Poster Session

Automotive Industry

Abstract No.:2488  
Investigation of heat treatment on cold sprayed aluminum coatings on magnesium substrates
H. Bu*, B. Jodoin, M. Yandouzi, C. Lu

Abstract No.:2675  
Sliding wear behavior of HVOF sprayed coatings, suitable for piston rings application
S. Houdkova*, M. Kasparova, F. Zahalka

Aviation Industry

Abstract No.:2475  
Applications of cold gas spraying compared to manual laser welding in connection with a repair contract in the aerospace field
P. Lutz*

Abstract No.:2615  
High thickness A-357 aluminum alloy coatings deposited by coldspray for the repair of aeronautic components
S. Vezzù*, S. Rech, A. Trentin, G. Zanon

Abstract No.:2620  
Study of oxidation behavior of TBCs with APS and HVOF CoNiCrAlY bond coatings
A. Karaoglanli*, T. Lampke, T. Grund, F. Ak Azem, I. Ozdemir, A. Turk, F. Üstel

Abstract No.:2693  
Thermal barrier coatings on novel high temperature cobalt rhenium substrates
P. Seiler*, M. Bäker, J. Rösler

Abstract No.:2723  
Potential of cold gas dynamic spraying process in the restoration of damaged alclad layer of aircraft skin
M. Yandouzi*, B. Jodoin, S. Gydos

Abstract No.:2790  
Synthesis of Y2SiO5 powder by solid liquid sintering and coating produced by plasma spray technique on the SiC substrate
S. Yildirim*, N. Toplan, F. Üstel

Abstract No.:2825  
Restoration of titanium parts using commercial cold spray
J. Pelletier*, M. Bolduc, B. Jodoin, S. Gaydos

Abstract No.:2870  
Restoration of aluminum parts and coatings using commercial cold spray
D. MacDonald*, B. Jodoin, S. Gaydos

Abstract No.:2930  
Thermal barrier coatings for rocket engines
J. Schloesser*, M. Bäker, J. Rösler

Abstract No.:2984  
Development of thermal barrier coatings with fine columnar crystal structure deposited by supersonic atmospheric plasma spraying
Y. Bai*, Z. Han, H. Wang, C. Ding, B. Xu

Abstract No.:3072  
Effect of bond coat material and heat treatment on adhesion strength and characteristics of thermal barrier coating system with CGDS, HVOF and APS techniques
N. El Mahallawy*, I. El Araby, T. Lampke, T. Grund , A. Karaoglanli

Ceramic Coatings

Abstract No.:2451  
Development of porous ceramic coating for high efficiency cooling system
M. Arai*, T. Suidzu

Abstract No.:2464  
Preparation and thermophysical properties of La2(Zr0.7Ce0.3)2O7 ceramic material
J. Xiang*, J. Huang, S. Chen, W. Liang, R. Wang, Q. He

Abstract No.:2596  
Deposition of oxide ceramics in atmosphere and at room temperature by powder jet deposition technique
K. Ogawa*, H. Arata, M. Takegoshi, F. Ono, T. Saito

Abstract No.:2621  
Microstructural characterization of YSZ and YSZ/Al2O3 TBCs with HVOF CoNiCrAlY bond coatings
A. Karaoglanli*, E. Altuncu, A. Turk, F. Üstel, I. Ozdemir, I. El-Araby

Abstract No.:2635  
Corrosion properties of thermally sprayed titania coatings
S. Forghani*, M. Ghazali, A. Muchtar, A. Bin Daud

Abstract No.:2652  
Study of plasma sprayed mullite coating using mullite and a mixture of alumina and silica powders as initial powder particles
H. Salimijazi*, M. Hosseini, L. Pershin, J. Mostaghimi, T. Coyle, H. Samadi, A. Shafiei

Abstract No.:2746  
Rapid prototyping of patterned ceramic coatings via thermal spray stencilling
C. Cojocaru*, Y. Wang, R. Lima

Abstract No.:2783  
Degradation process of RE2Zr2O7 thermal barrier coatings during isothermal annealing
G. Moskal*

Abstract No.:2784  
Characterization of microstructure and thermal properties of Gd2Zr2O7 and gradient Gd2Zr2O7/YSZ bi-layer type of the TBC coatings
G. Moskal*

Abstract No.:2977  
Optimization of plasma spray processing parameters for deposition of YSZ+Al2O3 coating
E. Altuncu*, D. Kütükçü, S. Okumus, F. Üstel

Abstract No.:2992  
Microstructural evaluation of AlN coatings in room temperature vacuum cold spraying
C. Park*, k. Baik

Abstract No.:3002  
Synthesis of Al2O3 coatings by plasma transferred arc
A. d'Oliveira*, F. Drodza, S. Pianaro

Abstract No.:3007  
Mechanical compliance in thermal barrier coatings: Quantification and its application in coatings design and repeatability assessment
G. Dwivedi*, S. Sampath, T. Nakamura

Characterization & Testing

Abstract No.:2433  
Scratch test mechanical properties of suspension plasma sprayed TiO2 coatings
L. Pawlowski*, L. Latka, F. Petit, S. Kozerski

Abstract No.:2536  
Effect of the grit blasting exposure time on the adhesion of Al2O3 and 316L coatings
M. Vilemova*, M. Kazda, J. Siegl, J. Matejicek

Abstract No.:2550  
Electrical properties of Al2O3-TiO2 plasma sprayed coatings for electrode of corona discharge
S. Abukawa*, T. Takabatake, Y. Namba, K. Tani

Abstract No.:2571  
Cold spray ultrasonic monitoring and modeling
V. Leshchynsky*, R. Maev, S. Titov, J. Dech

Abstract No.:2646  
The tensile and shear strength of thermally sprayed coatings
M. Kasparova*, F. Zahalka, S. Houdkova, J. Volak

Abstract No.:2681  
Evaluation of mechanical properties and damage resistance of SPS TiO2 coatings by nanoindentation and nanoscratch techniques
E. Sánchez*, E. Rayón, V. Bonache, R. Benavente, M. Salvador, E. Bannier, G. Darut, A. Denoirjean, H. Ageorges

Abstract No.:2760  
Thermal shock resistance of plasma sprayed thermal barrier coatings
S. Takahashi*, N. Hirano, Y. Kojima, Y. Harada, A. Kawasaki, F. Ono

Abstract No.:2936  
Electric resistivity of thermally sprayed Cr2O3-TiO2 coatings
R. Trache*, L. Berger, L. Toma, S. Stahr, R. Lima, B. Marple

Abstract No.:2975  
Characterization of detonation sprayed coatings
A. Shtertser*, V. Ulianitsky, K. Tsarakhov, B. Grinberg

Abstract No.:2979  
Innovative testing method for interconnected porosity of thermally sprayed ceramic coatings by using electroplating
K. Tani*, Y. Harada, Y. Takatani

Abstract No.:3006  
Solidification of plasma transferred arc coatings
A. d'Oliveira*, D. Bond

Cold Spraying

Abstract No.:2448  
Numerical study on the role of substrate size in supersonic jet flow and substrate preheating process in cold spraying
S. Yin*, X. Wang, W. Li, R. Xie

Abstract No.:2468  
Finite element simulation of impacting behavior of particles in cold spraying by eulerian approach
W. Li*, M. Yu, H. Liao

Abstract No.:2505  
Influence of gas temperature, particle size and substrate nature on the deposition behavior of cold sprayed magnesium coatings
X. Suo*, X. Guo, W. Li, M. Planche, R. Bolot, H. Liao, C. Coddet

Abstract No.:2506  
Effects of spray nozzle design and gas temperature on cold sprayed magnesium alloy coating and its composite
X. Suo*, X. Guo, W. Li, M. Planche, R. Bolot, H. Liao, C. Coddet

Abstract No.:2514  
Modern applications of the low pressure cold spray
A. Shkodkin*, A. Kashirin, K. Oleg, T. Buzdygar

Abstract No.:2540  
Development of nanostructured FeAl intermetallics by annealing of cold sprayed precursor deposit
H. Wang*, C. Li, G. Ji, G. Yang

Abstract No.:2559  
Impact particle behavior in cold gas dynamic spray of composite coatings
I. Smurov*, V. Leshchynsky, A. Papyrin, A. Belousova, I. Yadroitseva

Abstract No.:2567  
Annealing effect on the intermetallic compound formation of cold sprayed Fe/Al composite coating
H. Wang*, C. Li, G. Ji, G. Yang

Abstract No.:2569  
Low pressure cold spray of composite powders made by sintering feedstock
V. Leshchynsky*, E. Maeva, H. Weinert, R. Maev

Abstract No.:2577  
Novel manufacturing method for producing stacked wire mesh compact heat exchangers using cold spray
J. Assaad*, A. Corbeil, P. Richer, B. Jodoin, B. Jodoin

Abstract No.:2595  
Iron boride coatings produced by cold spray processes
I. Ozdemir*, K. Ogawa, K. Sato, D. Seo

Abstract No.:2614  
Cold spray application technique for FeAl intermetallic compound coating synthesis
E. Leshchinsky*, R. Maev

Abstract No.:2629  
Influence of particle velocity on adhesion strength of cold spray deposits
R. Huang*, H. Fukanuma

Abstract No.:2639  
Manufacture and properties of cold spray deposited large thickness Cu coating material for sputtering target
K. Lee*, J. Cho, Y. Jin, D. Park, H. Kim, I. Oh

Abstract No.:2656  
Thermal stability of cold sprayed ceramic particles reinforced metal matrix composite coatings
C. Li*, X. Luo, G. Yang, X. Suo

Abstract No.:2660  
Effect of in-situ softening on the deposition behavior of particles through controlling gas stream traversing during cold spraying
G. Yang*, J. Wang, C. Li, Q. Zhang, C. Li

Abstract No.:2672  
Automatic generation of robot trajectory for free-form surfaces in thermal spraying
D. Fang*, S. Deng, H. Liao, C. Coddet

Abstract No.:2752  
Comparison of microstructures and deposition behavior of warm sprayed and cold sprayed metallic powder particles
K. Kim*, S. Kuroda, M. Watanabe, R. Huang, H. Fukanuma, H. Katanoda

Abstract No.:2767  
The synthesis of titanium dioxide powders for cold spray
N. Tjitra Salim*, M. Yamada, H. Nakano, K. Shima, H. Isago, M. Fukumoto

Abstract No.:2809  
Wear characteristics of cold sprayed SiC reinforced Al-12Si matrix composite coatings
O. Meydanoglu*, E. Bayrak, M. Baydogan, E. Kayali, H. Cimenoglu

Abstract No.:2811  
Characteristics of aluminum alloy matrix B4C reinforced composite coatings deposited on a 6082 aluminum alloy by cold spray process
O. Meydanoglu*, C. Sonmez, M. Baydogan, E. Kayali, H. Cimenoglu

Abstract No.:2830  
DSC analysis of cold sprayed copper coatings
F. Alishir*, H. Nekoomanesh, H. Assadi

Abstract No.:2836  
Main bonding mechanisms of CGS sprayed aluminium on Al2O3 substrates as a function of deposition conditions
T. Grund*, B. Wielage, S. Kümmel, P. Löschner

Abstract No.:2846  
Cold Gas spray deposition and interparticle bonding strength of aluminium and nickel powders
S. Dosta*, N. Cinca, J. Guilemany

Abstract No.:2847  
Nanoscale study of cold spray titanium deposits
S. Dosta*, N. Cinca, J. Guilemany

Abstract No.:2851  
New Al-base alloys coatings with enhanced properties obtained by CGS technologies
S. Dosta*, D. Rodriguez, J. Fernandez, S. Kac, J. Kusidski, A. Colella, P. Matteazzi, J. Guilemany

Abstract No.:2980  
The influence of gas conditions in cold spraying on WC cermet coatings
J. Kitamura*, K. Sato, D. Seo, H. Furukawa, K. Ogawa

Abstract No.:2981  
The influence of metal binder of WC cermet powder for cold spraying
J. Kitamura*, K. Sato, D. Seo, H. Furukawa, K. Ogawa

Abstract No.:2985  
Interface reactions in composite coatings deposited by cold spray and detonation spraying
I. Smurov*, V. Leshchinsky, N. Ryashin, I. Yadroitseva, A. Belousova

Abstract No.:3017  
Effect of high-energy infrared treatment on properties of cold sprayed coatings
N. Chavan*, S. Dameracharla, S. Joshi, S. Govindan

Abstract No.:3028  
Study of oxidation behavior of CoNiCrAlY bond coatings deposited by cold gas dynamic spraying
A. Karaoglanli*, A. Turk, I. Ozdemir, K. Ogawa, F. Ak Azem, T. Lampke, T. Grund, F. Üstel

Corrosion Protection

Abstract No.:2461  
The microstucure and thermal cyclic lifetime of TBCs deposited by very low pressure plasma sparying
D. Yang*, Z. Chen, Y. Gao

Abstract No.:2824  
Influence of chromia alloying on the characteristics of APS and HVOF sprayed alumina coatings
K. Niemi*, J. Hakalahti, L. Hyvärinen, J. Laurila, P. Vuoristo, F. Toma, L. Berger

Fuel Cells

Abstract No.:2659  
Effect of accelerating gas flow on pore structure and ion diffusion property of vacuum cold sprayed TiO2 coatings using strengthened nanostructured powder
G. Yang*, K. Liao, C. Li, C. Li, S. Li

Abstract No.:2748  
Relationship between particle and plasma properties and coating characteristics of samaria-doped ceria prepared by atmospheric plasma spraying for use in solid oxide fuel cells
M. Cuglietta*, O. Kesler

Abstract No.:2805  
Suspension plasma spraying (SPS) of manganese-cobalt spinel coatings
J. Puranen*, L. Hyvärinen, J. Lagerbom, M. Kylmälahti, H. Koivuluoto, P. Vuoristo

Abstract No.:3012  
The solution precursor plasma spraying process for making zirconia based electrolytes
C. Christenn*, A. Ansar

HVOF & Flame Spraying

Abstract No.:2574  
Anisotropic electrical conductivity of copper coatings deposited by HVOF
M. Aghaee*, M. Salehi, H. Salimijazi

Abstract No.:2579  
Densification of low temperature HVOF Ti coating and its electrochemical characterizations
C. Deng*, M. Liu, J. Chen, K. Zhou

Abstract No.:2714  
Corrosion behavior of HVOF-sprayed Ni-20Cr coating in a molten salt environment at 900°C
G. Kaushal*, H. Singh, S. Prakash

Industrial Gas Turbines

Abstract No.:2547  
Influence of substrate expansion on microstructure and cyclic lifetime of TBC coatings
Y. Gao*, Z. Chen, D. Yang

Abstract No.:2573  
Correlation between process parameters and thermal cyling life time for thermal barrier coatings
E. Altuncu*, F. Üstel

Abstract No.:2653  
A novel plasma sprayed durable thermal barrier coating with a well-bonded YSZ interlayer at YSZ/bond coat interface
C. Li*, Y. Li, G. Yang, C. Li

Abstract No.:2663  
Isothermal oxidation behavior of NiCoCrAlTaY coating deposited by high velocity air-fuel spraying
G. Yang*, X. Xiang, L. Xing, D. Li, C. Li, C. Li

Abstract No.:2691  
Phase composition and ionic conductivity of plasma sprayed samarium zirconate coatings
X. Zhong*, J. Yu, H. Zhao, X. Zhou, S. Tao, C. Ding

Abstract No.:2855  
Process parameters influence in TBC coatings deposited by plasma thermal spray in the adherence and wear at high temperature
G. Bavaresco Sucharski*, L. Aguiar, É. Ferreira Trevisani , A. Capra, R. Cortés Paredes

Abstract No.:2856  
Process parameter optimization for the deposition of NiAl and NiCrAlY alloys as bond coating in thermal sprayed TBCs
L. Aguiar*, G. Sucharski, É. Ferreira Trevisani, A. Capra, R. Cortés Paredes

Abstract No.:2862  
Study of the effects of process parameters of powder flame spraying in the deposition of NiAl alloys coatings resistant at high temperatures.
É. Ferreira Trevisani*, G. Bavaresco Sucharski, L. Aguiar, R. Cortés Paredes, H. Padilha, A. Capra, M. Cardozo Junior

Medical Industry

Abstract No.:2673  
Optimization of high velocity suspension flame sprayed (HVSFS) bioactive coatings on Ti substrates by DoE approach
G. Bolelli*, D. Bellucci, V. Cannillo, R. Gadow, A. Killinger, L. Lusvarghi, A. Sola, N. Stiegler

Abstract No.:2679  
Characterization of bioactive high velocity suspension flame sprayed (HVSFS) single splats
G. Bolelli*, D. Bellucci, V. Cannillo, R. Gadow, A. Killinger, L. Lusvarghi, A. Sola, N. Stiegler

Abstract No.:2785  
Characterization of plasma sprayed HAP coatings on Ti alloys
E. Altuncu*, S. Ozturk, S. Yildirim, G. Erdogan, F. Üstel

Metal Coatings

Abstract No.:2454  
Research and development of new power-saving cumulative-detonation sprayer and equipment for thermal spraying applications (CDS-HVOF)
Y. Tyurin*, O. Kolisnichenko

Abstract No.:2462  
Microstructure and properties of FeAl coatings prepared by LPPS APS and HVOF
D. Yang*, B. Tian, Y. Gao

Abstract No.:2763  
Suppressing oxidation of NiCr alloy with addition of Si, B, and C in atmospheric plasma spray process
Z. Zeng*, N. Sakoda, S. Tajiri, S. Kuroda, M. Komatsu

Metals Processing

Abstract No.:2924  
Durability of low pressure plasma sprayed MoB/CoCr coating in molten Al-12.07wt%Si alloy
X. Chen*, R. Zhang, F. Li

Modeling & Simulation

Abstract No.:2503  
Modeling of the effect of injected particle properties on plasma flow during ceramic coating process
A. Elsebaei*, J. Heberlein, M. Moubasher

Abstract No.:2544  
A 3D finite-difference model for the effective thermal conductivity of thermal barrier coatings
J. Qiao*, R. Bolot, H. Liao, P. Bertrand, C. Coddet

Abstract No.:2630  
Simulation of arc root fluctuation in a DC non-transferred plasma torch with three dimensional modeling
R. Huang*, H. Fukanuma, Y. Uesugi, Y. Tanaka

Abstract No.:2655  
Stress analysis in the vicinity of TGO in TBC systems with cold sprayed and LPPS bond coatings
I. Ozdemir*, I. Tirtom, K. Ogawa, T. Shoji

Abstract No.:2728  
Simulation of WC-Co-Cr coating formation in relation to the HVOF / HVAF processes
Y. Korobov*, S. Baranovski

Abstract No.:2741  
New method of generating robot trajectory on complex geometric workpieces
Z. Cai*, S. Deng, H. Liao

Abstract No.:2806  
Turbulence effects in a DC plasma torch
R. Bolot*, A. Allimant, D. Billieres, C. Coddet

Abstract No.:2959  
Using of CFD simulations for increasing speed and temperature of flame spray technology
T. Zabransky*, M. Schuster

Abstract No.:2966  
Optimization of detonation spraying based on numerical simulation
I. Smurov*, V. Ulianitsky, S. Zlobin

Abstract No.:3014  
Basic physics and engineering program system splat - spray deposit for computer-aided design of coatings formation
O. Solonenko*, V. Blednov, V. Iordan

Nanomaterial Coatings

Abstract No.:2453  
Properties of nanostructured composite titanium coating on aluminium surface
Y. Tyurin*, O. Kolisnichenko, O. Ivanov, M. Kovaleva

Abstract No.:2478  
Effects of power and concentration and dispersion phase on nano-zirconia coatings prepared by sol plasma spraying
H. Yang*, L. Chen

Abstract No.:2721  
Deposition and characteristics of submicrometer-structured ceramic coatings by suspension thermal spraying
A. Guignard*, G. Mauer, R. Vaßen, D. Stöver

Abstract No.:2858  
Liquid injection into atmospheric plasma and its effects on plasma properties and ways optimizing coating efficiency
D. Soysal*, T. Kavka, A. Ansar

New Processes

Abstract No.:2455  
Shock-wave induced spraying: modeling and physics of a new spray process
M. Karimi*, B. Jodoin, G. Rankin

Abstract No.:2774  
Ultrasound-assisted particle detachment in wire arc spraying
C. Rupprecht*, G. Paczkowski, B. Wielage

Abstract No.:2834  
Metal powder injection into the plasma torch LARGE
S. Zimmermann*, D. Boll, D. Wolf, D. Dimaczek, C. Gallian, M. Grohmann, P. Landes, P. Schein

Abstract No.:2844  
Metastable mullite coatings obtained by nanosprayquench process
S. Dosta*, D. Sergi, J. Ventayol, I. Cano, J. Guilemany

Plasma Spraying

Abstract No.:2509  
Properties of coating by plasma spraying ultrafine Cr3C2-25%NiCr powders
Z. Li*, Y. Yu, K. Zeng, X. Ren, J. Ma

Abstract No.:2592  
Thick YSZ coating on thin and smooth Haynes® 230 substrate: Use of suspension plasma sprayed coating as adhesive layer
A. Vardelle*, R. Vert, E. Meillot, G. Mariaux

Abstract No.:2690  
An improvement of low power plasma torch for very low pressure plasma sprayed thin and dense ceramic coatings
L. Zhu*, N. Zhang, F. Sun, R. Bolot, H. Liao, C. Coddet

Abstract No.:2799  
Spraying of metallic powders by hybrid gas/water torch and the effects of inert gas shrouding
T. Kavka*, J. Matejicek, P. Ctibor, M. Hrabovsky

Abstract No.:2852  
Atmospheric electromagnetic plasmadynamic system for thermal spraying
Y. Chivel*

Abstract No.:2871  
Three anodes compared to three cathodes: Evaluation of gun concepts for high performance plasma spraying operation
M. Erne*, D. Kolar, K. Möhwald, F. Bach

Abstract No.:3015  
Peculiarities of splats formation under impact with substrate of decamicron metal droplets characterizing by a high volume content of solid carbide inclusions
O. Solonenko*, A. Chesnokov, I. Gulyaev, V. Gavrilov

Polymer Coatings

Abstract No.:2986  
Plastic based coating by flame spray technology and corrosion test
O. Altun*, M. Zali, A. Türk, F. Üstel

Powders, Wires & Suspensions

Abstract No.:2678  
Precipitate formation and evolution in solution precursor plasma spraying (SPPS)
G. Bertolissi*, C. Chazelas, G. Bolelli, M. Vardelle, L. Lusvarghi, A. Vardelle

Abstract No.:2951  
Influence of mechanical alloying parameters on structure and properties of FeCr-TiCN powder containing nanocrystalline phases
Y. Borisov*, A. Borisova, L. Adeeva, A. Burlachenko, A. Tunik

Abstract No.:3016  
Theory and experiment on hollow spherical powders production
O. Solonenko*, I. Gulyaev, A. Smirnov

Power Generation - Steam

Abstract No.:2842  
Iron-based arc-sprayed coatings for gas corrosion protection at elevated temperatures
H. Pokhmurska*, B. Wielage, V. Pokhmurskii, M. Student, V. Gvozdeckii

Abstract No.:2895  
Thermo-mechanical and hot corrosion testing of selected HP/HVOF sprayed coatings for power industry applications
F. Zahalka*, M. Kasparova, S. Houdkova

Pre- & Post-Treatment

Abstract No.:2591  
Effects of laser treatments on cold sprayed metallic coatings
S. Costil*, D. Poirier, W. Wong, E. Irissou, J. Legoux, V. Guipont, M. Jeandin, S. Yue

Abstract No.:2700  
Process optimization of dry-ice blasting and its application in thermal spray
S. Dong*, B. Hansz, H. Liao, C. Coddet

Abstract No.:2849  
Hot-gas corrosion-erosion resistance of thermally post-treated Fe-Al-based arc-sprayed coating
H. Pokhmurska*, B. Wielage, R. Winkelmann

Process Diagnostics, Sensors & Controls

Abstract No.:2865  
Accuracy of 2D particle image velocimetry measurements in thermal spraying processes
L. Rockstroh*, S. Wahl, S. Simon, R. Gadow

Abstract No.:2868  
Assessment of particle sensor performance in the plasma spray process
M. Cannamela*, M. Tuttle, D. Radgowski, S. DeLeo, M. Gevelber, D. Wroblewski

Abstract No.:2877  
Cryo-gas cooling method and system for thermal spray coatings
M. Akuh*, Z. Zurecki, L. Mercando

Abstract No.:3073  
A substrate surface thermocouple for thermal spraying
M. Marr*, O. Kesler

Quality & Qualification

Abstract No.:2976  
Thermal spray: Status and current activities in Norway
S. Armada*, A. Bjørgum

Tribological Coatings

Abstract No.:2710  
New approach to ceramic / metal - polymer multilayered coatings for high performance dry sliding applications
A. Rempp*, M. Widmann, A. Killinger, P. Guth, R. Gadow

Abstract No.:2724  
Comparative characteristics of coatings produced from Sn-Sb-Cu babbitt by arc spraying, gas surfacing and pouring
Y. Korobov*, L. Gogolev, B. Potechin, V. Ilushin, S. Nevezhin

Abstract No.:2929  
Tribological performance by elastic and plastic contacts of AT-13 and AT-45 coatings elaborated by plasma and flame spray
H. Ageorges*, F. Vargas, P. Fauchais, E. Lopez

Wear Protection

Abstract No.:2602  
Microstructure and wear resistance of arc-sprayed NiCrBSi coatings after remelting
W. Luo*, W. Tillmann

Abstract No.:2689  
Fatigue resistance of bodies coated with HVOF sprayed tungsten carbides in metallic matrix
M. Vilemova*, R. Musalek, O. Kovarik, A. Valarezo, S. Sampath

Abstract No.:2884  
The effect of process parameters on wear behaviors of composite coatings produced by twin wire electric arc spraying method
A. Gulec*, A. Turk, F. Üstel, F. Yilmaz

Abstract No.:2998  
Properties of HVOF sprayed WC-Co coatings after ESD process
W. Zórawski*, N. Radek

Abstract No.:3003  
Correlation between high temperature wear of NiAl intermetallic and stellite 6 PTA coatings
A. d'Oliveira*, C. Brunetti, R. Gomes, G. Pintaude

Abstract No.:3025  
Investigation of wear behavior of Al-12Si/SiC composite coatings under dry sliding and water lubrication
S. Akgün Kayral*, S. Sahin, A. Turk, F. Üstel

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