Thursday, May 22, 2014

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09:00 AM
Aviation Industry 2
Session Chairs:
R. Vaßen, L. Zhao
Abstract-No.:   3942
Relationships between in-flight characteristics and microstructural properties of plasma sprayed yttria stabilised zirconia
M. Sesso, Y. Wong

Ceramic Coatings 1
Session Chairs:
H. Gruner, C. Hofmann
Abstract-No.:   3811
The role of microstructural features of thermal sprayed MgAl2O4 on electrical properties
T. Suhonen*, U. Kanerva, J. Metsäjoki, T. Varis, M. Niittymäki, K. Lahti

Modeling & Simulation 1
Session Chairs:
B. Wielage, G. Darut
Abstract-No.:   3860
Numerical modeling of arc dynamics in a conventional DC plasma spray torch
A. Vardelle*, M. Alaya, C. Chazelas, G. Mariaux

Cold Gas Spraying 2
Session Chairs:
F. Gärtner, E. Irissou
Abstract-No.:   3714
Integration of electrical functionality by transplantation of cold sprayed electrical conductive Cu tracks via injection moulding
C. Schulz, K. Bobzin, M. Öte, T. Linke*, C. Hopmann, J. Wunderle

09:20 AM
Abstract-No.:   3677
Lanthanum and gadolinium zirconate thermal barrier coatings structure and properties evolution
I. Mazilin*, D. Drobot

Abstract-No.:   3821
Electrical properties and microstructure of plasma sprayed forsterite and alumina coatings
J. Lamarre*, J. Legoux

Abstract-No.:   3832
Modeling of impact and bonding of inhomogeneous particles in cold spraying
H. Assadi*, T. Klassen, F. Gärtner, T. Nanbu, Y. Kawashita, Y. Uehara

Abstract-No.:   3805
A morphological approach to the modeling of the cold spray process
F. Delloro*, M. Faessel, H. Proudhon, D. Jeulin, M. Jeandin, E. Meillot, T. Laguionie, L. Bianchi

09:40 AM
Abstract-No.:   3898
Process design to enhance fatigue resistance in coatings: Experimental and modeling approach
A. Valarezo*, J. Oviedo, A. Anssi, T. Varis, M. Oksa, S. Sampath

Abstract-No.:   3880
Residual stress analysis on thermally sprayed coatings by means of optical and mechanical methods
V. Martínez García*, A. Killinger, R. Gadow, G. Pedrini, W. Osten

Abstract-No.:   3731
Design of experiment oriented fluid simulation for the virtual improvement of the air-cap configuration in arc spraying
M. Abdulgader*, W. Tillmann

Abstract-No.:   3981
Influence of annealed feed-stock on as-sprayed and post-sprayed heat-treated MCrAlY coatings generated by cold spray and low-pressure plasma spray
S. Kudapa*, M. Nestler

10:00 AM
Abstract-No.:   3708
The impact of nano-structured feedstock and thermal spraying to improve turbine efficiency in aerospace engine performance
S. Soares*, M. Rodrigues, A. Lagoa, J. Calado

Abstract-No.:   3982
Advanced strain tolerant thermal barrier coating systems using cascading arc gun technology
M. Dorfman*, A. McLane, D. Chen, C. Dambra

Abstract-No.:   3744
Investigation of three-cathode atmospheric plasma spraying by use of advanced diagnostics and numerical simulation
M. Öte*, K. Bobzin, T. Linke, S. Zimmermann, J. Prehm, K. Möhwald, F. Bach, H. Maier, J. Schein

Abstract-No.:   4152
Update on CenterLine's commercial downstream injection cold spray technology
J. Villafuerte*

10:20 AM Coffee Break
Palau de Congressos de Catalunya, Foyer, Hall J
10:40 AM
Automotive Industry 2
Session Chairs:
F. Ernst, L. Pawlowski
Abstract-No.:   3718
Quality designed twin wire arc spraying of aluminum bores
J. König*, M. Lahres, O. Methner

Power Generation - Industrial Gas Turbines 2
Session Chairs:
B. Jodoin, M. Oechsner
Abstract-No.:   3612
Isothermal and thermo-cyclic performance of multi-layer bond coat systems for gas turbines
N. Curry*, N. Markocsan, L. Östergren, X. Li, M. Dorfman

Wear Protection
Session Chairs:
C. Coddet, S. Zimmermann
Abstract-No.:   3655
The impact and sliding wear performance of thermal spray HVAF thick carbide coatings on steel substrates
R. Waudby*, T. Varis, K. Holmberg

HVOF- / HVAF-Spraying
Session Chairs:
W. Herlaar, J. Putzier
Abstract-No.:   3999
Design of experiment for advanced nanostructured WC-12Co coating HVOF: Three-point bending tests
J. Stokes*, A. Al Hamed, K. Y. Benyounis, H. Al Fadhli, B. Yilbas, S. Hashmi

11:00 AM
Abstract-No.:   3739
Laser texturing surface pre-treatment before PTWA process applied to car engine cylinder bores
S. Costil*, G. Darut, A. Lamraoui, J. Bordes

Abstract-No.:   3947
Research on property of INCONEL738LC coating fabricated by high pressure type cold spraying
S. Abukawa*, Y. Ohide, K. Taguchi, H. Assadi, F. Gärtner, Y. Ito, T. Klassen

Abstract-No.:   3807
Ultra-smooth hardface coatings applied by advanced HVOF process
X. Ma*, P. Ruggiero

Abstract-No.:   3839
Comparative investigation of WC-CoCr and Cr3C2-NiCr coatings deposited by various HVOF and HVAF torches
G. Bolelli*, L. Berger, L. Lusvarghi, C. Lyphout, P. Nylén, P. Vuoristo, S. Zimmermann

11:20 AM
Abstract-No.:   3858
Investigation of HVOF-sprayed (Ti,Mo)(C,N)-Ni hardmetal coatings for static friction applications
L. Berger*, M. Gräfensteiner, E. Leidich, I. Shakhverdova, S. Schiefer, M. Gerlach

Abstract-No.:   4153
Evolution of thermal barrier coatings for land based gas turbines at MHI
Y. Okajima*, N. Okaya, D. Kudo, T. Torigoe, H. Kaneko, M. Mega, J. Masada

Abstract-No.:   4176
Metallisation and ceramisation of high-performance polymers by thermal spraying
T. Grund*, R. Winkler, G. Paczkowski, B. Wielage, T. Lampke

Abstract-No.:   3829
Thermal spray coatings for high temperature corrosion protection in biomass boilers
M. Oksa*, J. Metsäjoki, J. Kärki

11:40 AM
Abstract-No.:   3908
Tribological effects of the surface structure of thermally sprayed coatings for cylinder liner applications
A. Manzat*, A. Killinger, R. Gadow

Abstract-No.:   3641
Thermal transport properties of suspension plasma sprayed yttria stabilized zirconia coatings
L. Pawlowski*, P. Sokolowski, B. Pateyron

Abstract-No.:   3746
Influence of binder phase content on the microstructure and properties of TiB2-Ni coatings sprayed by HVOF
X. Chen*, G. Ji, X. Bai

Abstract-No.:   3820
Optimization of gritblasting conditions by supersonic air spraying
C. Lyphout*

12:00 PM
Abstract-No.:   3835
Thermal cycling assessment of steel-based thermal barrier coatings for Al protection
D. Poirier*, J. Lamarre, J. Legoux

Abstract-No.:   3665
The preparation of columnar-structured YSZ coatings deposited by plasma spray-physical vapor deposition using a shrouded plasma torch
C. Li, Q. Chen*, C. Li, G. Yang, J. Zhao

Abstract-No.:   3895
Influence of metal binder size on WC cermet spraying
K. Sato*, H. Hattori

Abstract-No.:   3715
Influence of the handling parameters on the characteristics of HVOF-sprayed coatings processed by means of fine WC-12Co (2 - 10 µm) powders
P. Hollingsworth*, W. Tillmann, I. Baumann, M. Dildrop, A. Eilers

12:20 PM
Abstract-No.:   3988
Application and practice of WC cermet sprayed composite coating technology in the hot-dip galvanizing line
L. Wang*

Abstract-No.:   3778
Intermediate PVD layer as diffusion barrier in turbine coating concept
I. Ali, D. Wett, T. Grund*, T. Lampke, D. Nestler, B. Wielage

Abstract-No.:   3955
Thermal sprayed protective coatings for superplastic forming ceramic dies: A monitoring system of die condition
A. Staiano*, L. O'Hare

Abstract-No.:   3833
Influence of the spray gun type on microstructure and properties of HVAF-sprayed Fe-based wear and corrosion resistant coatings
A. Milanti*, P. Vuoristo

12:40 PM Lunch Break, Palau de Congressos de Catalunya, Foyer, Hall J
Poster Session, Palau de Congressos de Catalunya, Hall B1 – B3
01:40 PM
Novel Industrial Applications
Session Chairs:
S. Dosta, M. Öte
Abstract-No.:   3848
A 25 year exposure test of thermal sprayed Zn, Al, and Zn-Al coatings in marine environments
S. Kuroda*, S. Uematsu, H. Saitoh

Powders, Wires, Suspensions
Session Chairs:
J. Beczkowiak, A. Melzer
Abstract-No.:   3754
New composites for electrical high thermal applications
I. Cano*, D. Vidal, J. Guilemany

Cold Gas Spraying 3
Session Chairs:
S. Hartmann, C. Moreau
Abstract-No.:   4177
Flow stress of micron-sized copper particles under compression and consequences for cold spraying
H. Assadi*, I. Irkhin, H. Gutzmann, F. Gärtner,, T. Klassen

Plasma Spraying 2
Session Chairs:
T. Schläfer, A. Valarezo
Abstract-No.:   3962
Process effect on chemistry, microstructure and functional properties of plasma sprayed lanthanum strontium manganites for oxide scale protection in SOFCs
S. Han, Y. Chen, R. Gambino, S. Sampath*

02:00 PM
Abstract-No.:   3636
Improved efficiency in paper making by thermal spray coatings
H. Jungklaus*

Abstract-No.:   3758
Innovative core-shell powders for the realization of MMC coatings by cold spray
E. Vedelago, S. Rech*, A. Patelli

Abstract-No.:   3842
Deposition mechanisms of cold sprayed Zr-based metallic glass
G. Bolelli, A. Lenzotti, A. List, F. Gärtner, J. Heinrich, R. Busch, T. Klassen

Abstract-No.:   3794
Plasma spraying of ceramics with particular difficulties in processing
G. Mauer*, E. Bakan, M. Jarligo, A. Guignard, S. Rezanka, N. Schlegel, R. Vaßen

02:20 PM
Abstract-No.:   3680
Deposition of dense ceramic coatings by detonation spraying
A. Shtertser, V. Ulianitsky, I. Batraev

Abstract-No.:   4149
The rare earths and key applications in thermal spray
J. Dodge*

Abstract-No.:   3990
Determination of optimum cold spray parameter
T. Klassen, F. Gärtner*, H. Assadi

Abstract-No.:   3702
Effect of vacuum annealing on the microstructure and tribological properties of Fe-40Al coatings deposited by atmospheric plasma spraying
B. Song*, H. Liao, C. Coddet

02:40 PM
Abstract-No.:   3684
Effect of Al enrichment by pack cementation of FeCr coatings deposited by HVOF
A. Bellucci*, R. Pileggi, D. Stocchi, S. Tuurna

Abstract-No.:   3849
Demands and economic aspects of thermal spraying with suspensions: An overview
F. Toma*, A. Potthoff, S. Langner

Abstract-No.:   3779
Interface characterization and bonding mechanisms of cold gas sprayed Al coatings on ceramic substrates
R. Drehmann*, T. Grund, T. Lampke, B. Wielage, K. Manygoats, T. Schucknecht, D. Rafaja

Abstract-No.:   3621
Synthesis and phase stability of scandia, gadolinia and ytterbia co-doped zirconia for thermal barrier coating application
Q. Li*, X. Cui, S. Li, W. Yang, C. Wang, Q. Cao

03:00 PM
Abstract-No.:   3713
Approach to the use of thermal spray coatings for valves
O. Grachev*, L. Baldaev, V. Geraskin, S. Muhametova, M. Kiselev

Abstract-No.:   4150
Stability of YSZ SPS suspensions for use in thermal barrier coatings
J. Dodge*, H. Ragossnig, J. Susnjar

Abstract-No.:   3816
Influence of substrate temperature on adhesion strength of cold sprayed coatings
Y. Watanabe*, C. Yoshida, K. Atsumi, M. Yamada, M. Fukumoto

Abstract-No.:   3699
Morphology and structure modification of ceramic coatings induced by excimer laser radiation
A. Ibrahim*, H. Salem, C. Berndt, K. Shahrabi

03:20 PM
Abstract-No.:   3690
Pulsed laminar arc jet associated with phase injection of suspension for coating elaboration
J. Krowka*, V. Rat, J. Coudert

Abstract-No.:   3876
Production and plasma spraying of cermet powders TiC-NiCr with given volume content of carbide ultra-fine inclusions
O. Solonenko*, A. Chesnokov, A. Smirnov

Abstract-No.:   3772
Properties and comparison of WC-25/17/12Co cold spray coatings
S. Dosta, M. Couto*, J. Putzier, J. Guilemany

Abstract-No.:   3647
Examination of the origin of nonbonded inter-splat interface in plasma sprayed ceramic coating
G. Yang*, L. Chen, C. Li, C. Li

03:40 PM Coffee Break
Palau de Congressos de Catalunya, Foyer, Hall J
04:00 PM
Power Generation - Fuel Cells & Solar
Session Chairs:
H. Jungklaus, P. Vouristo
Abstract-No.:   3765
Photocatalytic cermet powders designed for being deposited using cold gas spray
S. Dosta, M. Gardon, D. Rodriguez, C. Fernández, M. Robotti*

Modeling & Simulation 2
Session Chairs:
A. Vardelle, D. Stöver
Abstract-No.:   3769
A three-dimensional analysis of the suspension plasma spray impinging on a flat substrate
M. Jadidi*, F. Jabbari, M. Mousavi, S. Moghtadernejad, A. Dolatabadi

Arc Spraying & Laser Spraying
Session Chairs:
M. Jeandin, A. Kalawrytinos
Abstract-No.:   3738
Investigations of technological developments in nozzle design for twin wire arc spraying by means of spray plume characteristics
L. Hagen*, W. Tillmann, M. Abdulgader, H. Müller, T. Wiederkehr

Quality, Enviroment, Health & Safety
Session Chairs:
M. Dorfman, S. Gulizia
Abstract-No.:   3631
Training, qualification and certification of thermal spray personnel and companies
R. Huber*, A. Ohliger-Volmer

04:20 PM
Abstract-No.:   3920
Development of TiO2 film for dye-sensitized solar cell by low pressure cold spray technique
K. Ogawa*, T. Murakami

Abstract-No.:   3740
Transient thermal analysis of NiCrBSi coatings manufactured via hybrid plasma spray process by finite element analysis
S. Costil, J. Liu*, R. Bolot

Abstract-No.:   3845
Investigation of the effect of porosity content on the felxural behavior of nickel foam core sandwich structures with arc sprayed alloy 625 skin
S. Salavati, P. Hafeez, L. Pershin, S. Chandra, J. Mostaghimi, T. Coyle*

Abstract-No.:   3706
Emissions in thermal spraying − development of a suitable test method and evaluation of measurements in laboratory as well as in industrial scale
T. Linke*, K. Bobzin, M. Öte, W. Dott, M. Möller

04:40 PM
Abstract-No.:   3627
Microstructure and post-treatment of CIG based coatings by cold spray
H. Kim*, J. Kim, K. Lee, D. Park

Abstract-No.:   3652
Phase selection during rapid solidification of plasma sprayed alumina splats on an alumina substrate
C. Li*, E. Yang, J. Xin, G. Wang, G. Yang

Abstract-No.:   3879
3D µCT and SEM analysis of resolidified tips of cored wires used in twin wire arc spraying
J. Nellesen*, M. Abdulgader, W. Tillmann, F. Beckmann

Abstract-No.:   3852
Development of thermally-sprayed Ca2Fe2O5 -based coatings for thermoelectrical applications
M. Barbosa*, R. Puschmann, F. Toma, H. Martin, S. Thiele, L. Berger, C. Leyens, E. Beyer

05:00 PM
Abstract-No.:   4173
Thermal barrier coatings of multicomponent oxide-doped zirconia by three-cathode plasma generator TriplexPro-210
L. Zhao*, K. Bobzin, M. Öte, T. Linke

Abstract-No.:   3946
Effect of pore size on the plasma sprayed coatings stress distribution
W. Wang*, Z. Yu, F. Xuan

Abstract-No.:   3810
Study on thermal conductivity of iron-base alloy coatings prepared by wire arc spraying process
J. Wei*, Z. Zhou, D. He, J. Jiang, Z. Wang, G. Wang

Abstract-No.:   3697
Corrosion protection for wind power plants - the influence of the application conditions by thermally spraying on the corrosion behavior of ZnAl coatings
T. Maghet, J. Mährlein, T. Wilhelm*

05:20 PM End of ITSC 2014 Conference Program
08:00 PM ITSC 2014 Awards Banquet with best paper awards and JTST best paper award, Can Mag�

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