Poster Session

Applications – Automotive Industry

Abstract No.:3618  
Researches regarding the structure investigations on new materials of the composite type
A. Cernaianu Stoianovici*

Applications – Aviation Industry

Abstract No.:3626  
Review on high pressure cold spray (HPCS) process as corrosion treatment for aging aircraft part
N. Omar*, A. Abdul Manap, M. Azhari, R. Abdullah, Y. Yusliza, M. Nuzaimah, S. Mohamed, R. Raja Rasi, N. Mohamed

Abstract No.:3668  
Optimization of porous YSZ high-temperature abradable coating deposited by surface-molten spherical powder through computational fluid dynamic analysis of gas and particle flow in flame spraying
C. Li*, H. Huo, G. Yang, J. Yao

Abstract No.:3812  
The factors influencing abradablity
J. Liu*, Y. Yu, J. Shen, X. Ren, D. Zhang

Abstract No.:4004  
The influence of the pass number on the abradability of Al-based coating
J. Liu*, Y. Yu, J. Liu, J. Shen, T. Liu, D. Zhang

Applications – Medical Industry

Abstract No.:3863  
Temperature and velocity mesasurements of hydroxyapatite particles with different plasma power and gas combinations via F4MB plasma gun
G. Erdogan*, F. Ustel, A. Turk

Abstract No.:3885  
Production and characterization of HVOF-sprayed hydroxyapatite coatings using different feedstock powder size distribution
A. Karabulut*, G. Erdogan, F. Ustel

Abstract No.:3911  
Comparison of plasma spraying hollow and solid spherical hydroxyapatite particles
F. Bastan*, G. Agtas, A. Karabulut, G. Erdogan, M. Caliskan, F. Ustel

Applications – Metals Processing

Abstract No.:3650  
Possibility recycle of undeposited WC-CoCr powder behind detonation thermal sprayed
Y. Gao*, K. He

Abstract No.:3881  
Repairing defective aluminum molds using high and low pressure cold spray
A. Manap*, N. Othman, H. Misran, K. Ogawa

Applications – Power Generation - Fuel Cells & Solar

Abstract No.:3645  
Preparation of nano-micro-porous TiO2 coating by vacuum cold spray as photoanode for all-solid-state dye-sensitized solar cells
G. Yang*, Y. Li, C. Li, C. Li

Abstract No.:3673  
Microstructure and properties of suspension plasma sprayed SrTiO3 -based anodes for intermediate-temperature solid oxide fuel cells
C. Li*, S. Zhang, C. Li, G. Yang

Abstract No.:3753  
Enhanced ionic conductivity for cost-effective solid oxide fuel cells produced by atmospheric plasma spray
I. Cano*, A. Concustell, J. Guilemany, M. Laguna, V. Orera

Applications – Power Generation - Industrial Gas Turbines

Abstract No.:3628  
Multi-scale multi-points inter-splat connection enhanced sintering model for plasma-sprayed lamellar TBCs
G. Yang*, H. Xie, C. Li, C. Li

Abstract No.:3646  
Healing of the interface between splashing particles and underlying bulk coating and its influence on oxidation behavior of bond coat
G. Yang*, B. Zhang, J. Shi, C. Li, C. Li

Abstract No.:3666  
Examination of the characteristics of residual pores in high-temperature sintered plasma sprayed YSZ coatings
C. Li*, T. Liu, G. Yang, C. Li

Abstract No.:3667  
Enhancing high sintering resistance of thermal barrier coating through increased inter-lamella gaps
C. Li*, T. Liu, G. Yang, C. Li

Abstract No.:3762  
Improvement of the bond coat for TBCs sprayed by CGS
I. Cano*, V. Crespo, J. Fernández, J. Guilemany

Economic, Regulatory and Other Business Issues – QESH (Quality, Environment, Safety & Health)

Abstract No.:3733  
Workplace exposure to nickel during thermal spraying processes
M. Blättler*, C. Pletscher

Equipment / Consumables – Gases

Abstract No.:3642  
The analysis of possible application of different working gases in cold gas spray method: Dynamics and temperatures of particles
L. Pawlowski*, A. Malachowska, B. Pateyron, A. Ambroziak

Equipment / Consumables – Powders, Wires, Suspensions

Abstract No.:3759  
New competitive materials for thermoelectrical applications
I. Cano*, D. Vidal, J. Fernández, J. Guilemany

Abstract No.:3859  
Influence of Cr3C2-NiCr feedstock powder characteristics on the deposition efficiency, coating microstructures and abrasion wear resistance
L. Berger*, T. Börner, S. Thiele, L. Janka, M. Ripoll

Abstract No.:3883  
Study on abrasion wear resistance of arc sprayed iron based composite coatings with oxide ceramic particles
H. Pokhmurska*, R. Winkelmann, T. Lampke, A. Pelz, F. Pfeifer

Equipment / Consumables – Process Diagnostics, Sensors & Controls

Abstract No.:3674  
Process control of thermal spraying processes by means of acoustic emission analysis
R. Zielke*, W. Tillmann, G. Wang, M. Abdulgader

Abstract No.:3719  
New quality diagnostic methods for continuous improvement of the twin wire arc spray process
J. König*, M. Lahres, O. Methner

Properties – Ceramics Coatings

Abstract No.:3634  
Preparation and wear property of Al2O3 coatings deposited by the supersonic plasma spraying technique
J. Mao*, C. Deng, C. Deng, J. Song, M. Liu

Abstract No.:3705  
Dielectric properties of Al2O3 coatings deposited by atmospheric plasma spraying and dry-ice blasting correlated with the microstructural characteristics
S. Dong*, B. Song, C. Li, B. Hansz, H. Liao, C. Coddet

Abstract No.:3732  
Properties and performance of high porosity YSZ and DySZ thermal barrier coatings
W. Janikowski*, N. Erb, N. Curry, L. Östergren, N. Markocsan, M. Dorfman, X. Li

Abstract No.:3850  
Requirements on ceramic substrate properties for surface functionalization by thermal spraying
F. Toma*, S. Scheitz, L. Berger, T. Kuntze, S. Thiele, C. Lyphout, R. Trache, N. Markocsan

Abstract No.:3865  
Interfaces of ZrB2-ZrC-SiC-ZrO2 composite coating on AZ91D surface using mixed powders through atmospheric plasma spray
P. Gao*, J. Li, Z. Yang, Y. Guo, W. Zhou, Y. Li

Abstract No.:3875  
Comparison of alumina-titania coatings deposited by plasma and HVOF spray techniques
R. Trache*, L. Berger, C. Leyens

Abstract No.:3891  
Tribological performance of plasma sprayed Al2O3-Cr2O3 composite coatings against graphite under severe conditions
K. Yang*, X. Zhou, C. Liu, S. Tao, C. Ding

Abstract No.:3929  
Post-treatment of ceramics coating increases the electrical insulation on bearing by plasma spray process
R. Upadhyaya*, A. Modi, S. Modi

Properties – Corrosion Protection

Abstract No.:3727  
Mitigating localised corrosion using thermally sprayed aluminum coatings on welded 25% Cr superduplex stainless steel
S. Paul*, Q. Lu

Abstract No.:3825  
Building a high temperature corrosion and erosion model for thermal spray coatings
J. Metsäjoki*, M. Oksa, K. Penttilä, J. Vaari, A. Laukkanen

Abstract No.:3890  
Corrosion behavior of arc sprayed stainless steel coating
Y. Mebdoua Lahmar*, S. Djeraf, Y. Mebdoua, H. Lahmar, Y. Fizi

Abstract No.:3928  
Surface modification decreases the heat conductivity at higher temperature of aluminum coating by arc spray process
R. Upadhyaya*, A. Modi, S. Modi

Properties – Metal Coatings

Abstract No.:3651  
Preparation and oxidation behavior of air plasma sprayed thermal barrier coatings with a diffusion TiAl3 bond coating on ³-TiAl
L. Kong*, J. Wang, T. Li, T. Xiong

Abstract No.:3659  
Properties and micro-structure analysis of Cu-Cr-Zr alloy coating
L. Kong*, T. Xiong, G. Ma

Abstract No.:3736  
Improvements on MMC coatings: Influence of the powder preparation (mixture or ball milling) and the powder size on the coating behaviors
S. Costil*, T. Baur, O. El Kedim, A. Bonnot, G. Montavon, D. Aussavy

Abstract No.:3870  
Formation of secondary phases in tunnel plasma sprayed metallic glass coatings and their role on properties
Y. Subramaniam*, P. Kobayashi, P. Coyle, P. Mostaghimi

Abstract No.:3893  
Effect of oxygen content on CoNiCrAlY powders oxidation behavior
S. Zhang*, J. Shen, H. Wang, Y. Ma, W. Wan, H. Xu

Abstract No.:3936  
The research of arc sprayed coatings tribological properties
J. Gargasas*, A. Valiulis, I. Gedzevicius, S. Mikaliunas, B. Wielage, H. Pokhmurska, T. Lampke, R. Rosert

Abstract No.:4159  
Influence of oxidation treatments and surface roughness on the properties of NiCoCrAlY coatings deposited by HVOF
J. Muñoz Saldaña*, A. Mora-García, J. García-Herrera, J. Alvarado-Orozco, C. Poblano-Salas, G. Trápaga-Martínez, F. Espinoza-Beltrán

Abstract No.:4160  
Effect of TiO2-bond coats on the adhesion of hydroxyapatitde coatings by HVOF
J. Muñoz Saldaña*, A. Giraldo-Betancur, J. Hermann-Muñoz, D. Espinosa-Arbeláez, G. Trapaga-Martinez

Properties – Nanomaterial Coatings

Abstract No.:3656  
Effect of spraying distance on the microstructure and properties of suspension plasma sprayed alumina-based coatings
E. Bannier*, M. Vicent, E. Rayón, R. Benavente, M. Salvador, E. Sánchez

Abstract No.:3742  
Effect of substrate hardness and gas temperature on deposition behavior of nanostructured WC-23Co particle in cold spraying process
X. Chen*, G. Ji, H. Wang, X. Bai

Properties – Properties Characterization & Testing Methods

Abstract No.:3696  
Comparison of metastable austenite type structure of Fe-based coatings produced by arc spraying and surfacing
Y. Korobov*, M. Filippov, Y. Khudorozhkova, A. Makarov, I. Zabolotski, G. Rimer

Abstract No.:3760  
Fatigue performance of TBC on structural steel exposed to cyclic bending
R. Musalek*, O. Kovarik, J. Medricky, N. Curry, S. Bjorklund, P. Nylen

Abstract No.:3884  
Influence of the cored wire design on the microstructure and properties of arc sprayed Fe-based coatings
H. Pokhmurska*, S. Schuberth, C. Rupprecht, T. Lampke, B. Wielage

Abstract No.:3897  
Effect of deposition rates and deposition temperature on stress evolution of HVOF-sprayed coatings
A. Valarezo*, K. Shinoda, S. Sampath

Abstract No.:3935  
X-Ray micro-tomography and modeling of cold sprayed coated powders
F. Delloro*, M. Faessel, M. Jeandin, D. Jeulin, H. Proudhon, S. Bucher, E. Meillot, L. Bianchi

Abstract No.:3992  
Surface properties of WC - 12Co coatings sprayed by HVOF
A. Ayday*, Y. Yarali Özbek

Properties – Tribological Coatings

Abstract No.:3751  
In-situ wear test in a large chamber SEM
W. Luo*, W. Tillmann, U. Selvadurai

Properties – Wear Protection

Abstract No.:3623  
Evaluation of wear resistance of thermal spray coating by using a grinding/polishing machine
J. He*, T. Wolfe

Abstract No.:3695  
Investigation on microstructure and wear performance of in-situ synthesized TaC particles reinforced laser cladding NiCrBSi coatings
Y. Wang*, Y. Lai, C. Li, G. Yang

Abstract No.:3792  
Effects of CNT reinforcement on mechanical properties of thermal and cold sprayed copper coatings
J. Kim*, H. Kim

Abstract No.:3866  
Impacting wear performance of re-melted Ni60 coating on the surface of compacted iron through flame spray
P. Gao*, J. Li, Z. Yang, Y. Guo, W. Zhou

Abstract No.:3991  
Solid abrasive wear behavior of Cr3C2-20(NiCr) deposited by HVOF
E. Altuncu*, F. Ustel

Thermal Spray Processes – Arc Spraying & Laser Spraying

Abstract No.:4155  
Surface properties of Cu and Cu-Al coating by arc spray
Y. Yarali Özbek*, E. Altuncu, F. Üstel

Thermal Spray Processes – Cold Gas Spraying

Abstract No.:3622  
Influence of cold sprayed Al/Ti deposition on high-temperature oxidation and mechanical properties deterioration of Ti-Al-Nb intermetallic substrates
J. Cizek*, O. Man, I. Dlouhy

Abstract No.:3637  
Formation of intermetallic phases in Fe-Al binary cold spray thick deposit
J. Cizek*, V. Jan, L. Palenikova, J. Cupera

Abstract No.:3657  
Effect of SiC particle size and methods for preparing powder on the microstructure of cold spray Al5056/SiC composite coatings
S. Gojon*, H. Liao, C. Verdy , O. El Kedim

Abstract No.:3670  
Cold spray deposition of a core-shell structured WC-Co coating
C. Li*, X. Luo, G. Yang

Abstract No.:3678  
Investigation of cold sprayed Cu coatings with electrolytic feedstock
J. Choi*, K. Ko, H. Lee, H. Lee

Abstract No.:3737  
Novel in-situ thermal gradient heat treatment during cold spray
Y. Zeralli*, G. Rolland , M. Jeandin, F. Rambaud , C. Bourda

Abstract No.:3748  
Influence of cold spray deposition on the fatigue strength of A6082 alloy
S. Vezzù*, S. Rech, E. Vedelago, M. Guagliano, A. Moridi, S. Hassani

Abstract No.:3750  
Consolidation of reactive materials via cold gas dynamic spray process
A. Bacciochini*, M. Radulescu, B. Jodoin, G. Maines

Abstract No.:3755  
Attempt to improve characteristics of cold sprayed metallic coatings by ultrasonic impact treatment and friction stir processing
K. Sakaki*, K. Kondo, K. Terasaka, K. Nakata, T. Tsumura

Abstract No.:3756  
Effect of particle temperature on deposition behavior and mechanical properties of cold sprayed ZK61 coatings
X. Suo*, M. Planche, H. Liao

Abstract No.:3764  
Visible light photocatalytic coatings obtained by cold gas spray
S. Dosta*, M. Gardon, C. Fernández, J. Guilemany

Abstract No.:3774  
Properties of high thickness Al coatings obtained by cold gas spray to repair magnesium light alloy components
S. Dosta*, J. Bedoya, J. Guilemany

Abstract No.:3788  
Cold spray deposition on inner side of pipe with aid of radial supersonic nozzle
V. Kosarev*, S. Klinkov, V. Zaikovskii

Abstract No.:3804  
Residual stress formation in cold sprayed Al, Cu and Ti coatings
T. Suhonen*, T. Varis, S. Dosta, M. Torrell, J. Guilemany

Thermal Spray Processes – Flame Spraying

Abstract No.:3867  
TEM analysis of re-melted Ni60 coating on the surface of compacted iron through flame spraying
P. Gao*, J. Li, Z. Yang, Y. Guo, W. Zhou

Thermal Spray Processes – HVOF / HVAF Spraying

Abstract No.:3689  
Relationship between HVOF spraying parameters and coatings characteristics based on taguchi DOE analysis
A. López*, C. Taltavull, B. Torres, J. Rams

Abstract No.:3710  
PIV measurement and numerical simulation of the particle velocity in a HVAF spray
H. Katanoda*, K. Sakata, K. Tagomori, N. Sugiyama, S. Sasaki, Y. Shinya, M. Yasuki, H. Sasaki

Abstract No.:3716  
Adaption of the path strategy to produce near net shape coatings manufactured by HVOF spraying
P. Hollingsworth*, W. Tillmann, I. Baumann

Abstract No.:3817  
Optimization of WC-based HVAF-sprayed coatings for alternative to electrolytic hard chromium: Role of carbides grain size and contiguity on coating wear and corrosion properties
C. Lyphout*, K. Sato

Abstract No.:3819  
Internal diameter HVAF spraying for wear and corrosion applications
C. Lyphout*, S. Björklund

Abstract No.:3826  
Mechanical properties of hastelloy C-276 coating sprayed by HVOF technology
M. Kasparova*, S. Houdková, J. Schubert, Z. Cesánek

Abstract No.:3944  
Processing mapping and comparison of high velocity oxy-fuel (HVOF) produced damage tolerant coatings: Processing to properties to performance
A. Vackel*, S. Sampath

Abstract No.:3994  
A study on powder mixing for wear resistance of WC-Co-Cr coatings sprayed by HVOF
Y. Yarali Özbek*, N. Karaku

Abstract No.:4166  
Influence of substrate conditions and carbide size on splat morphology of HVOF sprayed WC powders
B. Hussong*, W. Tillmann, W. Luo

Thermal Spray Processes – Modeling & Simulation

Abstract No.:3617  
Effect of substrate temperature on splat formation process and coating adhesion strength in plasma spraying
K. Yang*, M. Fukumoto, M. Liu, K. Zhou, C. Deng

Abstract No.:3672  
Numerical analysis of arc and jet behavior of supersonic plasma spraying by a DC plasma torch with a laval anode
C. Li*, S. Zhang, C. Li, G. Yang

Abstract No.:3730  
Effect of particle velocity on single Al2O3 particle deposition characteristic in vacuum kinetic spraying
H. Park*, J. Kwon, I. Lee, C. Lee

Abstract No.:3877  
Computer modeling of cermet coatings evolution under their pulsed high-energy post-treatment
O. Solonenko*, A. Golovin

Abstract No.:4170  
Acoustically levitated droplets as a model system for evaporation and polymerization in spraying processes
A. Halfar*

Thermal Spray Processes – New Processes

Abstract No.:3638  
A plasma torch which designed for low pressure plasma spraying and formation of yttria stabilized zirconia coatings
Y. Gao*, D. Yang, C. Sun

Abstract No.:3671  
Mo-Cu composites prepared by infiltrating copper into flame-sprayed porous Mo skeleton
C. Li*, J. Yao, H. Huo, G. Yang, C. Li

Abstract No.:3675  
Effect of substrate and powder size on mechanical properties of vacuum cold sprayed Al2O3 coatings
Y. Wang*, H. Zhou, J. Zheng, C. Li, G. Yang

Abstract No.:3681  
Binary fuel detonation spraying of WC/Co
V. Ulianitsky*, I. Batraev, I. Smurov, A. Nikulina

Thermal Spray Processes – Plasma Spraying

Abstract No.:3694  
A HR-TEM study of the bonded splat interface microstructure of plasma sprayed YSZ coating
C. Li*, E. Yang, G. Yang, C. Li

Abstract No.:3703  
Analysis of parameter effects on plasma and microstructure characteristics of YSZ coatings deposited by very low pressure plasma spray
L. Zhu*, N. Zhang, R. Bolot, H. Liao, Q. Zhao

Abstract No.:3768  
Deposition of the active layer of a radiation sensor on a flexible polymer
S. Dosta*, M. Gardon, O. Monereo, G. Vescio, A. Cirera, J. Guilemany

Abstract No.:3782  
Lanthanum zirconates coatings deposited by plasma spray
M. Tului*, R. Pileggi, F. Marra, G. Pulci, T. Valente

Abstract No.:3823  
Microstructure and wear resistance of TiC coating fabricated by low pressure plasma spray
Y. Niu*, X. Guo, J. Zhao, X. Zheng, C. Ding

Abstract No.:3862  
Plasma co-spraying of NiCrAlY powder and alumina suspension for anti-wear coatings
A. Ravaux*, A. Denoirjean, C. Chazelas, S. Valette, H. Ageorges, E. Meillot, L. Bianchi

Abstract No.:3934  
The effect of samarium oxide on electrical conductivity of plasma sprayed SOFC anode
H. Samadi*, S. Nikkho Panahi, A. Nemati

Abstract No.:3978  
Thermal cycling behavior of rare earth element doped yttria stabilized zirconia thermal barrier coating
X. Zhong*, H. Zhao, X. Zhou, L. Wang, F. Shao, S. Tao, C. Ding

Abstract No.:3993  
Microstructure behavior relationship of plasma sprayed mullit+YSZ+Al2O3 coatings
Y. Yarali Özbek*, M. Opek, G. Erdogan, F. Üstel

Abstract No.:3996  
Thermal spray of Ni-based composites using a low power plasma gun
Á. Rico*, M. Escobar, D. Verdi, C. Múnez, P. Poza

Thermal Spray Processes – Suspension Spraying

Abstract No.:3786  
Tribological performance of nano-structured TiO2 coatings prepared by suspension HVOF spraying
F. Zhang*, S. Wang, H. Lovelock, B. Robinson, R. Wood, A. Tabecki

Abstract No.:3840  
Deposition mechanisms of Al2O3 coatings in suspension plasma spraying (SPS) and high velocity suspension flame spraying (HVSFS)
G. Bolelli*, V. Barbaro, V. Cannillo, R. Gadow, A. Killinger, L. Lusvarghi, P. Müller

Abstract No.:3901  
Use of aqueous inks derived from superfine powders for the development of YSZ plasma spray coatings
I. Georgiopoulos*, P. Oikonomou, C. Andreouli

Abstract No.:3902  
Parametric study on coating development using perovskite solution precursor
I. Georgiopoulos*, C. Andreouli, E. Marathoniti, N. Vourdas, V. Stathopoulos

Abstract No.:3921  
Suspension plasma spraying of YSZ coatings with various microstructure
M. Suzuki*, Y. Tsutai

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