Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Time Hall 1
09:05 AM Welcome / Introduction
H. Swidersky
09:15 AM
Session Chair:
H. Swidersky
Abstract-No.:   6286
Carbon footprint study of aluminium brazing sheet
K. Schölin*, S. Hedevag

09:45 AM
Session Chair:
H. Swidersky
Abstract-No.:   6618
OptVol technology – Helium/hydrogen leak testing by the VES Group / A theoretical analysis of the vacuum technology and related leak detection equipment
R. Hodgkinson, J. Harman*, L. Sansby

10:15 AM
Abstract-No.:   6773
SECO/WARWICK Active Only CAB furnace - the smart solution for brazing of diverse aluminum heat exchangers
M. Stempniewicz, A. Bielewicz*

10:45 AM Coffee Break
11:00 AM
Session Chair:
H. Swidersky
Abstract-No.:   7022
TRILLIUM® Preforms - an enabler for efficient aluminium HEX manufacturing
C. Martin Callizo, S. Borg, J. Grajzl, H. Seeliger*

11:30 AM
Abstract-No.:   6637
Project study of gel formation in engine coolants - and considerations for the development of further improved coolant compositions
A. Rehmer*, A. Haas, J. de Kimpe, S. Lievens, H. Swidersky

12:00 PM
Abstract-No.:   6628
Assessment of interactions between post-braze Nocolok flux and engine coolant in the field and means to reproduce in the laboratory
M. Ranger*, Y. Sato, F. Alverson

12:30 PM
Abstract-No.:   7042
Post-braze processes to achieve greater internal cleanliness of heat exchangers
B. Morton*, R. Zakeri

01:00 PM Lunch Break
01:45 PM
Process & Quality Control
Session Chair:
M. Türpe
Abstract-No.:   6274
Impact of substrate surface features on brazing of microchannel heat exchangers
H. Zhao*, P. Hrnjak, S. Elbel

02:15 PM
Abstract-No.:   6283
Brazing cycle influence on the brazing joint microstructure and nanohardness - Behaviour law of the header-joint tube assembly for thermal shock heat exchanger simulation optimization
A. Villemiane*, L. Pasquet, D. Douksouna, J. Lecomte, E. Fleury, C. Schuman

02:45 PM
Abstract-No.:   7019
Development of a partial flux application system to reduce post-braze flux residue
A. Siggel*

03:15 PM
Abstract-No.:   7021
Quality matters-quality standards are there to be used not abused!
D. Davies*

03:45 PM Coffee Break
04:00 PM
Heat Exchanger Products for HVAC&R
Session Chair:
M. Türpe
Abstract-No.:   6882
High performance multi-micro-port extruded tubes
R. Beckert*, P. Kazanowski, J. Maier

04:30 PM
Abstract-No.:   6883
Multifunctional heat exchangers for thermal energy storage
A. Strehlow*, A. Große, R. Herrmann, B. Nitsch, U. Wittstadt

05:00 PM
Abstract-No.:   6931
Hydro high corrosion resistant alloy for HVAC&R applications
X. Jiang*, A. Espedal, M. Li

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