Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Time Yellow River Hall Room 3E Room 3G Room 3H + 3I + 3J Room 3C + 3D
09:00 AM
Automotive Industry
Session Chairs:
T. Linke, R. Bolot
Abstract-No.:   4748
Application of cold spraying for contact reactive brazing of Mg alloy to steel
H. Li*, H. Nie, W.  Long, Z. Chen

Cold Gas Spraying II
Session Chairs:
I. Garcia Cano, F. Gärtner
Abstract-No.:   4703
Microstructure and mechanical properties of cold sprayed Ni-Al2O3 coatings
W. Zórawski*, M. Makrenek, S. Kowalski

Wear Protection
Session Chairs:
M. Planche, S. Oki
Abstract-No.:   4676
Fractal analysis of wear debris for plasma sprayed MoS2/Ni-SiC-Y solid self-lubricant coatings
X. Yuan*, Z. Yu

Power Generation I
Session Chairs:
S. Tao, N. Bagcivan
Abstract-No.:   4684
Thermal stability of sub-micro structured YSZ coatings deposited by APS and SPS
M. Zhai*, J. Yang, X. Zhong, H. Zhao, C. Liu, S. Tao

Industrial Forum I
Session Chair:
W. Krömmer
Abstract-No.:   5092
Advanced high pressure cold spray  equipment developments & performances
P. Richter*

09:20 AM
Abstract-No.:   4924
Superlight ball bearings of CFK embedded thermally sprayed coatings
B. Hussong, W. Tillmann, C. Schaak*

Abstract-No.:   4477
Evaluation of high temperature oxidation behavior of a cold spray Ni-20Cr nano-structured coating
M. Kumar, N. Singh, S. Joshi, N. Chavan, S. Kumar

Abstract-No.:   4585
New hardfacing material with high impact wear resistance
S. Bengtsson*, B. Maroli, L. Baguette

Abstract-No.:   4606
Hot corrosion behavior of suspension plasma sprayed multilayer Gd2Zr2O7/YSZ thermal barrier coatings
K. Jonnalagadda*, X. Li, N. Markocsan, S. Björklund, N. Curry , P. Nylén, R. Peng

Abstract-No.:   5097
Advancements in HVOF and Plasma processes for gas turbine coating applications
R. Gansert*

09:40 AM
Abstract-No.:   4775
The effect of thermal barrier coating on a direct injection diesel engine fueled with a ternary fuel mixture
K. Gr*

Abstract-No.:   4698
Deposition of thick copper cold spray coatings on steel for used nuclear fuel repository using nitrogen and pulsed waterjet surface preparation
R. Fernandez*, A. Nastic, B. Jodoin, M. Vijay, A. Tieu

Abstract-No.:   4871
Computational multiscale material tailoring of WC-based thermal spray coatings
T. Suhonen*, T. Andersson, A. Laukkanen, T. Pinomaa, M. Sippola

Abstract-No.:   4888
Plasma spraying of liquid feedstocks with hybrid-water stabilized plasma technology
R. Musalek*, J. Kotlan, T. Tesar, F. Lukac, Z. Pala, T. Chraska

Abstract-No.:   5098
Oerlikon Metco surface solutions Toolbox - advanced technologies creating quickwins in daily operation
A. Bachmann*

10:00 AM
Abstract-No.:   4720
Integration of a thermal spray process into the GROB production line for passenger car aluminum engine blocks of combustion engines into mass production
B. Gand*, A. Woerfel, H. Saule, C. Moerz

Abstract-No.:   4861
The reactivity enhancement depending on the microstructure evolution in kinetic spraying and arrested reactive milling of Al-Ni particles
S. Lee*, J. Kim, C. Lee

Abstract-No.:   4728
Laser treatment of HVOF thermal sprayed nano-structured WC-12Co mixed with inconel-625 coatings for wear applications
J. Stokes, N. Al Harbi*, K. Benyounis, L. Looney

Abstract-No.:   4708
Thermal fatigue failure of thermal barrier coatings with a high-Cr MCrAlY bond coat
K. Yuan*, Y. Yu, K. Jonnalagadda, R. Lin Peng, X. Li, J. Shen, X. Ji

Abstract-No.:   5099
Efficiency improvement in thermal spray processes
A. Wank*, K. Nassenstein

10:20 AM
Abstract-No.:   4770
Investigation of amorphous iron based thermal barrier coatings
T. Königstein*, K. Bobzin, M. Öte, T. Linke

Abstract-No.:   4767
Effect of gas pressure on interfacial bonding features of the cold sprayed Ni coatings on Al substrate
Y. Xie, R. Raoelison, P. Herve, C. Verdy, H. Liao

Abstract-No.:   4713
A new type high-performance thermal spray powder with WB reinforcement
X. Song, Y. Xie, L. Xie, C. Hou, Y. Yang, B. Liu*

Abstract-No.:   4774
High entropy alloy coatings for application as bond coating for thermal barrier coating systems
R. Bhattacharya, A. Rai, X. Ma*, P. Ruggiero

Abstract-No.:   5100
Ethanol fueled HVOF technology - The eGun" T system
M. Zwetsloot*

10:40 AM Coffee Break
Shanghai International Convention Center, Mandarin and Century Hall
11:00 AM
Aviation Industry I
Session Chairs:
M. Oechsner, R. Vaßen
Abstract-No.:   4883
Influence of bond coat structures on the lifetime of suspension sprayed thermal barrier coatings during thermo-cycling
R. Trache, F. Toma, D. Eichner, C. Leyens*

Cold Gas Spraying III
Session Chairs:
A. Dolatabadi, P. Richter
Abstract-No.:   4588
Study of the properties of cold sprayed In718 deposits
R. Huang*, H. Fukanuma

Modeling & Simulation I
Session Chairs:
M. Öte, A. Vardelle
Abstract-No.:   5112
Formation mechanism analysis of solution precursor plasma sprayed hydroxyapatite coatings
R. Candidato*, L. Pawlowski, C. Constantinescu, B. Pateyron, A. Denoirjean

Power Generation - Fuel Cell I
Session Chairs:
T. Lampke, D. Stöver
Abstract-No.:   4597
Suspension plasma sprayed ceramic coatings for various emerging applications
Z. Tang*

11:20 AM
Abstract-No.:   4592
Advances in the restoration of the Al-clad layer on aircraft skin by cold spray
J. Villafuerte*, B. Jodoin, M. Yandouzi

Abstract-No.:   4875
Influences on coating quality in cold spraying
F. Gärtner*, M. Villa-Vidaller, S. Krebs, H. Gutzmann, H. Assadi, T. Klassen

Abstract-No.:   4776
Implementing the equation of state to account for the density variation at the inlet boundaries for high velocity oxy fuel process
M. Aldosari*, J. Stokes

Abstract-No.:   4697
Combining atmospheric plasma spraying (APS) and plasma spray-physical vapor deposition (PS-PVD) to manufacture metal supported solid oxide fuel cell assemblies
D. Marcano*, G. Mauer, A. Weber

11:40 AM
Abstract-No.:   4591
New investigation on the high temperature capability limits of APS YSZ TBCs at ~1500oC: Preliminary thermal gradient laser-rig testing results
R. Lima*

Abstract-No.:   4618
Comparison of diamond-reinforced composite coating with different feedstock by cold spraying
S. Yin*, R. Lupoi

Abstract-No.:   4842
Modeling of thermal spray coating profile based on experimental study on operating parameters effects
H. Liao*, C. Chen, Y. Xie, S. Deng, C. Verdy

Abstract-No.:   4796
High-performance porous metal supported solid oxide fuel cells fabricated at low temperature by optimized plasma spraying
C. Li, S. Zhang*, C. Li

12:00 PM
Abstract-No.:   4594
Thermal and mechanical properties of novel lanthanum zirconate based thermal barrier coatings
L. Li*, X. Guo, Z. Lu, J. Knapp, Y. Jung , J. Zhang

Abstract-No.:   4707
Effect of content and type of reinforcing particles on the hardness and wear rate of low-pressure cold sprayed TiC and B4C-based metal matrix composite coatings
R. Lee*, H. Ashrafizadeh, G. Fisher, A. McDonald

Abstract-No.:   4893
Three-dimensional modeling of arc voltage fluctuations in suspension plasma spraying
E. Dalir*, A. Dolatabadi

Abstract-No.:   4891
Cold gas sprayed coatings for photocatalytic water splitting
M. Villa-Vidaller*, A. Rzeszutek, T. Klassen

12:20 PM
Abstract-No.:   4887
Practical surface solutions for thermal barrier turbine coating applications
M. Gindrat*, M. Dorfman, C. Dambra, S. Wilson, R. Rocchio-Heller, O. Sabouni

Abstract-No.:   4852
Influence of phosphorus and tin content on various characteristics of cold sprayed copper coatings
Y. Yamauchi*, M. Akabayashi, S. Hirano, N. Aikawa, R. Tanaka, T. Hanamachi

Abstract-No.:   4874
Modeling of the droplet detachment from a molten wire in arc plasma spraying
Y. Shan*, W. Liu, Z. Yuan

Abstract-No.:   4828
High performance electrolyte of solid oxide fuel cells deposited by PS-PVD
C. Li, J. Gao*, X. Luo, G. Yang, C. Li

12:40 PM Lunch Break, Shanghai International Convention Center, Mandarin and Century Hall
Poster Session, Shanghai International Convention Center, Century Hall, Foyers
01:40 PM
Aviation Industry II
Session Chairs:
R. Schmid, D. Puerta
Abstract-No.:   5117
The evolution of crack driving force and fracture resistance during thermal cycling of thermal barrier coatings
M. Oechsner*, M. Fromherz, P. Wittig, A. Scholz

Suspension Spraying II
Session Chairs:
P. Sokolowski, T. Schläfer
Abstract-No.:   4638
Erosion behavior of multilayered thermal barrier coatings deposited by suspension plasma spray
S. Mahade, S. Björklund, N. Markocsan*, P. Nylén, R. Vaßen

Modeling & Simulation II
Session Chairs:
P. Sampath, H. Assadi
Abstract-No.:   4645
Thermal conductivity in suspension sprayed thermal barrier coatings: Modeling and experiments
M. Gupta, C. Kumara, P. Nylén, A. Ganvir*

Power Generation - Fuel Cell II
Session Chairs:
C. Coddet, M. Thoma
Abstract-No.:   4743
Protective coatings for SOFCs deposited using different plasma spray techniques
F. Bozza*, N. Antolotti, M. Thoma, E. Ghidini, L. Tagliaferri

Industrial Forum II
Session Chair:
W. Krömmer
Abstract-No.:   5101
Increasing quality & efficiency through integration of sensors in thermal spray operations
L. Pouliot*

02:00 PM
Abstract-No.:   4746
Effects of substrate roughness and spray angle on deposition behavior of cold sprayed inconel 718 for repair of aero engine components
R. Singh*, G. Mauer, S. Schruefer, A. Barth, S. Wilson, R. Vaßen

Abstract-No.:   4723
Microstructural control on yttria stabilized zirconia coatings by suspension plasma spraying
J. Kitamura*, J. Liu, B. Callen, T. Wada

Abstract-No.:   4779
The main issues to address in modeling plasma spray torch operation
A. Vardelle, C. Chazelas, J. Trelles, M. Vardelle*

Abstract-No.:   4734
LPC - novel process for the production of photocatalytic surfaces
B. Robinson, P. Carmichael, I. Parkin, G. Shi*, S. Paul, J. Darr, H. de Villiers Lovelock

Abstract-No.:   5103
Sealing of thermal spray coatings  efficient corrosion protection and more?
C. Kunde*

02:20 PM
Abstract-No.:   4785
Viscous wetting of volcanic ash relevant to jet engine interaction
W. Song*, K. Hess, U. Kueppers, C. Cimarelli, D.  Dingwell

Abstract-No.:   4674
Microstructure formed by axial suspension plasma spraying: From YSZ splat to coating
D. Li*, J. Feng, H. Zhao, C. Liu, L. Zhang, F. Shao, Y. Zhao, S. Tao

Abstract-No.:   4863
Finite element simulation of the impact of cold sprayed metallic glass particles
G. Bolelli*, J. Henao, I. Garcia Cano, L. Lusvarghi

Abstract-No.:   4581
Improving atmospheric plasma sprayed electrolyte layers of solid oxide fuel cells by use of a powder separator
T. Liu*, J. Arnold

Abstract-No.:   5104
TBC plasma spraying on blades & vanes with proplasma gun
D. Billieres*

02:40 PM
Abstract-No.:   4866
Effect of chemical surface treatment of polymer composites on the formation of erosion-resistant coatings
A. Elrikh, A. Vardelle, G. Armstrong

Abstract-No.:   4909
Tribology and nano-indentation study of suspension HVOF thermal sprayed alumina coatings
T. Hussain*, E. Shaw, A. Siao Ming Ang, Z. Pala, F. Xu

Abstract-No.:   5106
Modeling multi-arc plasma spraying
M. Öte*, K. Bobzin

Abstract-No.:   4827
Characterization of vacuum cold sprayed LSGM electrolyte of solid oxide fuel cells sintering at different temperature
C. Li, L. Wang*, S. Zhang, G. Yang, C. Li

Abstract-No.:   5105
Superior thermal spray powder for industrial application
C. Wang*

03:00 PM
Abstract-No.:   4897
Investigating the durability and icing performance of suspension plasma sprayed superhydrophobic coatings
N. Sharifi*, M. Pugh, C. Moreau, A. Dolatabadi

Abstract-No.:   4878
Investigation of the corrosion, wear and erosion performances of HVOF-Cr2O3 sprayed coatings obtained from aqueous suspensions
F. Toma*, A. Potthoff, S. Makowski, D. Eichner, C. Leyens

Abstract-No.:   4876
Modeling of the arc in a DC plasma torch: including the electrodes in the calculation domain
R. Bolot*, A. Allimant, D. Billières

Abstract-No.:   4945
Thermal plasma synthesis of Mg-Ni nano-particles
T. Öztürk *, B. Aktekin

Abstract-No.:   5111
The importance of dust collection for thermal spray processes
F. Theisen*

03:20 PM Coffee Break
Shanghai International Convention Center, Mandarin and Century Hall
03:40 PM
Aviation Industry III
Session Chairs:
R. Lima, H. Guo
Abstract-No.:   4657
Influence of microstructure on thermo-cyclic fatigue and thermal shock resistance of axial suspension plasma sprayed thermal barrier coatings
A. Ganvir*, N. Markocsan, Z. Pala

Suspension Spraying III
Session Chairs:
P. Vuoristo, C. Li
Abstract-No.:   4663
Effects of in-flight change of properties on suspension plasma spraying
A. Farrokhpanah, T. Coyle, J. Mostaghimi*

Pre- & Post-Treatment
Session Chairs:
G. Bolelli, G. Mauer
Abstract-No.:   4747
Substrate preparation & thermal spray coating performance - a review
G. Kaushal*, A. Sachpreet Singh

Arc Spraying & Laser Spraying
Session Chairs:
C. Schaak, R. Gansert
Abstract-No.:   4492
Closed-loop control tools for automated laser cladding processes
A. Wank*, F. Beck, J. Zierhut, K. Kloiber

04:00 PM
Abstract-No.:   4735
Isothermal and cyclic oxidation of cold sprayed NiCoCrAlTaY coating on CMSX-4 superalloys
D. Guo, B. Jodoin, L. Zhao, M. Yandouzi, M. Yandouzi, R. Fernández*

Abstract-No.:   4862
Opportunities of twin-cathode system as new suspension plasma spray system
M. Shahien*

Abstract-No.:   4610
Wear behavior of post-treated arc sprayed cermet coatings by means of hammer peening
L. Hagen*, W. Tillmann

Abstract-No.:   4725
Effect of traverse speed on residual stress distribution and cavitation erosion behavior of arc sprayed aluminum bronze coatings
M. Hauer*, S. Krebs, W. Krömmer, K. Henkel

04:20 PM
Abstract-No.:   4800
Investigations on the nature of ceramic deposits in plasma spray-physical vapor deposition
W. He*, G. Mauer, R. Vaßen, O. Guillon, M. Gindrat, R. Wäger

Abstract-No.:   4744
Thermal nano-particle spraying to create ceramic layers with nano-composite structures
S. Kirihara*, K. Nonaka

Abstract-No.:   4899
The influence of heat treatment presence and sequence on oxidation resistance of YSZ thermal barrier coatings
A. Akhmetgareeva*, S. Baldaev, I. Mazilin, L. Baldaev, T. Il'inkova

Abstract-No.:   4641
Cause study to the occurrence of unmelted wire pieces during wire arc spraying
W. Mayr*, E. Steiner, S. Heilmeier, A. Atzberger, S. Kirner, K. Hartz-Behrend, S. Zimmermann, J. Schein, M. Szulc

04:40 PM
Abstract-No.:   4771
Analysis of the high cyclic lifetime of yttria-stabilized zirconia columnar suspension plasma sprayed coatings
B. Bernard, A. Joulia, A. Malié, B. Rémy

Abstract-No.:   4679
Fracture characteristics of high-velocity suspension flame sprayed aluminum oxide coatings
J. Kiilakoski*, A. Lutoschkin, P. Müller, M. Apostol, H. Koivuluoto, A. Killinger, P. Vuoristo

Abstract-No.:   4711
Effect of pre- and post-processes on cold spray coating properties
P. Koh*, P. Cheang, K. Loke

Abstract-No.:   4656
Alternative industrial surface solutions
P. Nielsen*

05:00 PM
Abstract-No.:   4646
Cold spray of metal-polymer composite coatings onto carbon fiber-reinforced polymer (CFRP)
V. Bortolussi*, F. Borit, V. Guipont, M. Jeandin, M. Faessel, B. Figliuzzi, F. Willot, K. Roche, A. Chesnaud

Abstract-No.:   4667
Thermal cycling behavior of suspension plasma sprayed yttria partially-stabilized zirconia thick thermal barrier coating
X. Zhong*, F. Shao, H. Zhao, J. Ni, C. Liu, S. Tao, C. Ding

Abstract-No.:   4749
Effect of sandblasting pre-treatment and heat input of APS process on property of low-temperature soldered joint of tempered glass to steel
H. Li*, H. Teng, W. Tillmann

Abstract-No.:   4583
Simultaneously spraying of different wires by twin wire arc spraying using adapted air-caps and shroud effect
M. Abdulgader*, D. Bezerra

05:20 PM End of ITSC 2016 Conference Program
06:30 PM Networking Event, Huangpu Boat Trip – Presentation of JTST Best Papers Award and TSS President's Award

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