Wednesday, September 28, 2011

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09:00 AM
Aviation Industry 2
Session Chair:
M. Hertter / R. Lima
Abstract-No.:   2751
Erosion performance of heat treated WC-12Co HVOF coatings
P. Clavette*, B. Laube, A. Nardi, J. Shi, R. Ely, L. Centolanza

Cold Spraying 3
Session Chair:
T. Klassen / J. Karthikeyan
Abstract-No.:   2827
Cold spraying of ceramic coatings - A feasibility study
S. Ravanbakhsh*, H. Nekoomanesh, S. Hassanzadeh, E. Taheri-Nassaj

Fuel Cells 2
Session Chair:
J. Wilden / I. Smurov
Abstract-No.:   2707
Deposition of composite LSCF-SDC and SSC-SDC cathodes by axial-injection plasma spraying
J. Harris*

Nanomaterial Coatings 2
Session Chair:
L. Berger / P. Vuoristo
Abstract-No.:   2605
Nanostructured metal matrix composite coating production by pulsed gas dynamic spraying
M. Yandouzi*, B. Jodoin

Characterization & Testing 3
Session Chair:
W. Tillmann / M. Ducos
Abstract-No.:   3036
Testing of the electric conductivity of metal coatings
F. Trenkle*, S. Hartmann, H. Vollmar

09:25 AM
Abstract-No.:   2651
Mechanical property of multi-pass aluminium alloy cold sprayed coatings for repair
S. Rech*, E. Irissou, A. Trentin, S. Vezzù

Abstract-No.:   3027
Deposition behavior and adhesion strength of cold-sprayed TiO2 particles
M. Yamada*, M. Dickinson, K. Shima, N. Tjitra Salim, H. Nakano, M. Fukumoto

Abstract-No.:   2657
Effect of dispersed TiC content on the microstructure and properties of shrouded plasma sprayed FeAl/TiC composite coatings
C. Li, L. Tian*, C. Li

Abstract-No.:   2957
New metastable structures and properties of alloyed Cr2O3-and Al2O3-based coatings: powder manufacturing and HVOF deposition
T. Suhonen*, T. Varis, U. Kanerva, J. Lagerbom, X. Liu, Y. Ge, A. Vaajoki, O. Söderberg, S. Hannula

Abstract-No.:   2813
Microtomographic analysis of splat formation and layer build-up of a thermally sprayed coating
J. Nellesen*, W. Tillmann

09:50 AM
Abstract-No.:   2535
Advances on the repair of magnesium castings by modern solid state spray techniques - description of commercially implemented methods in the aerospace industry
J. Villafuerte*, D. Wright

Abstract-No.:   2882
Impact conditions for cold spraying of hard metallic glasses
A. List*, F. Gärtner, T. Klassen

Abstract-No.:   2750
Solid oxide fuel cell electrolytes produced by a combination of suspension plasma spray and very low pressure plasma spray
J. Fleetwood, R. Trice*, E. Slamovich, A. Hall, J. McCloskey

Abstract-No.:   2940
In-situ observation of the grain growth of nanocrystalline zirconia powder and coating
X. Jiang*, W. Ye, H. Wang

Abstract-No.:   2575
Life cycle assessment of surface preparation processes implemented before thermal spray
N. Serres, S. Costil*, A. Lamraoui, C. Langlade, C. Coddet

10:15 AM
Abstract-No.:   2674
Robust abradable coating development for aero engine compressor applications
S. Wilson*, D. Garcia, P. Fiala, E. Kozculab, D. Sporer, O. Sabouni, M. Nestler

Abstract-No.:   2492
Abnormal intermetallic compound formation of cold sprayed Cu-Sn coatings
H. Lee*, K. Ko, J. Choi

Abstract-No.:   2720
LPPS hybrid technologies for emerging energy applications - recent developments
M. Gindrat, R. Damani, K. von Niessen*

Abstract-No.:   2582
Ultra-small angle X-Ray scattering (USAXS) in-situ quantification of void network evolution during annealing of nanometer-sized YSZ plasma sprayed coatings
G. Montavon*, A. Denoirjean, P. Fauchais, A. Bacciochini, K. Wittmann-Tenèze

Abstract-No.:   3004
Analysis of Ni-Al coatings in-situ processed by plasma transferred arc
A. d'Oliveira*, C. Brunetti, G. Pintaude

10:40 AM Coffee Break
Expo Hall H
11:00 AM
Industrial Gas Turbines 1
Session Chair:
T. Duda / R. Vaßen
Abstract-No.:   2692
High temperature aging behavior and order-disorder transformation of plasma sprayed Sm2Zr2O7 coatings
X. Zhong, J.  Yu, H.  Zhao, X.  Zhou, S.  Tao*, C.  Ding

Alternative Power Generation
Session Chair:
P. Nylen / G. Montavon
Abstract-No.:   2699
Cost effective manufacturing of moulds for CFRP component production
M. Seeger*, E. Reese, D. Jonke, M. Englhart, K. Drechsler

New Processes 1
Session Chair:
C. Wasserman / S. Kuroda
Abstract-No.:   3034
Phase stability and performance of advanced composite environmental barrier coatings for SiC/SiC ceramic matrix composites
D. Zhu*, D. Fox

Automotive Industry 1
Session Chair:
C. Verpoort / F. Ernst
Abstract-No.:   2444
Local anti corrosion coating on automotive steel sheet by cold spray technology
M. Ducos*, C. Vershave, H. Höll

Final Colloquium
"Thermal Spraying"
Session Chair:
W. Krömmer / J. Schein
Abstract-No.:   3074
Overview of the AiF/DFG-Research Cluster "Thermal Spraying"  history, projects, facts
T. Warda*

11:25 AM
Abstract-No.:   2820
Evaluation of the lifetime and thermal conductivity of dysprosia stabilised thermal barrier coating systems
N. Curry*, L. Östergren, X. Li, M. Dorfman

Abstract-No.:   2840
Development of arc thermally sprayed Fe-Mn-Cr-Si coatings against cavitation erosion
A. Pukasiewicz*, A. Capra, R. Paredes, A. d'Oliveira

Abstract-No.:   2964
Plasma spray - physical vapor deposition of low conductivity environmental barrier coating systems
B. Harder*, D. Zhu

Abstract-No.:   2572
Sliding wear behavior of HVOF sprayed metal matrix carbides
E. Altuncu*, A. Uzun, F. Üstel

Abstract-No.:   3075
Development of nanostructured iron-based alloys with enhanced corrosion resistance for thermal spray applications
M. Erne*

11:50 AM
Abstract-No.:   2537
TBC coating cost reduction by optimization of the atmospheric plasma spray process
S. Mihm*, T. Duda, H. Gruner, G. Thomas, B. Dzur

Abstract-No.:   2495
Atmospheric plasma spraying of electrodes for conversion of electricity to hydrogen by high temperature alkaline electrolysis of water
P. Nielsen*, T. Mathiesen, J. Klæstrup Kristensen, L. Rischel Hilbert, L. Yde

Abstract-No.:   2872
Effect of solution chemistry on solution precursor plasma spray deposition of LiFePO4
K. Chien*

Abstract-No.:   2708
Supersonic flame sprayed cylinder liner coatings and the benefits of their intrinsic porosity
A. Manzat*, A. Vogel, A. Killinger, R. Gadow

Abstract-No.:   3076
Abrasion resistant thermally sprayed iron-based nanostructured composite coatings for application in paper industry
C. Rupprecht*

12:15 PM
Abstract-No.:   2557
Milling and cryo-milling affecting MCrAlY high temperature oxidation mechanism
C. Giolli, A. Scrivani, A. Giorgetti*, B. Bonferroni, G. Bolelli, G. Kim

Abstract-No.:   2892
Effect of directional re-solidification on thermal plasma spray silicon depositions
D. Jackson, M. Sereda, R. Gansert*

Abstract-No.:   2931
Comparison of electrical properties of Al2O3 sprayed coatings from feedstock powders and aqueous suspensions
F. Toma*, S. Scheitz, L. Berger, V. Sauchuk, C. Rödel, A. Potthoff

Abstract-No.:   3037
Friction improvement of new engine generations by PTWA cylinder bore coating and new piston rings
A. Schwenk, L. Schramm*, C. Verpoort, K. Bobzin, N. Bagcivan, T. Schläfer, S. Theiß

Abstract-No.:   3077
A novel approach to manufacture fine-grained Fe-based powders for wear and corrosion protection applications
B. Rüther*

12:40 PM
Abstract-No.:   2705
Thermal shock resistance of gadolinium zirconate coating with addition of nanostructured yttria partially-stabilized zirconia
X. Zhong, X. Zhou, S. Tao*, C. Ding

Abstract-No.:   2839
Cavitation erosion mechanism in Fe-Mn-Cr-Si-Ni arc thermally sprayed coatings
A. Pukasiewicz*, A. Capra, R. Paredes, A. d'Oliveira

Abstract-No.:   2867
Development of high velocity arc spray systems with open nozzle design
G. Paczkowski*, C. Rupprecht, B. Wielage

Abstract-No.:   3053
Thermal coating of cylinderbores needs approved processes of pre- and post-treatment
G. Flores*

Abstract-No.:   3078
Development and characterization of thermally sprayed fine Fe-based materials for wear and corrosion applications
T. Warda*

01:05 PM Lunch Break
Expo Hall H
02:00 PM
New Processes 2
Session Chair:
G. Montavon / D. Soysal
Abstract-No.:   2815
Effect of nitrogen flow rate on mechanical properties of metallic coatings by warm spray deposition
M. Watanabe*, C. Brauns, M. Komatsu, S. Kuroda, H. Katanoda, F. Gärtner, T. Klassen

Cold Spraying 4
Session Chair:
J. Villafuerte / E. Irissou
Abstract-No.:   2798
Influence of the powder morphology and alumina content in cold sprayed Ni-Al2O3 coatings
F. Sevillano, P. Poza, S. Vezzú, C. Múnez, S. Rech*, A. Trentin

Quality & Qualification
Session Chair:
W. Herlaar / A. Ohliger-Volmer
Abstract-No.:   2576
Life cycle assessment of thick coating processes
N. Serres, S. Costil*, C. Langlade, C. Coddet

Modeling & Simulation 2
Session Chair:
A. Vardelle / S. Sampath
Abstract-No.:   2736
Performance analysis and modeling of thermally sprayed resistive heaters
J. Lamarre*, M. Perrault, R. Abbott, J. Legoux

Final Colloquium
"Thermal Spraying"
Session Chair:
P. Heinrich / J. Schein
Abstract-No.:   3079
Process diagnostics  tools for experimental investigation and verification of simulation results in the research cluster "Thermal Spraying"
S. Zimmermann*

02:25 PM
Abstract-No.:   2499
HVOF K2 vs. cold gas spraying
A. Schwenk, A. Wank*

Abstract-No.:   2613
B4C/Ni composite coatings prepared by cold spray of blended or CVD coated powders
V. Guipont*, C. Feng, O. Amsellem, F. Pauchet, R. Saenger, S. Bucher, C. Lacob

Abstract-No.:   2920
What are the benefits of an association such as GTS for a thermal spray company?
W. Krömmer*, P. Heinrich

Abstract-No.:   2722
Modeling a formation of Fe-Cr-Al coating produced by arc spraying
Y. Korobov*, S. Nevezhin, M. Shalimov, M. Filippov

Abstract-No.:   3080
Optimazation of a HVOF-process by simulation methods
M. Schäfer*

02:50 PM
Abstract-No.:   2912
Portable high pressure cold sprayed aluminium alloy coatings
J. Karthikeyan*

Abstract-No.:   2578
Effects of particle strength of feedstock powders on properties of warm-sprayed WC-Co coatings
S. Kuroda*, P. Chivavibul, M. Watanabe, M. Komatsu, J. Kitamura

Abstract-No.:   2587
Important and in demand than ever: training and qualification of thermal spray personnel
A. Ohliger-Volmer, R. Huber*

Abstract-No.:   2683
Modeling ceramic droplet impingement
H. Tabbara*

Abstract-No.:   3081
Limits of defect detection during lock-in thermography on thermal spray coatings
T. Grund*

03:15 PM
Abstract-No.:   2863
Rotational HVOF equipment to coat temperature sensitive external and internal surfaces of static parts
R. Kassimi, G. Matthäus*, M. Molnar

Abstract-No.:   2946
Cold gas spraying of ceramics
H. Gutzmann*, J. Kliemann, S. Freese, M. Yamada, F. Gärtner, T. Klassen

Abstract-No.:   2590
E learning training in plasma spraying area
S. Costil*, G. Montavon, C. Coddet

Abstract-No.:   2876
Efficient numerical method for the calculation of the structures shape produced by thermal spray
A. Ilin*, R. Logvinov, A. Prihodovsky, V. Ploshikhin, D. Jonke

Abstract-No.:   3082
Cold Spraying of modified Zn-alloy coatings for print application
K. Onizawa*

03:40 PM Coffee Break
Expo Hall H
04:00 PM
Aviation Industry 3
Session Chair:
H. Kaßner / D. Stöver
Abstract-No.:   2831
The protectiveness of alumina scales in thermal barrier coating with cold sprayed bond coating
A. Manap*

Plasma Spraying 1
Session Chair:
K. von Niessen / A. Wank
Abstract-No.:   2501
Enhancement of amorphous phase formation in alumina-YSZ coatings deposited by suspension plasma spray process
F. Tarasi, M. Medraj, J. Oberste-Berghaus, C. Moreau*

Process Diagnostics, Sensors & Controls 1
Session Chair:
J. Zierhut / S. Zimmermann
Abstract-No.:   2853
Development of optical monitoring of the thermal spaying
Y. Chivel*, I. Smurov

Medical Industry 1
Session Chair:
H. Gruner / S. Dosta
Abstract-No.:   2918
Detonation spraying of TiO2-Ag: evolution of phase composition and microstructure of the coatings
D. Dudina*, A. Bychkov, N. Bulina, V. Ulianitsky, O. Lomovsky

Pre- & Post-Treatment 1
Session Chair:
T. Kraak / H. Jungklaus
Abstract-No.:   2589
Review on the state-of-the-art of anilox-manufacturing - from the coated cylinder up to the gravure
J. Döring*, L. de Schoulepnikoff

04:25 PM
Abstract-No.:   2717
Structural and mechanical properties analysis of Si/Mullite/BSAS environmental barrier coatings exposed to thermal cycling in water vapour environment
C. Cojocaru*, C. Moreau, R. Lima

Abstract-No.:   2953
Microplasma wire spraying of biomedical Ti-coatings
Y. Borisov*, S. Voynarovitch, V. Podgaetskiy

Abstract-No.:   2829
Investigation and comparison of particle parameters determined with spraywatch and LDA (laser doppler anemometry) during the cold gas spraying process
S. Zimmermann, J. Tewes*, M. Hertter, H. Voggenreiter, T. Biermordt, M. Heinrich, J. Schein

Abstract-No.:   2539
Characterization of novel bioactive hydroxyapatite-TiO2 coatings obtained by high velocity oxy-fuel
H. Melero*, J. Fernández, S. Dosta, J. Guilemany

Abstract-No.:   2781
Thermal barrier coatings on surfaces with micro-machined roughness profiles
P. Seiler*, M. Bäker, J. Rösler, M. Schweda, T. Beck

04:50 PM
Abstract-No.:   2460
Nano modified NiCrAlY coatings for bond coat for gas turbine blades
A. Khanna*, S. Sahu

Abstract-No.:   2606
Advanced thermal barrier coatings from Ti-doped YSZ systems
M. Jarligo*, D. Mack, R. Vaßen, D. Stöver

Abstract-No.:   2749
Intelligent gun technology: reducing costs with evolink in R&D and operations
M. Koller*, S. Ort

Abstract-No.:   2764
The importance of powder morphology for cold spraying of titanium dioxide
N. Tjitra Salim*, M. Yamada, H. Nakano, K. Shima, H. Isago, M. Fukumoto

Abstract-No.:   2808
Effect of hardness in blasted substrate surface on adhesive strength of sprayed coatings
T. Maruyama*, T. Kishita, T. Kobayashi

05:30 PM
07:30 PM
ITSC Poster Session Evening
Foyer 1st Floor
JTST Award

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