coatings
T. Varis*, G. Bolelli, U. Kanerva, T. Suhonen, B. Bonferroni, L. Lusvarghi

Plasma Spraying 3
Session Chair:
Y. Borisov / F. Ladru
Abstract-No.:   2522
Titanium dioxide coatings sprayed by a water stabilized plasma gun (WSP) with argon and nitrogen as the powder feeding gas: differences in structural, mechanical and photocatalytic behavior
P. Ctibor, Z. Pala, K. Neufuss, V. Stengl, I. Pis, T. Zahoranova, V. Nehasil, M. Vilemova*

Process Diagnostics, Sensors & Controls 2
Session Chair:
M. Schäfer / L. Pouliot
Abstract-No.:   2598
Modeling properties of HVOF thermally sprayed WC-Co coatings based on particle-in-flight characteristics
B. Hussong*, W. Tillmann, N. Rudak, H. Weinert

Medical Industry 2
Session Chair:
C. Lima / S. Costil
Abstract-No.:   2616
Biocompatibility of titanium coatings deposited on CoCr by cold spray
A. Trentin*, S. Rech, S. Gulizia

Corrosion Protection 3
Session Chair:
G. Weissenfels / M. Jeandin
Abstract-No.:   2570
Local corrosion protection of joints by low pressure cold spray
V. Leshchynsky*, E. Maeva, D. Dzhurinskiy, R. Maev

04:25 PM
Abstract-No.:   2670
Characterization of HVOF sprayed Fe-based alloy coatings
G. Bolelli, L. Lusvarghi*, A. Milanti, K. Niemi, J. Laurila, P. Vuoristo

Abstract-No.:   2625
Zirconium and molybdenum diffusion barrier coatings for nuclear reactor fuel by thermal spray and electrospark discharge
K. Hollis*

Abstract-No.:   2861
Plasma spray control design for achieving TBC production and coating quality objectives
M. Gevelber, M. Cannamela, S. DeLeo, D. Wroblewski, S. Basu, M. Tuttle*, D. Radgowski

Abstract-No.:   2826
Thermal spraying of bioactive polymer coatings for orthopaedic applications
A. Chebbi*, J. Stokes

Abstract-No.:   2637
Pt thermal sprayed coating on refractory-bricks for glass melting
Y. Ishikawa*, K. Hamashima

04:50 PM
Abstract-No.:   2812
Microstructure and mechanical properties of 7075 Al matrix SiC reinforced composite coatings produced by the cold gas dynamic spraying process
O. Meydanoglu*, B. Jodoin, E. Kayali

Abstract-No.:   2680
Reconstitution of yttria stabilised zirconia nanopowders to obtain coatings by atmospheric plasma spraying
E. Sánchez*, C. Feliu, P. Carpio, R. Moreno, M. Alcazar, M. Salvador, R. Benavente, V. Bonache

Abstract-No.:   2744
Injection optimization of composite powders using laser based particle visualization
D. Crawford, R. Gansert*, D. Wright

Abstract-No.:   2515
Effect of substrate temperature on the mechanical properties and dissolution of plasma sprayed wollastonite coatings
W. Wang*, F. Xuan

Abstract-No.:   2617
Silicon carbide based plasma sprayed coatings
M. Tului, B. Giambi*, G. Pulci, T. Valente

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