Wednesday, May 21, 2014

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09:00 AM
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  • Awards Ceremony

  • Plenary Lectures:

    Plasma sprayed solutions: From the coating of the top to their integrated functionality on aeroengine components
    K. Ostolaza, ITP Technical Fellow Material and Processes

    The history of thermal spraying – from Max Ulrich Schoop to the present time
    S. Hartmann,
    obz innovation gmbh

10:30 AM Coffee Break
Palau de Congressos de Catalunya, Foyer, Hall J
10:50 AM
Aviation Industry 1
Session Chairs:
H. Kaßner, F. Toma
Abstract-No.:   3747
Bond coat engineering influence on the evolution of the microstructure, bond strength and failure of TBCs subjected to thermal cycling
R. Lima*, D. Nagy, B. Marple

Properties Characterization & Testing Methods
Session Chairs:
K. von Niessen, G. Montavon

Plasma Spraying 1
Session Chairs:
J. Schein, K. Nassenstein
Abstract-No.:   3686
Optimization of an emulator based on nonlinear auto regressive model with exogenous inputs for an atmospheric plasma spray torch
T. Liu, S. Deng, G. Montavon*

Cold Gas Spraying 1
Session Chairs:
W. Krömmer, S. Kuroda
Abstract-No.:   3771
Fe-base metallic glass coatings built-up by means of cold gas spray technology
S. Dosta, A. Concustell*, M. Villa

11:10 AM
Abstract-No.:   3888
Highly segmented thermal barrier coatings by atmospheric and suspension plasma spraying
R. Vaßen*, H. Bossmann, F. Cernuschi

Abstract-No.:   3698
Thermal expansion in thermal spray coatings: A review
M. Bejarano*, A. Valarezo, S. Sampath

Abstract-No.:   3872
Tailoring the spray conditions for solution and suspension plasma spraying
A. Vardelle, W. Duarte*, A. Joulia, S. Goutier

Abstract-No.:   3777
Cold spraying of Cu-Al-bronze for cavitation protection in marine environments
S. Krebs*, O. Wirth, F. Gärtner, T. Klassen

11:30 AM
Abstract-No.:   3861
Plasma spraying of wear-resistant coatings on aerospace composite: Plasma and particle surface interactions
A. Vardelle, A. Elrikh*, S. Goutier, G. Armstrong

Abstract-No.:   3635
Shrouded plasma sprayed Cr3C2-NiCr coatings: Effect of shroud-substrate distance
S. Matthews*

Abstract-No.:   3983
Influence of process parameters and feedstock selection on coating microstructures and properties with a cascaded SinplexPro plasma torch
D. Chen, R. Schmid*, O. Sabouni, C. Dambra

Abstract-No.:   3763
Single impact bonding of cold sprayed Ti6Al4V powders onto different substrates
S. Dosta, M. Villa*, J. Guilemany, F. Gärtner, A. List

11:50 AM
Abstract-No.:   3822
Various thermal barrier coatings produced by axial injection plasma spray
Z. Tang*, G. Masindo, D. Barentzen, K. Staas, Z. Celler

Abstract-No.:   3743
Characterization of a HVOF-sprayed WC-CoCr coating before and after laser-assisted turning
L. Zhao*, K. Bobzin, T. Linke, M. Öte, F. Klocke, C. Brummer, S. Graefe

Abstract-No.:   3658
Influence of welding HAZ stresses on adhesion strength of APS ceramic coatings
J. Barr*, C. Estrada, B. White, J. Harrison

Abstract-No.:   3766
Characterization and optimization of cold sprayed nickel- and nickel-basealloys on aluminum and steel substrates for corrosion protection and high temperature applications
S. Lubkowitz*, F. Trenkle, M. Lehmann, S. Hartmann

12:10 PM
Abstract-No.:   3662
Elastic and anelastic behavior of TBCs sprayed at high deposition rates
A. Valarezo*, G. Diwedi, S. Sampath, R. Musalek, J. Matejicek

Abstract-No.:   3963
Interface fracture characterization of plasma sprayed and HIP bonded metallic coatings using bulge testing
K. Hollis*, M. Lovato

Abstract-No.:   3767
Replacing electrodes in a real battery by means of highly-efficient atmospheric plasma spray titanium sub-oxide coatings
S. Dosta*, M. Gardon, B. Mellor, J. Guilemany

Abstract-No.:   3734
Influence of spray angle on the cold spray of Al for the repair of aircraft components
Q. Blochet*, F. Delloro, F. Borit, F. Nguyen, M. Jeandin, K. Roche, G. Surdon

12:30 PM Opening of the ITSC 2014 Exposition and Poster Session, Palau de Congressos de Catalunya, Foyer
Poster Session, Palau de Congressos de Catalunya, Hall B1 – B3
12:40 PM Lunch Break
Palau de Congressos de Catalunya, Foyer, Hall J
02:00 PM
Automotive Industry 1
Session Chairs:
K. Bobzin, C. Kay
Abstract-No.:   3615
Corrosion resistant coatings for cylinder bore applications in passenger car engines
F. Ernst*, D. Kube, F. Xavier, J. Schmid

Power Generation - Industrial Gas Turbines 1
Session Chairs:
A. Bachmann, S. Tao
Abstract-No.:   3950
Engineered multi-layered thermal barrier coatings for enhanced durability
V. Viswanathan, G. Dwivedi, M. Flynn, M. Miller, S. Sampath*

Comparision Thermal Spraying VS. other Surface Technologies
Session Chairs:
T. Lampke, P. Sampath
Abstract-No.:   3717
A case study of the potential of wire arc spraying as a cost effective alternative to established weld overlay process
P. Nielsen*, C. Jensen, P. Bräsel

Suspension Spraying 1
Session Chairs:
H. Kreye, C. Wasserman
Abstract-No.:   3785
New design of a spray torch for high velocity suspension flame spraying
A. Rempp*, A. Killinger, T. Schläfer, R. Gadow

02:20 PM
Abstract-No.:   3685
State-of-the-art control and measurement techniques for high performance arc sprayed cylinder bore coating in automotive engine production
W. Wagener*, A. Bauer, P. Woisetschlaeger

Abstract-No.:   3941
Thermal sprayed Y2O3-Al2O3-SiO2 (YAS) coatings for environmental protection of SiC ceramics
E. Garcia*, A. Nistal, M. Sainz, M. Osendi, P. Miranzo, F. Martín de la Escalera, A. Khalifa

Abstract-No.:   3886
Arc sprayed wear resistant coatings from iron-based cored wires as an alternative to hard chrome plating
H. Pokhmurska*, T. Stypnutskyy, V. Pokhmurskii, B. Wielage

Abstract-No.:   3797
Columnar structured thermal barrier coatings (TBCs) by suspension plasma spraying (SPS)
N. Schlegel*, S. Ebert, G. Mauer, R. Vaßen

02:40 PM
Abstract-No.:   3691
Study on PTWA process and application to car engine cylinder bores
G. Darut*, C. Coddet, J. Bordes, M. Diaby

Abstract-No.:   3922
Detrimental effects of HVOF process on CoNiCrAlY
M. Thoma*, A. Scrivani

Abstract-No.:   3931
Surface morphology and bioactivity of copper alloy coatings
L. Pershin*, R. Shafaghi, M. Ringette

Abstract-No.:   3770
Effects of process parameters on surface wettability of sprayed oxide ceramic coatings by APS and SPS
N. Sharifi*, M. Pugh, C. Moreau, A. Dolatabadi

03:00 PM
Abstract-No.:   3614
Performance testing of suspension plasma sprayed thermal barrier coatings with different suspension parameters
N. Curry*, J. Susnjar

Abstract-No.:   4002
Advances in thermal spray coatings used from electronics to gas turbine industries, and equipment & systems providing these coating
R. Gansert*, R. Herber, S. Keller, A. Vogel

Abstract-No.:   3818
Fe-based powder alloys deposited by HVOF and HVAF for wear applications
C. Lyphout, P. Vuoristo, H. Koivuluoto

Abstract-No.:   3679
Suspension plasma sprayed YSZ coatings from monomodal and bimodal feedstock suspensions
P. Carpio Cobo, E. Sánchez*, M. Salvador, R. Moreno

03:20 PM Coffee Break
Palau de Congressos de Catalunya, Foyer, Hall J
03:40 PM
"Young Professionals"
Session Chairs:
C. Berndt, A. Schwenk
Abstract-No.:   4164
Cold spray deposition of a WC-25Co cermet onto aluminum and carbon steel substrates
M. Couto*, S. Dosta, J. Guilemany

03:47 PM
Abstract-No.:   4165
Development of high efficiency flexible dye-sensitized solar cells by improving particle/substrate and inter-nanoparticle connections in vacuum cold-sprayed TiO2 photoanodes
H. Yao*, G. Yang, C. Li, C. Li

03:54 PM
Abstract-No.:   3838
Influence of the powder morphology and plasma spray process parameters on the Al2O3 based coating structure and properties
V. Matikainen*, J. Larjo, P. Vuoristo

04:01 PM
Abstract-No.:   3707
Cold spraying of amorphous Cu50Zr50 alloys
A. List*, F. Gärtner, S. Kuroda, T. Klassen

04:08 PM
Abstract-No.:   3945
Structurally integrated coatings for in-situ repair of load bearing structures
A. Vackel*, S. Sampath, T. Nakamura

04:15 PM
Abstract-No.:   4162
Transfer of micro-structures by transplantation of thermal sprayed coatings
P. Knödler*, A. Peuker, D. Freiburg, M. Otten, K. Möhwald, D. Biermann

04:22 PM
Abstract-No.:   3809
Microstructure and high-temperature oxidation behavior of iron-based wire-arc sprayed coatings
R. Li*, Z. Zhou, G. Wang, J. Jiang

04:29 PM
Abstract-No.:   3761
Development and high-temperature behavior of oxide-dispersion-strengthened bondcoats
F. Bozza*, R. Vaßen, M. Okada, L. Lusvarghi, G. Bolelli, D. Sebold, D. Mack, P. Terberger, W. Quadakkers

04:36 PM
Abstract-No.:   3900
Plasma sprayed Y2O3 coating on the CFRP with the aim of development of future mold material for the integrated circuit encapsulation
A. Ganesan*, H. Tokuyama, M. Yamada , M. Fukumoto, S. Kitaoka

04:43 PM
Abstract-No.:   3775
High properties of Cu-Ag alloys deposited by cold spray
P. Coddet*, C. Verdy

04:50 PM
Abstract-No.:   3749
Insulating coatings for high-performance electronic components produced by thermal spraying considering electrical and mechanical characteristics
M. Cichosz*, J. Luth, F. Trenkle, S. Hartmann, J. Wilde

04:57 PM
Abstract-No.:   4163
Robot-assisted near-net shape coating of regular geometric parts by means of HVOF using fine WC-12Co powder (-10+2µm)
D. Stangier*, W. Tillmann, P. Hollingsworth

  Sulzer Metco Young Professionals Award
05:40 PM End of ITSC 2014 Conference Program
05:40 PM Exhibitor Reception, Palau de Congressos de Catalunya, Foyer, Hall J, Hall B1 – B3
Poster Session, Palau de Congressos de Catalunya, Hall B1 – B3

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