Poster Session

Applications – Automotive Industry

Abstract No.:6349  
Self-adhering thermal spray coatings as an adhesion promoter in inductively joined polymer/metal hybrids
E. Saborowski*
Chemnitz University of Technology, Germany, T. Lindner, T. Lampke

Abstract No.:6415  
HVOF and cold spray coating technology to improve the performance of resistance welding electrodes
S. Yoon*
RIST, Republic of Korea, H. Kim, S. Park, G. Bae

Applications – Aviation Industry

Abstract No.:6373  
Perspectives on the thermal conductivity and laser-rig thermal-gradient cycle performance of SPS YSZ TBCs
R. Lima*
National Research Council Canada, Canada

Abstract No.:6410  
Development of aerospace turbine blade thermal barrier coating
Y. Liu*
National Taipei University of Technology, Taiwan, Y. Liu

Abstract No.:6515  
Studying the effect of spraying parameters on composite wear-resistant coatings formation mechanisms and structrure
M. Fedorova*
Technological Systems for Protective Coatings, Ltd., Russian Federation, T. Ilinkova, S. Baldaev, L. Baldaev

Abstract No.:6537  
Development of higher temperature abradable coatings for gas turbine applications
S. Baldaev*
Technological Systems for Protective Coatings, Ltd., Russian Federation

Abstract No.:6545  
Preparing of advanced powders for thermal spraying functional composite coatings
S. Baldaev*
Technological Systems for Protective Coatings, Ltd., Russian Federation

Abstract No.:6606  
Preparation of boride based ceramic composite powder and study on sprayed coating ablation performance
F. Jia*
Beijing General Research Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, P.R. China, D. Zhang, H. Peng, X. Ji, X. Lu

Applications – Electronics and Sensors

Abstract No.:6292  
Surface modification and its role in the preparation of FeSi gradient alloys with good magnetic property and ductility
H. Yu*
Beiye Functional Materials Corporation, Capital Steel Group, P.R. China, X. Bi

Abstract No.:6366  
Techno-Economic implications of utilization of cold spraying process for fabrication of resistive heating elements for temperature protection of steel pipes
M. Rezvani-Rad*
University of Alberta, Canada, A. McDonald, K. Ngaokere, M. Mohammadian Bajgiran, C. Moreau

Applications – General Plant Engineering

Abstract No.:6516  
Arc erosion resistant coatings deposited via cold gas spraying
M. Tului*
Centro Sviluppo Materiali S.p.A., Italy, X. Hallet, G. Scarcello, A. Marino, N. Jimenez

Applications – Power Generation - Fuel Cells & Solar

Abstract No.:6390  
Plasma-sprayed (Bi2O3)0.705 (Er2O3)0.245 (WO3)0.05 electrolyte for high performance intermediate-temperature solid oxide fuel cells (IT-SOFCs)
C. Li, R. Chen*
Xi'an Jiaotong University, P.R. China, S. Zhang, C. Li

Abstract No.:6482  
Physicochemical characterization and electrochemical evaluation of LSM-YSZ layers deposited by atmospheric and liquid plasma spraying on YSZ substrates
I. Georgiopoulos*
MIRTEC S.A., Greece, P. Ioannou, Z. Tatoudi, C. Andreouli, I. Garagounis, A. Vourros, G. Marnellos

Applications – Power Generation - Industrial Gas Turbines

Abstract No.:6258  
Future of thermal-sprayed ceramic coatings in power generation industries
A. Fazeli Tehrani*
Mapna Group, Iran, M. Hamedi , M. Pirmohammadi

Abstract No.:6397  
Isothermal oxidation evaluation of three different MCrAlY coatings applied by VPS
M. Bozorg Nezhad*
PARTO, Iran, Y. Asgari, A. Bakhshi

Abstract No.:6544  
Development of high performance thermal barrier coatings - an engineered powders approach
N. Curry*
Treibacher Industrie AG, Austria, R. Trache, K. Körner, J. Susnjar, M. Leitner

Applications – Power Generation - Steam

Abstract No.:6268  
Oxidation behavior of alloy CoCrMoSi and CoCrMoNiSi in superheated steam at 800ºC
B. Xiao*
Carleton University, Canada, X. Huang, M. Yao

Equipment / Consumables – Process Diagnostics, Sensors & Controls

Abstract No.:6576  
Comparison of different particle diagnostic systems widely used in monitoring of thermal spraying processes
S. Zimmermann*
University of the Federal Armed Forces Munich, Germany, R. Forster, J. Schein, W. Tillmann, C. Schaak, L. Hagen, H. Rademacher

Pre- & Post-Treatment

Abstract No.:6320  
In situ R-VLPPS nitriding post treatment of Ti based coatings
M. Planche*
Université de Technologie de Belfort-Montbéliard, France, X. Fan, G. Darut, H. Liao, G. Montavon, J. Ilavsky

Properties – Characterization & Testing Methods

Abstract No.:6329  
Comparative study on the thermal performance, corrosion and tribological behavior of Cr-Cr2O3 and YSZ APS coatings
M. Kiryc*
Westfälische Hochschule Gelsenkirchen, Germany, N. Kazamer, G. Marginean, D. Kurumlu

Abstract No.:6343  
Compression behavior of some ceramic powders used for thermal spray technology
K. Yuan*
BGRIMM Technology Group, P.R. China, P. Zhang, H. Peng, F. Jia

Abstract No.:6344  
Creep behavior of IN100 and M247LC-SX superalloys coated with HVOF Ta-containing NiCoCrAlY.
A. Mora García*
Centro de Investigación y de Estudios Avanzados del Instituto Politecnico National, Mexico, J. Muñoz Saldaña, M. Mosbacher, J. Hastreiter, R. Völkl, U. Glatzel

Abstract No.:6352  
Scanning acoustic microscopy characterization of cold sprayed Fe coatings deposited on notched Al substrates
M. Koller*
Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic, M. Koller, M. Janovska, M. Sevcik , J. Cizek, J. Kondas , R. Singh, H. Seiner

Abstract No.:6401  
In-depth chemical stratigraphy and porosity analysis with non-scanning-single-spot optical coherence tomography laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy
T. Nagy, M. Weimerskirch*
University of Vienna, Austria, F. Kraft, U. Pacher

Abstract No.:6457  
Validation of the in-flight particle oxidation diagnostics by investigations on the wire arc spraying process
M. Szulc*
University of the Federal Armed Forces Munic, Germany, J. Schein, S. Kirner, G. Forster, S. Zimmermann

Abstract No.:6558  
Development and in-vitro characterization of bioactive glass coated surfaces by APS and CGS
C. Ruiz Martínez, B. Garrido*
University of Barcelona, Spain, S. Dosta, I. Cano

Properties – Wear Protection

Abstract No.:6539  
Assessment and improvement of wear resistance of thermally-sprayed coating-based heating systems
M. Rezvani-Rad*
University of Alberta, Canada, A. McDonald, K. Ngaokere, D. Hayden

Properties and Materials – Ceramics Coatings

Abstract No.:6310  
Flattening and solidification behavior of in-flight droplets in plasma spraying and micro/macro-bonding mechanisms
Y. Wang*
Xi'an Jiaotong University, P.R. China, Y. Bai, K. Wu, J. Zhou, M. Shen, Y. Kang, Q. Liu, B. Li

Abstract No.:6326  
Photocatalytic properties of TiO2 coatings deposited by low pressure cold spraying
M. Winnicki*
Wroclaw University of Science and Technology, Poland, A. Gibas, W. Seremak, A. Baszczuk, M. Jasiorski

Abstract No.:6345  
Study on high temperature emissivity and ablation resistance of Sm2O3 modified ZrB2/SiC coatings
J. Xu*
Beijing Institute of Technology, P.R. China, Y. Liu, Z. Ma, S. Sun

Abstract No.:6412  
YSZ powder morphology and structure: a comparative study between commercial and non-commercial powders
J. Román Román*
National University of Colombia, Colombia, P. Gómez Flórez, L. Chica Osorio, A. Toro Betancur

Abstract No.:6603  
Effect of induction plasma spheroidization technology on properties of ceramic powders and coatings
H. Peng*
Beijing General Research Institute of Mining and Metallurgy Technology Group, P.R. China, P. Haoran, Y. Yueguang, Y. Kang, J. Fang, J. Xiaojuan, Z. Xin

Abstract No.:6609  
Effects of Yb3+ doping on phase structure, thermal conductivity and fracture toughness of (Nd1-xYbx)2Zr2O7
Y. Wu*
Beihang University, P.R. China, L. Zheng, W. He, J. He, H. Guo

Properties and Materials – Metal Coatings

Abstract No.:6313  
Microstructure and corrosion behavior of 316L stainless steel bipolar plate with chromized coating in the simulated environment of proton exchange membrane fuel cells
Y. Asgari*
PARTO, Iran, Y. Asgari, S. Rastegari

Abstract No.:6341  
Microstructure development of an electroplating coated nickel based SC superalloy in oxidation processes: experimental results
K. Yuan, J. Liu*
BGRIMM Technology Group, P.R. China, L. Huang

Abstract No.:6347  
Cored wires with large diameter and adapted hard material filling for wire arc spraying
R. Winkler*
TU Chemnitz, Materials and Surface Engineering Group, Germany, R. Winkler, G. Paczkowski, D. Kupke, T. Lampke

Abstract No.:6472  
Surface finishing and coating of polymer composites made of recycled materials
J. Laurila*
Tampere University, Finland, T. Varis, P. Vuoristo

Abstract No.:6474  
Low temperature soldering of laser structured and metallic coated fibre reinforced plastics
K. Gustke*
Chemnitz University of Technology, Germany, T. Lampke, D. Kupke, J. Gebauer, G. Paczkowski, U. Klotzbach

Abstract No.:6481  
Application of titanium filler metals by cold gas dynamic spraying
M. Nicolaus*
Leibniz University Hannover, Germany, K. Möhwald, H. Maier

Properties and Materials – Nanomaterial Coatings

Abstract No.:6851  
Nano indentation characterizations of PS-PVD GZO and GYZO coatings
C. Deng*
Guangdong Institute of New Materials, P.R. China, K. Zhou, M. Liu, J. Huang, Z. Deng

Properties and Materials – Polymer Coatings

Abstract No.:6486  
The effect of powder parameters and an oxidizer-to-fuel ratio on an adhesion strength of flame sprayed polymer coatings
Y. Korobov*
Ural Federal University, Russian Federation, T. Sabu, M. Belotserkovskiy

Properties and Materials – Tribological Coatings

Abstract No.:6519  
Microstructural characteristics in babbitt coatings deposited by LPCS and their effect on the tribological properties
L. Hagen*
University of Dortmund, Germany, W. Tillmann, M. Abdulagder

Thermal Spray and other Processes – Additive Manufacturing

Abstract No.:6420  
Fatigue properties of a 3D printed aerospace component
P. Nielsen*
FORCE Technology, Denmark, M. Holm, P. Lovejoy-Courrier

Abstract No.:6469  
The microstructures and magnetic properties of selective laser melted Fe-3%wtSi soft magnetic alloys
S. Gao*
UTBM, France, N. Fenineche, H. Liao, X. Yan

Abstract No.:6521  
Effect of substrate pretreatment on the fatigue performance of WC-Co coated additive manufactured 316L
L. Hagen*
University of Dortmund, Germany, W. Tillmann, K. Garthe, M. Schaper, K. Hoyer

Abstract No.:6554  
Residual stress and crack behavior of additive manufactured cold spray deposits
C. Ruiz Martínez, A. Silvello*
University of Barcelona, Spain, R. Vaz, J. Sánchez, P. Cavaliere, T. Suhonen, S. Dosta, I. Cano

Thermal Spray and other Processes – Arc Spraying

Abstract No.:6360  
Comparision of FeMnCrSi coatings resistant to cavitation deposited by ASP and HVOF processes
R. Vaz*
Universitat de Barcelona, Spain, I. Garcia Cano, A. Pukasiewicz, G. Sucharski, R. Tristante, A. Chicoski, I. Siqueira

Abstract No.:6463  
Metallization of porous polyethylene using a twin wire-arc spray process
S. Devaraj*
University of Toronto, Canada, A. McDonald, S. Chandra

Thermal Spray and other Processes – Cold Gas Spraying

Abstract No.:6331  
Effect of aluminum particle size and impact temperature on the cold spray deposition process
A. Nastic, J. Legoux, B. Jodoin, D. Poirier*
National Research Council of Canada, Canada

Abstract No.:6334  
Nickel-CNT composite film deposited from Ni-P coated CNT by low-pressure cold spray process
J. Choi*
Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan, W. Nakayama, N. Okimura, T. Hotchi , Y. Hirata, N. Ohtake , H. Akasaka

Abstract No.:6432  
Iron-Carbon nanotube composite film fabricated by low-pressure cold spray method
W. Nakayama*
Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan, J. Choi, N. Okimura , Y. Hirata, N. Ohtake , H. Akasaka

Abstract No.:6438  
Microstructural evolution and mechanical properties enhancement of cold-spray-additive-manufactured metals by friction stir processing: case study of copper
W. Li*
Northwestern Polytechnical University, P.R. China, K. Hu, C. Cao, Y. Xu, X. Yang

Abstract No.:6520  
Influence of deposition parameters on mechanical and tribological properties of Stellite-6 coatings obtained by cold gas dynamic spray
M. Tului, P. Magarò*
University of Calabria, Italy, A. Marino, A. Di Schino, F. Furgiuele, C. Maletta, R. Pileggi, C. Testani

Abstract No.:6591  
Heat treatment of high strength aluminum powders for enhanced cold spray deposition
L. Brewer*
The University of Alabama, USA, A. Webb, W. Story, T. Liu, B. Jordon

Abstract No.:6850  
A challenge for preparing dense titanium coatings with nitrogen gas in cold spraying
C. Deng, K. Zhang, J. Huang, R. Huang*
Guangdong Institute of New Materials, P.R. China, M. Liu, K. Zhou

Thermal Spray and other Processes – HVOF / HVAF Spraying

Abstract No.:6311  
Microstructural characterisation of high velocity oxy-fuel sprayed Ni particles on an aluminum 6061 substrate
M. Abbas*
University of New South Wales, Australia, P. Munroe, G. Smith

Abstract No.:6372  
Slurry Jet erosion resistance of WC and Cr3C2 coatings under different impingement angles
K. Bertuol*
Concordia University, Canada, A. Becker, A. Geraldo Marenda Pukasiewicz, I. Bida de Araújo Fernandes Siqueira, A. Chicoski, M. Jakson de Sousa

Abstract No.:6405  
Preliminary studies on HVOF sprayed coatings on the magnesium alloys
L. Latka*
Wroclaw University of Science and Technology, Poland, E. Jonda, G. Wieclaw

Abstract No.:6421  
The optimization of microstructures and mechanics of WC-10Co-4Cr coatings deposited via a novel liquid fuel HVOF torch
S. Liu*
UTBM, France, H. Liao, M. Moliere

Abstract No.:6426  
High temperature corrosion behavior of selected thermally sprayed alloy based coatings in aggressive environment at 800°C
Z. Cesanek*
Vyzkumny a zkusební ustav Plzen s.r.o., Czech Republic, F. Lukac, S. Houdkova, K. Lencova, R. Musalek

Abstract No.:6528  
Investigation of the microstructure and adhesion of warm sprayed WC-Co(Cr) coatings with small carbides (~400-500 nm)
S. Alkas Yonan*
University of Dortmund, Germany, W. Tillmann, C. Schaak

Abstract No.:6590  
Study of repair of an aluminum demonstrator by low-temperature high-velocity combustion spraying
A. Gómez*
Basque Country University / TECNALIA, Basque Research and Technology Alliance, Spain, I. Fagoaga, M. Parco, G. Barykin, C. Vaquero

Thermal Spray and other Processes – Laser Cladding

Abstract No.:6325  
Study on the influence of powder feeding laser cladding process on the microstructure and properties of coatings
X. Wang*
BGRIMM Technology Group, P.R. China, Y. Ma, Y. Yu, E. Huang, K. Du

Abstract No.:6548  
Modeling of Heat Exchange in Turbine Blades in the Repair Process by Laser Cladding or Turbine Blades Forming by Laser Metal Deposition
A. Rigin*
Cherepovets State University, Russian Federation, S. Lukin, S. Parygina, N. Shestakov , I. Zhuravleva

Thermal Spray and other Processes – Modeling & Simulation

Abstract No.:6468  
Predictive modeling for inner diameter high velocity oxy fuel (HVOF) sprayed WC-10Co-4Cr using least angle regression (LARS)
M. Aghasibeig*
National Research Council Canada, Canada, J. Oberste-Berghaus, K. Yu, C. Cojocaru

Abstract No.:6856  
Numerical assessment of failure mechanisms of cold-sprayed metal matrix composite coatings under tension
A. Mahdavi*
University of Alberta, Canada, A. McDonald, J. Hogan, G. Fisher

Thermal Spray and other Processes – New Processes

Abstract No.:6243  
Dense ceramic coatings and its process
S. Tailor*
Metallizing Equipment Co. Pvt. Ltd., India, A. Modi, S. Modi

Abstract No.:6399  
Plasma spray-physical vapor deposited (PS-PVD) YSZ coatings on the different airfoil substrates
J. Shi*
Beihang University, P.R. China, S. Liu, W. He, L. Wei, H. Guo

Abstract No.:6562  
The use of the new-design detonation spraying system for additive manufacturing 3D parts in hybrid processes.
A. Rigin*
Cherepovets State University, Russian Federation

Thermal Spray and other Processes – Plasma Spraying

Abstract No.:6267  
Development of a novel long laminar plasma jet on atmospheric plasma spray process: Microstructure of a quasi-columnar YSZ coating
S. Liu*
Beihang University, P.R. China, H. Guo, J. Trelles, A. Murphy, C. Li, C. Li

Abstract No.:6308  
Failure mechanism of CMAS corroded double layered LC/YSZ coating during thermal cycling
Y. Kang*
Xi'an Jiaotong University, P.R. China, Y. Bai

Abstract No.:6309  
Microstructural evolution of carbides and effect on tribological properties of SAPS and HVOF sprayed NiCr-Cr3C2 coatings
Q. Liu*
Xi'an Jiaotong University, P.R. China, Y. Bai, G. Ma, M. Liu, Y. Sun

Abstract No.:6336  
Ultra-high temperature ceramic surface coatings for hypersonic & space applications deposited by plasma spray
B. Kahl*
Swinburne University of Technology, Australia, C. Berndt, A. Ang

Abstract No.:6357  
Thermal barrier coatings for carbon fiber reinforced plastics with cyanate ester resin matrix applied by atmospheric plasma spray
C. Semmler*
University of Stuttgart, Germany, A. Killinger, R. Gadow

Abstract No.:6392  
Plasma sprayed Al alloy coating with enhanced lamellar bonding through novel self-bonding strategy
C. Li, H. Rashid*
Xi'an Jiaotong University, P.R. China, X. Luo

Abstract No.:6393  
Mo-alloyed stainless steel coatings by plasma spraying of the shell-core-structured powders with improved cavitation erosion resistance
C. Li, X. Liao*
Xi'an Jiaotong University, P.R. China, Y. Wang, X. Luo

Abstract No.:6394  
Powder particle size effect on the reaction and oxidation behavior during plasma spraying of Ni-Al composite powders
C. Li, L. Zhang*
Xi'an Jiaotong University, P.R. China, S. Zhang, X. Luo

Abstract No.:6396  
Improvement in adhesive strength of plasma spray ceramic coating by pre-treatment of dry-ice blasting
Y. Asgari*
PARTO, Iran, Y. Asgari, M. Bozorgnezhad, A. Bakhshi

Abstract No.:6443  
Tungsten-steel composites prepared by RF plasma
J. Matejicek*
Institute of Plasma Physics, Czech Republic, J. Klecka, J. Cizek, J. Medricky, V. Ganesh, T. Chraska

Abstract No.:6499  
Mechanical stability analysis of plasma spray coating of NiTi
B. Swain*
National Institute of Technology, India, S. Mohapatra, A. Behera

Abstract No.:6581  
Process-property-performance interplay in thermal barrier coatings on varying substrate geometry
E. Gildersleeve*
Stony Brook University, United States of America, S. Sampath

Abstract No.:6592  
Effect of surface preparation on the adhesive-cohesive strength of NiCoCrAlY coating applied by atmospheric plasma spray onto superalloy inconel 625
S. Sanchez Gomez*
National University of Colombia, Colombia, S. Sanchez, M. Ramoz, A. Arboleda, J. de la Roche, P. Gomez, A. Toro

Abstract No.:6593  
Effect of CO2 on formation of W2C phases and decarburization of WC-Co coatings applied by atmospheric plasma spray APS
M. Ramos*
National University of Colombia, Colombia, A. Toro, S. Sanchez, A. Arboleda, J. De la Roche, P. Gomez

Abstract No.:6598  
Thermal transport properties of Ar+H2 working gases in the presence of different solution precursors used for plasma spraying of TiO2 coatings
K. Simfroso*
Mindanao State University-Iligan Technology, Philippines, A. Liboon, R. Candidato

Thermal Spray and other Processes – PTA – Plasma Transferred Arc

Abstract No.:6602  
Pulsed PTA additive manufacturing of Ni alloy type 625
P. Rohan*
Czech Technical University, Czech Republic, S. Krum, Z. Pitrmuc, K. Adámková, T. Gurík, J. Nestával

Thermal Spray and other Processes – Suspension Spraying

Abstract No.:6328  
Investigation of the sedimentation behavior of micro-sized particles in aqueous suspension for HVSFS
S. Loskyll*
Robert Bosch Manufacturing Solutions GmbH, Germany, V. Sterk, S. Ulrich

Abstract No.:6428  
Tungsten coatings for tokamak first wall
J. Cizek, M. Vilemova, J. Klecka, J. Kondas, M. Koller, F. Lukac, T. Chraska*
Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic, R. Singh

Abstract No.:6439  
Suspension plasma spraying coatings with tailored microstructure by means of organic additives in suspension feedstocks
V. Carnicer Cervera*
Universitat Jaume I, Spain, M. Orts, R. Moreno, E. Sánchez

Abstract No.:6456  
Influence of bondcoat laser texturing on the microstructures and performances of suspension sprayed YSZ thermal barrier coatings
F. Toma*
Fraunhofer IWS, Germany, J. Sagel, M. Barbosa

Abstract No.:6526  
Thermal sprayed environmental barrier coatings: morphology, phase composition and steam recession
D. Tejero-Martin*
University of Nottingham, United Kingdom, A. Rincón Romero, T. Hussain

Abstract No.:6551  
Photocatalytic performance of sub-stoichiometric TiO2 coatings obtained by suspension plasma spray
H. Khatibnezhad*
Concordia University, Canada, F. Ambriz-Vargas, F. Ben Ettouil, C. Moreau

Abstract No.:6560  
Effects of miniature splats incorporation on mechanical properties of hybrid plasma sprayed coatings
R. Musalek*
Institute of Plasma Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic, T. Tesar, J. Dudik, J. Medricky

Abstract No.:6584  
High temperature behavior of layered thermal barrier coatings deposited by hybrid water-stabilized plasma
R. Musalek*
Institute of Plasma Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic, T. Tesar, J. Medricky, F. Lukac , R. Lima

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